Performance complexity revisited


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Coupling performance models opens our eyes to new dimensions of the complexity of performance

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  • Which Picture would the pendel aught to paint :-) if it were a Pen ? So Butterflys are pretty easy to catch. Ok Nerds would Try Laser Nightvision cams and Software which is able to see point and shoot fly wings with the Laser. Ok They have Build that and Tested it works. In Middle Europe they collected toxic mashrooms and sweetend milk and cooked the mushrooms in. 'German Fliegenpilz' but what if you only had 2 Hands and were commanded to catch a normal Fly not ill not slow fly a real fast reflexing fly ? and now it comes Alive. What would be the best plan to train it :-) how to do it. Little Hit When the fly is fixing with both eyes objects her Nervsystem is ... ' end this sentence :-) and it will lead to the answer how to catch a fly with 1 thumb 2 Fingers and on the other hand one finger more. Possibly alive. or squeezed
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  • ok if it were electro magnet and you had mixture bottons on a Board to control eachs magnets pole intesity. who would you trust in to control Botton one Botton 2 Botton 3 and Botton 4. or would you just lay it in the hands of one 'DJ' :-)
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  • @albertpetit
    Albert- I have just received notification of your grand comment. I am sorry for the late response though I was not aware about your comment.
    It is interesting that you wrote in the first line 'ALI, this presentation' and in the second line 'ALI criteria..'. Obviously, Ali and All confused you (lol).

    I agree with your comment entirely. I am greatly impressed by your explanations. Surely, your comment encourages me to continue writing with this style.
    It is great to get connected with you, Albert.
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  • ALI, this presentation seems really interesting and applicable for both industrial organizations and services, or both. ALI criteria explaining equilibrium are easily understandable and applicable to research the dynamic equilibrium. By reading this article so interesting it reminded me of the early NEWTON that 1-If a body is not you apply any force nothing changes, 2-All body experiences experiences a reaction force exactly equal to the force of action contrary , 3-Any force applied on a body accelerates or decelerates according to the characteristics of the force. This is basic to understanding the statics and dynamics of a mechanical system. Thank you.
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  • @bicefablog
    Great, David and I am eagerly awaiting for your slides
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Performance complexity revisited

  1. 1. Performance Complexity Revisited Performance Complexity Revisited Ali Anani, PhD
  2. 2. Simple shape to understand
  3. 3. Still simple enough
  4. 4. Getting complicated
  5. 5. Four pendulums in the Quadrant Center on Control Center on Change Creativity Efficiency Degree of Flexibility Effectiveness Internal centerExternal Center
  6. 6. Effectiveness Creativity Flexibility Efficiency Imagine the performance pendulum moving with the four “magnets” of performance on the table Performance pendulum
  7. 7. Effectiveness Creativity Flexibility Efficiency In a magnetic pendulum If the movement is so large that the ball can get outside the influence of the magnets, the resulting movement will look irregular. Performance pendulum
  8. 8. Effectiveness Creativity Flexibility Efficiency In a magnetic pendulum If one or more of the magnets is weak or virtually absent the pendulum may swing easier outside the “control” of the magnets Performance pendulum
  9. 9. The pendulum would best swing within the boundary of the sweet zone EfficiencSweet Zone Effectiveness
  10. 10. Creative ideas may eventually disrupt societies Effectiveness Creativity Flexibility Efficiency Performance pendulum
  11. 11. Or, it might be the death of the creativity Ridiculing and doubting intentions Loss of self-confidence Disengaging Loss of effective communication Few accept new ideas “magnet”
  12. 12. Contribution by: David Navarro The yellow zone is what I understand you call the sweet zone. If one or more of the magnets are too far away from the center of the cone, or company's mission, the yellow zone could go out of company's boundaries, the base of the cone. Only when the ball is perfectly balanced, immovable at the center of the company's mission, because all the forces are in balance, a company is able to take the next step upwards. Otherwise, you are going to bang in the walls
  13. 13. Performance linked to three forces From To As the benefit appears
  14. 14. Performance = Desirability *Ability* Organizational Support Ability Performance DesirabilitySupport
  15. 15. Create positive environment so that the two performance graphs get enhanced Ability Performance DesirabilitySupport Effectiveness Creativity Flexibility Efficiency Performance pendulum