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A co-authorship idea to experiment with. Let us see how the flow of ideas develop

  • @Charles Prabakar added Slides 98-101. in which he shows the proximity of his Purpose Map with thaot of @Rod King The Aspiration Map
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  • Thank you, Ali, for the good news!...
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  • Dear ALL Co-Authors and Commentators,

    I have started analyzing the results of this shared presentation. Initial graphs show very interesting trends. I shall publish results very shortly
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  • @Juao Maya
    Yes, I fully agree with you. This is a global experimentation wherein people from different parts of the world are bringing ideas in one presentation. How cultures interact, how authors respond? How ideas generate new ideas? How the network of authors and commentators develop are among many other issues this presentation will eventually reveal.
    I invite All authors of SS to send their at least one slide contribution to enrich this presentation and its conclusions. Willing contributors may send their contributions to me at
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  • Ali, you know this is a new and enriching experience for me. I am very anxious to see the outcome of this meeting... Where are we now?.. Well, I dream that all we contribuitors to this presentation - and eventual viewers as well, why not? - are up on the top of the cliff, on the edge of the precipice (as Sally said), watching the ’pool’ of our ideas taking shape down there in the valley. Of course, this is a strictly emotional point of view...
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  • Organize and analyze

    1. 1. Organize and Analyze Ali
    2. 2. I want to propose a new idea for all SS readers. How about writing ALL one presentation and see how ideas flow? I am going to post one- slide presentation so that every author (hopefully) would add one slide. Let us see where the presentation will take us and in what direction it will bifurcate? Thanks. I am going to call the presentation Organize and Analyze
    3. 3. Ideas Flow Have a StructureThis is a social network map of my recent emails. Let us see How our co-authorship ideas shape out. Please send your slide to me with your name as the author. I shall then re- upload the presentationIt shall be an interested experiment for ALLI promise to handle the analysis
    4. 4. It Has Just HappenedI add this slide for it is funnyhow a small event lead to acontract
    5. 5. It Has Just Happened- 2While on the lift thetelephone of a stranger rang.I heard him say “may be I amon the lift”I laughed because he was onthe liftThat was a starter to adialogue. Now, in less thantwo hours, we are negotiatinga contract
    6. 6. Charles Prabakar Added the Next Slide
    7. 7. Do You See the Purpose Shift? Jumper (EDGE) Stepper (CORE)We as a firm, not only reinvent those purpose shifts, but also place them within CORE and EDGE part of yourbusinesses using Three purpose driven frameworks …
    8. 8. Contribution by Prabhakar Krishnamurthy• "Organize and Analyze ( Slide for brother Ali Anani) If no one were to praise actions that of worthy of praise, then there would be no competition between people. If no one were to value precious treasures, then there would be no stealing. If no one desired that which is desirable, then people’s mind would be tranquil and serene. So if the wise person were ruler, he would empty the people’s minds, full their bellies, weaken their desires, and strengthen their bodies. He would strive to ensure people knew nothing and wanted nothing. And if certain people get to know something, he would prevent them from acting on their knowledge. When you never seek to be honoured for what you do, then honour can never desert a person. " < br>
    9. 9. Contribution by Sally SmithHallo Ali You have read my mind. I have often thought it would be a good idea to co-author a presentation on SlideShare. I really hope this works out because it has real possibilities. Here is my contribution. Sally07
    10. 10. Organise and analyse• Ideas are like leaves. They emerge and grow and as we outgrow them we discard them, but fallen leaves feed the tree. No idea is worthless and no idea is unusable. When we add all of our ideas together and allow them to grow in an organised fashion then that is how we create the Tree of Knowledge.
    11. 11. Meanwhile, in wonderland...(Is fantasy a leaf of the Tree of Knowledge? – Juão Maya)
    12. 12. Ideas Separation By Ali AnaniNot all ideas are alike. Some ideasare good and some are bad.Collide a collection of seeds withina magnetic field then good seedseparate from bad seeds. Why?Because they exhibit differentcharges and get attracted todifferent polesThis presentation may help tocollect many ideas to separatethem likewise.
    13. 13. Contribution from Doina A different, but very sweet contribution
    14. 14.
    15. 15. Lori Kane Added the Next Slide Let us form our community with such great feelings
    16. 16. Community is a feeling.
    17. 17. Ah_livia Contributed the Two Following Brilliant Slides.
    18. 18. Organize and analyze using co-orientation Co-orient: team member’s ability to forecast the actions of one another based on cues & prepare responses based on this anticipatory sense.SYMBOLISM A seed. Gardener anticipates the seed will grow into long loose handing vines. So, the gardener prepares by building a wooden trellis for the vines to grow upon.
    19. 19. probing,questioning,observing,& analyzing otherscommunity’s vision and values.sharpens and focuses the
    20. 20. Next Slide Is a Contribution by Bas de BaarI like this slide because it offers contrasting views I suggest looking into further examples such as fast ideas Vs slow ideas, or rosy ideas Vs thorny ideas Ali Anani
    21. 21. How ideas are presented matters.Example:Two times “Project Management”. By: Bas de Baar
    22. 22. Ideas Quadrant Slide 7 by Charles Prabakar inspired me to draw the Idea Quadrant as the next slide (23) shows
    23. 23. Ideas Quadrant- 2
    24. 24. Worldly Bag of Ideas Sheereen Izzat points that the presentationshrinks the world into a bag of ideas (See Slide 25)
    25. 25.
    26. 26. Nikos Contribution:Let’s Save the Planet
    27. 27. Nikos
    28. 28. Ideas StreamliningThe ideapresented byJuao Mayaprovides anopportunity totie up manyideas together
    29. 29. Ideas Streamlining-2 Should we fill our bag with ideas (see slide by Sheereen) of any kind? Should these ideas be rich in reality or fantasy (see slide by Juao)
    30. 30. Ideas Streamlining-3Should these ideas beradical and disruptive orshould we take a step-by-step approach as CharlesPrabakar highlighted andfurther highlighted by Ali inhis quadrant?
    31. 31. Ideas Streamlining-4 The disruptive edge proposed by Prabakar These ideas resemble the step- Ideas that High by-step approach resembleReality mentioned by permanent Prabakar green leaves. Ideas are like leaves that fall Dreamy ideas Low rapidly. SeeReality Sally’s slide Low High Fantasy Fantasy
    32. 32. Ideas Streamlining-4 These bold ideas need community support as The disruptive edge Lori suggested. proposed by Prabakar These ideas resemble the step- Ideas that High by-step approach resembleReality mentioned by permanent Prabakar green leaves. Ideas are like leaves that fall Dreamy ideas Low rapidly. SeeReality Sally’s slide Low High Fantasy Fantasy
    33. 33. More Idea Streamlining fro Charles Prabakar Charles Prabakar contributed the next five slides and is also responding to my proposed quadrant shown on Slide 32 The ideas are meshing well and started to shape up
    34. 34. Per Charles Prabakar - It is all about Connecting the Dots…• Our experience suggests that most ideas, in most cases, are just buried around us, and so, it is just a matter of identifying them with a right set of purpose shifting lenses. What do we mean by that?• To explain it further, let us start with the concept of Gestalt, as illustrated by the famous optical illusion picture of “duck & rabbit” - on next page. Depending on how you look at it, the picture could be a duck or a rabbit.• In other words, when we start looking at the opportunity space with a purpose shifting lenses, we, not only get the ability to spot the ducks and rabbits distinctly, but also, we get the ability to discern how ducks slowly shift into rabbits, and vice versa. As it turns out, those shifts usually occur in both steps (like a duck) and in jumps (like a rabbit) and so, it is more of a mind shifting game of identifying those shifts quickly.• So, we, not only need to master this “connecting the dots” game of discerning those shifts quickly, but also, we must learn to apply those shifts within the right business context (CORE vs. EDGE) for us to be successful in this 21st century.• To help leaders to master this “Connect the dot” game, we have put together a three phase framework (Decide, Destine and Disrupt).
    35. 35. Connect the Dots in three phases - Decide, Destine and Disrupt• Decide Phase is all about discerning those shift ideas/choices (i.e. ducks and rabbits) using the purpose shifting lenses. In other words, this phase is all about resetting the five part purpose seed (vision/mission/values/codes/BHAG) of the corporation and start looking at the opportunity space with a fresh set of eyes with a green field mindset.• Destine phase is all about properly slotting those ideas/choices into “STEPS” and “JUMPS” depending upon the velocity (i.e. distance divided by time) of those ideas/strategic choices. As it turns out, ducks move in steps and rabbits in jumps, and so, this phase is all about answering “how far” and “how long” questions, to help slot those ideas (or strategic choices) into the appropriate step and jump type markets within our TPF strategic planning framework. – How far would we want to go? – Establishing the geographical market boundaries to help answer “where to play and what to play” question- Force in Play – How long would it take to get there? – Setting the timeline expectations to help answer “when do we need to win” question - Power in Play• Disrupt Phase is all about transforming those CORE with EDGE ideas/choices with appropriate amount of capital (resources) to produce extraordinary results. – How much would it take? – Setting the resource or capability expectations to help answer “How do we win” question - Energy in Play
    36. 36. Jumper (EDGE) Stepper (CORE)We as a firm, not only help you to decide and destine those purposeshifts with a purpose shifting lenses, but also, we help you to disrupt your CORE with an EDGE using our Triune purpose frameworks …
    37. 37. Purpose Shift Threshold (PST) Framework As it turns out the Core, Edge, Fringe and Purpose seed terminology aligns perfectly with Dr.Ali Anani’s earlier idea quadrant as well – as mapped below High 3 Core (Steppers) 4 Edge (Jumpers) High  Above PST & dream exceeded.  Above PST & dream fulfilled.  Value creator  Value germinatorDegree of Perceived Reality  Result in Triune Shared Value.  Result in “Core or Fringe”. 5 Our Triune Purpose Framework (TPF) Creating TriuneFactor Optimization Shared Break Even Low Value (TSV) expected) (Degree of Levers PST Index 37 IDEAL COMPANY? * Each of the shuffle in the matrix indicates 10% increase of the KPI . It is just an example. 1 Fringe (leaves) 2 Seed (dreams)  Break even PST  Purpose seed– all about possibilities .  Value destroyer  Value Inspirer.  Result in “extinction” or edge  Result in “core and edge”.Low Degree of Perceived Feasibility
    38. 38. Triune Purpose Frameworks (TPF) creating Triune Shared Value (TSV) TPF’s Purpose Driven Leadership(PDL) Culture Framework THE SINUSOIDAL TRIO© – OUR PURPOSE PDL© IN ACTION DRIVEN LEADERSHIP (PDL©) FRAMEWORK PURPOSE Faith/Trust Love/Empathy Crest 1 3 Crest Mindset/ 4 Service & Heartbeat/ Talent 5 Value Wisdom 2 Know- Trough Inspiration how Hope/Aspire (“BE”) Body Space/Skill (“KNOW”) Action Drivers (“DO”) PDL’s “LOVE”,”FAITH”,“HOPE” Portfolios align1:1 with the “BE”, “KNOW”, “DO” focus areas of WestPoint Leadership Framework as well. Leadership (Creator/ Orchestrator) TPF’s Purpose Driven Portfolio-Thread View TPF’s Purpose Driven (PTV) based Strategic TPF with Innovation Portfolio Planning Framework its Triune (PIP) Framework Purpose 4. The EPP, CPP & PIP 3. The radial orbit with 5 Purpose Innovation Model Using “Balancing Opposites” frameworks uncover perspectives and 6 For More Info – Read On… the winning paths. dilemmas, take charge. http://strategywithapurpose.b Purpose Innovation Seed P6-P9 ming-so-what-opposites-in-to- so.html Strategy Innovation 5. Value (fruits) are P2-P5 Core Edge reaped/ 2. Invisible (Redeemer/ (Encourager/ reinvested & sub-instructions the radial in the form of orbit flow experience & Sustainer) Disruptor) continues… capability pools Something Something P10 are identified that that and placed on supports transforms The five invisible instructions the radial orbit rather than rather than 1. Purpose that that Seed grows in P1 framework. supports! transforms! Culture to a systemic organization. 1 2 3 4 5 Transforming “So What” opposites in to “So That” Strategy called Purpose Innovation using the “forces of attraction” based Pull Value Chain is the way to go!*WACP= Weighted Average Cost of Purpose So, the key take away is , Lead with the Purpose Culture, Strategize from the Core & Innovate with the Edge!
    39. 39. Sally Smith Added This Slide Sally Loves slide 31. It pulled some of the previous ideas together. Not comfortable with the disruption idea so I have done another slide. Disruption undermines the good and impairs development in my opinion. So, Sally added Slide 40
    40. 40. What about the smokeand mirrors? Perception Deception Inspection • disruption • solid data• orientation • red herrings • verification• culture bias
    41. 41. Vanessa Contributed the great Slide 42
    42. 42.
    43. 43. TRINITY / CHITRAContributed Slide 46 Chitra prescribes the success formula in her well-thought and designed slide. Enjoy
    44. 44. Contribution from Sharon Bowman See the beauty of the next two slides by Sharon (Slides 46-47)
    45. 45. A Second Enlightening Contribution from Juao Maya
    46. 46. DREAM. SAIL. DISCOVER... CONNECT YOURSELFSixteenth century. Spain lives years of outward glory. Ironically, Teresa de Ávilalives to another, inward glory... Different ideas rule the world.
    47. 47. Makala D Added A great Slide on Ideas (Slide 51)
    48. 48. Critics audienc e Organizes and Analyze audience Behaviorscreators audience interlocutor collectors Active audienc audience members e
    49. 49. An Enlightening Contribution from Juao Maya Dear Ali, At your suggestion I’ve tried to “explain more” my last comment on “Analyze and Organize”. Juão
    50. 50. I see this project like daisies in the field. Why?If we look from a distance they are all alike. If we look closer they are not. Some are smaller, some are fatter, erse some grow to the left, some to the right, some have even lost some petals.*Then we realize that the strinkingly beautiful single view of the field is a mirror of the flower’s togetherness — *Harold and Maude, 1971, directed by Hal Ashby
    51. 51.
    52. 52. Basel Jumaa Contributed the Next Idea Basel, the associate creative director at Phenomena, contributed the next brilliant idea
    53. 53. Ali Knows What He Is Not
    54. 54.
    55. 55. A Third Contribution by Juao Maya Juao contribution will allow for studying the timeline of his ideas and their development
    56. 56. MEMES GENES = IDEAS
    57. 57. = NEW REPLICATORS?
    58. 58. The Contribution of George Sciberras George (Xiby) contributed the next three slides (63-65). Enjoy the great touches of George
    59. 59.
    60. 60.
    61. 61.
    62. 62. Neepa Sharmacontributed the nextfour rejuvenating andidea-meshing slides.
    63. 63. To convertYour ideasInto REALITY,All You Need IsThe Power.
    64. 64. And a little bit of: Imagination Dedication Craziness
    65. 65. It was my best friend’s Birthday And this is how my idea worked! Neepa Sharma
    66. 66. Juao Mayacontributed thenext four slides. They are challenging
    67. 67. May ideas be dangerous or disrespectful?Some people think they are.So, if any viewer finds two of the next three slidesoffensive, then I apologize.My strong feeling is that ideas should be respectedequally.Moreover, non-violent religious beliefs.Juão Maya
    68. 68. In the wake of Ali’s slide 58
    69. 69. I like creativity,but I’m not creationist
    70. 70. IDEAS: leaves or daisies, bad or good, funny or serious, deep orshallow... No matter what they are. Ideas are just raw material for debate.
    71. 71. Charles Prabakar ably built on Sheereen’s idea to come up with highly illuminating conclusions
    72. 72. Building on Sheereen’s Grand idea of – “Shrinking the World into the bag of ideas…..”
    73. 73. Shrinking the World into the bag of ideas…..• Sheereen had proposed a Grand idea of shrinking the world into a bag of ideas, which in a way is an intriguing idea on its own merit –• If you think about it – her idea is all about looking at the world with a purpose shifting lenses, as we had proposed earlier.• Yes, Ideation is all about shrinking the world into a bag of ideas.• What happens, when we shrink the world into a bag of ideas from scientific equations standpoint? – We are reducing its density, mass and volume as • Density = m/v – In other words, when we shrink an object by 1/10, its volume is reduced by 1/1000 (l x w x h), and so, its mass is mere 1/1,000 as much as that of the original mass.
    74. 74. Does that mean the speed (or acceleration or velocity) of the world also gets reduced?• Let us see what science tells us? Per Newton’s second law, the acceleration or (velocity per unit time) of the object is proportional to the net force acting on it, and so, the equation is A-> F/M• Let us assume for a moment that velocity is constant (which means velocity is assigned a constant value depending upon whether it is Core and Edge) and so, when the world is shrinked (i.e. mass is reduced by1/1000), force must have to increase 1000 times to maintain that constant velocity.• How does increased force help the objects to fly 1000 times better?• It depends upon how well ,one can transform that force into a power - as power is the one that gives objects (or ideas), the ability to fly, as (Power=Force x Velocity)
    75. 75. How does this power equation relate to power of ideas and its ability to fly?• Under our firm’s triune purpose frameworks, force is equated to faith (or passion)and velocity to direction setting ability.• And so, the hypothesis here is that – when world is shrinked into a bag, it not only makes the faith or passion to increase 1000 times, but also, it makes the right idea to move with a velocity of Core and Edge, which then makes it to soar like eagles.• This is another reason, eagles, birds or even smaller flies are "strong" enough in lifting their bodies against gravity.• So, the insight here is when we shrink the world into a bag, ideas are strong enough to soar like eagles.
    76. 76. How does this “ability to fly” is related to force and velocity within the power equation (i.e. Power=Force x velocity)?• This power equation, seem to perfectly aligns with our previous insight of linking force, velocity and “ability to fly” within our firm’s purpose shifting lenses approach as well.• Force is nothing but deciding by faith (or passion) or discerning those shifts (i.e. ideas/strategic choices in the form of ducks and rabbits) using the purpose shifting lenses. In other words, this phase is all about resetting the five part purpose seed (vision/mission/values/codes/BHAG) of the corporation, and start looking at the opportunity space with a fresh set of eyes, with a green field mindset.• Velocity is nothing but setting the direction or destining the right velocity by properly slotting those shifts into “STEPS” and “JUMPS” into core and edge businesses, depending upon the velocity of those ideas (i.e. distance divided by time). As it turns out, ducks move in steps and rabbits in jumps, and so, this phase is all about answering “how far” and “how long” questions, from the standpoint of slotting those ideas (or strategic choices) into the appropriate step and jump type markets, by answering the following questions – – How far would we want to go? – Establishing the geographical market boundaries to help answer “where to play and what to play” question- Force in Play – How long would it take to get there? – Setting the timeline expectations to help answer “when do we need to win” question - Power in Play• Ability to Fly is nothing but Disrupting, which is all about transforming core businesses with edge ideas/choices, with appropriate amount of capital (resources), to produce the extraordinary results by answering the following question – – How much would it take? – Setting the resource or capability expectations to help answer “How do we win” question - Energy in Play
    77. 77. @ Charles Prabakar Added the Following Explanatory Slides In response to many comments that asked for more information
    78. 78. What does it mean to “Shrink the world into a bag” from pragmatic standpoint?• Let us start with our earlier insight that - when we shrink objects, their mass gets reduced, however, their power gets increased multifold, and so, they are able to fly easily.• In other words, when we shrink (or shift) the world into a bag, the amount of resources (i.e. mass) at our disposal gets reduced and so, we are challenged to look at the world with a purpose shifting lens and ask ourselves – 1. How can we do more with limited resources? 2. How do we break down the artificial trade boundaries between businesses (and countries) and conduct businesses in a boundaryless environment? 3. what is the optimal virtual and real world experience mix (VRE) within that boundaryless environment that can be presented as a compelling business model?• Before answering these questions, let us start with an insight •“ “With urbanization happening at a faster rate than ever across the globe, more and more percentage of consumers (& corporations) are continuing to consume and compete for the limited set of natural resources, to sustaintheir current life style (& profit margins) within the natural realm, in spite of a compelling alternative purpose/virtual lifestyle, available for them within the virtual realm(in a fraction of cost, providing almost the same “look and feel” type of experiences)” Do we know why?
    79. 79. Here is another alarming data point supporting that insight….. If the combined middle class of the developing countries, start consuming the natural resources like the ~1 billion population of the western and developed world (North America, Europe, Japan, Australia, combined, with their current GH emission inequality ratio 32:1), it would be equivalent to ~70 billion people living in this planet, as opposed to the current total of ~7 billion – and so, our current consumption lifestyle, is not at all sustainable, unless, we radically transform our lifestyle, with some substantial changes to our current resource consumption patterns! Well… let us try to answer the above three questions to answer this larger “WHY” question !
    80. 80. Question #1: How do we do more with less resources within this “shrinking the world into a bag” Phenomena? • Yes, we propose a “lifestyle-changing”, systemic approach, that MOTIVATES both consumers and corporations, to come together under a Virtual Community Environment(VCE), henceforth pronounced as VizPlanet© Platform. • Bounded together by a powerful “Purpose Innovation driven, Virtual Reality/Avatar/3D/Interactive Gaming technologies”. • Enables all parties (specifically corporations) to stretch their value chain into the VizPlanet© realm, thus making it possible for corporations to provide value-add services with less resources. • Increases corporations’ economies of scale & scope benefits multi fold. • Preserves God given, limited natural resources for the benefit of the future generation. In other words – it is all about us, making a conscious purpose shift, and consume certain services, within the virtual realm, as opposed to continuing our current lifestyle within the natural realm – as outlined in the VizPlanet Platform in the next page.
    81. 81. VizMall©, VizPlant©, VizDiner© & VizTV© Platforms within VizPlanet© Platform Retailer’s Corner Manufacturer’s Corner Dining/Movies/SportsFor Other VizEagle© brandsslide the slider
    82. 82. It all sounds great… But, where do we start? • To facilitate such a large scale sustainability driven purpose movement, we have put together a Resource Pool Portfolio (RPP) framework by grouping the high value resource consumption assets of our planet into 25 resource consumption buckets. • Out of the 25, we have Identified the top 5 high potential candidate buckets of services (as numbered in the picture below) that can be slowly moved from natural realm into the virtual realm, as promoted by our earlier purpose innovation platform concept. • Simply put, those purpose consumers (with a history of consuming/applying H&W P&S’s, consuming/reducing green energies, thus leading a purpose lifestyle, in body-soul-spirit dimensions with a higher purpose scores), who choose to consume all of their commerce and content services, using our VizPlanet Platform, not only get a better value for themselves, but also, facilitate the noble cause of reducing the natural resource consumption rate by a substantial percentage. In other words, VizPlanet© platform, over a period of time, not only reducesthe carbon footprint by a substantial percentage (& hence operating cost aswell) as captured in the three KPI’s of the RPP framework, but also, increases the profit margins of corporations as well.
    83. 83. Resource Pool Portfolio (RPP) Framework Consume Transport & Commercial Public/ Type Residential Comm. VizPlanet /Industrial Utility/Misc Services Svc’s ServicesResource Services Services Pools Land/Real VALBOOST (%) VALBOOST(%) VALBOOST (%) VALBOOST (%) •VizMall© OPS BGT(%), OPS BGT(%), OPS BGT(%), OPS BGT(%), Estate/Tang GH EMISS (%) GH EMISS (%) GH EMISS (%) GH EMISS (%) •VizCar© Assets 1 2 •VizOffice© VALBOOST (%) VALBOOST (%) VALBOOST (%) VALBOOST (%) •VizGrid© Energy OPS BGT(%), OPS BGT(%), OPS BGT(%), OPS BGT(%), •VizMetry© GH EMISS (%) GH EMISS (%) GH EMISS (%) GH EMISS (%) •VizMeter© 3 VALBOOST (%) VALBOOST (%) VALBOOST (%) VALBOOST (%) Water/Bev OPS BGT(%), OPS BGT(%), OPS BGT(%), OPS BGT(%), •VizBev© erage GH EMISS (%) GH EMISS (%) GH EMISS (%) GH EMISS (%) 4 Biological VALBOOST (%) VALBOOST (%) VALBOOST (%) VALBOOST (%) OPS BGT(%), OPS BGT(%), OPS BGT(%), OPS BGT(%), •VizDiner© /Minerals GH EMISS (%) /Food GH EMISS (%) GH EMISS (%) GH EMISS (%) 5 VALBOOST (%) VALBOOST (%) VALBOOST (%) VALBOOST (%) •VizRobot© OPS BGT(%), OPS BGT(%), OPS BGT(%), OPS BGT(%), •VizMetry© Humans GH EMISS (%) GH EMISS (%) GH EMISS (%) GH EMISS (%) •VizThink©
    84. 84. Question #2: How do we break down the artificial trade boundaries between businesses (and countries) and conduct businesses in a boundaryless environment?• Our firm’s Purpose Innovation provides a promising solution wherein, products and services from variety of related and unrelated industry providers within a boundaryless environment, that are bundled together by a powerful purpose causal chain (PCC), for a value (price), in proportion to consumers’ PURPOSE SCORES.• An example PCC being – H&W/Green consumers, getting a better value when they purchase a purpose causal chain based purpose bundle of “health insurance with a set of H&W based durable and non durable P&S’s along with a workout service” in a price that is in proportion to their purpose scores. The rationale here is that- those consumers, who eat healthy, apply natural body treatments and exercise well, in general, will also lead a healthy life - and hence deserve a better insurance premium and so on and so forth.• Similarly, one can, also come up with various combinations of such purpose causal chain based purpose bundles – to motivate both consumers and providers, to come together to create a powerful purpose value chain driven, collaborative, purpose market place, for the larger benefit of the society.• The fact that purpose bundles are tied together by this powerful “purpose causal chain based purpose scores”, it will motivate both consumers and providers alike, to actively promote this type of a market place with a vested interest of increasing their purpose scores and market shares respectively– thus, creating a win: win value proposition for all parties involved as I had explained in detail within the MIX site(
    85. 85. Question #3: what is the optimal virtual and real world experience mix (VRE) within that boundaryless environment that can be presented as a compelling business model?• As a first step, let us augment real world experiences, with virtual experiences as, we had done in the VizPlanet platform example, with our VRE framework to arrive at that the optimal virtual reality experience (VRE) mix portfolio for each industry - as optimal VRE mix is going to be the next deal breaker, when it comes to succeeding in this digital experience driven 21st century economy.• What is this VRE portfolio mix? Let us define some terminologies. In rudimentary physics terms, Experience pool is nothing but objects (matter or P&S’s) that move in time and space dimensions, producing unique intervention moments! – The corresponding real world experience pool equation is => matter+ time+ space• Similarly, virtual experience pool is the reverse of the above definition - it is nothing but virtual objects (i.e. no-matter or virtual P&S’s) that move in both “no-time” and “no-space” dimensions, producing a similar, yet unique intervention moments! – The corresponding virtual experience equation is => no-matter+ no-time+ no-space• When we combine these two equations, in all possible combinations, we see the following 8 pure-play VRE realms emerging. For an easy readability, we have given a gamification platform example for each realm, within these 8 VRE realms as outlined in next page.• For example, those of us who have played the “Wii” game can easily relate and comprehend the meaning of “augmented virtuality” realm, and so on and so forth. We call these 8 realms as pure-play VRE reams, because they follow a straight line progression within the three dimensional chart of time, space and matter- as opposed to the free-flow progression exhibited by the hybrid-play realms, as explained in detail our VRE article ( experience-vre.html).
    86. 86. Virtual Reality Experience (VRE) Portfolio of Pure-Play RealmsNo VRE Realm Time Space Matter Example Name dimension dimension dimension Platform or Application1 Reality Time Space Matter Physical Card Games2 Augmented Time Space No-Matter GPS Reality3 Physical Time No-Space Matter Coffee mugs with Virtuality digital display4 Duplicated Time No Space No Matter Google Maps or virtuality Tele-Presence5 Dwarfed No Time Space Matter Time travel reality based museums6 Alter Reality No Time Space No Matter Simulating past nostalgic events (e.g. High school reunion)7 Augmented No Time No Space Matter Wii game Virtuality8 Virtuality No Time No Space No Matter Online games
    87. 87. The Key Take AwayIn closing, our hope is that sustainability experts in Washington and across the globe, will pay a closer attention to our experimentation based VizPlanet Platform proposal, given the fact, our VizPlanet© approach (including its ancillary platforms like VizMall©, VizPlant©, VizThemePark© etc), not necessarily, just solves the sustainability challenge, but also, it provides a better value proposition for all parties, thus motivating consumers to consume purpose causal chain driven purpose bundles, in a price that provides a win: win value proposition for both consumers and corporations alike!
    88. 88. THE CHALLENGING OCEAN First slides contribution in 2012 by @Juao Maya
    89. 89. Every man has within him his Patmos. He is free to go, or not to go, out upon that frightful promontory of thought from which one perceives the shadow. If he goes not, he remains in the common life, with the common conscience, with the common virtue, with the common faith,or with the common doubt; and it is well.For inward peace it is evidently the best. If he goes out upon those heights, he istaken captive. The profound waves of themarvelous have appeared to him. No one views without impunity that ocean. Victor Hugo, in William Shakespeare
    90. 90. Proud to Add the Contribution of Rod King on Aspiration Map Rod King contribution is on Slide 96. "Aspiration Map", which is one of the favorite and most versatile tools in visually organizing, analyzing, and evaluating ideas
    91. 91. ASPIRATION MAP: A Tool for Visually Organizing, Analyzing, and Evaluating IdeasInfinite Game Market Segment (Finite Game) 10 Blue Ocean Sweet Spot Luxury Spot (Value Innovation) Ideas (Differentiated) Ideas Luxury Spot Ideas 6 Disruption Spot/Lean Oasis Volcano (Disruptive Innovation) (‘Stuck-in-the-middle’) Design Disruption Spot Ideas Ideas (+): DELIGHT: (Benefit) 3 Green Ocean No-Man’s-Island Red Ocean Ideas Ideas Ideas Strategic Enterprise Choice Key Profitable Ideas 3 6 10 Low/No-Profit Ideas (-): PAIN (Cost) Copyright 2012. Dr. Rod King. & &
    92. 92. Purpose Leadership and Affiliation Maps A Comparative Brief
    93. 93. Thing Of “Purpose Leadership Aspiration” is Joy For Ever!• Let us face it – If we had to further synthesis the true meaning of this “Organize and Analyze” presentation– it is all about aspiring to shrink the world into a bag of ideas, with a purpose driven leadership style.• Rightfully so, Rod King has added another feather to the cap, with his “one of its kind” Aspiration Map.• Interestingly enough, our firm also has a similar Purpose Driven Leadership map, very similar to Rods Aspiration map - that is built on the same themes of delight and pain – resulting in a sweet purpose leadership aspiration spot called JOY – as outlined in the next slide and also in our article in the MIX site.
    94. 94. Purpose Driven Purpose Driven God’s biggest Leadership(PDL) delight is to be Leadership (PDL) operates in the sweetbelieved (with faith Aspiration Map equilibrium spot and love) and his between God driven biggest Pain is to God Joy & Emotionalbe doubted (with no Driven Joy Energy driven Joy! hope) Equilibrium Spiritual Energy Optimal Realm Delight Pain Purpose is o be is to be Driven believed doubted Leadership Emotional with without Equilibrium Energy Realm Emotion’s biggestdelight is to believe Emotional(with faith and love) Energyand its biggest Pain Driven Joyis to doubt (with no Equilibrium hope)
    95. 95. Purpose Driven Leadership Aspiration is all about managing Our Leadership Brand• Leadership Brands are not just about managing the current potential of these ideas, but also, they are about managing their future possibilities and aspirations.• In other words the purpose seed (with its five parts) is what makes our leadership brand to stretch between possibilities and aspirations and make it as “the passionate collaborative entity” like this presentation.• With that said, if CK. Prahalad and Gary Hamel had to write the foreword for our presentation today, they would say that “creating the purpose leadership stretch, a misfit between possibilities and aspirations, is the single most important task faced by leaders”.• Simply put, if we had to write a purpose leadership stretch equation representing the misfit between possibilities and aspirations it would be Leadership Brand aspiration = Current possibilities+ Future possibilities + Purpose possibilities
    96. 96. In Closing – Shrinking the world into a bag of ideas, is all about stretching our leadership aspirations and possibilities!While “shrinking the world into a bag" means just pursuing current opportunities that fits current possibilities, there also exist another approach in which "stretch" can supplement fit, and so, stretching our leadership equity, to bridge the chasm between our aspiration and possibilities, by finding purpose driven ways of achieving those aspiratory goals, is the way to go!