New metaphors for competition


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Competition in plants serves as a great metaphor for handling business competition
Hedging Strategy, Eclipsing Strategy, Mutualism Strategy, Cutting-off Supplies Strategy Are examples of possibilities

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  • @xiby
    Gorg, this is a great comment. I love the quote and the metaphor is in line with its content. I may add here that plants which eclipse light from neighbors by growing higher in fact lose something. They weaken their roots.
    A question to you, Gorg. You praised the quality of slides of my next presentation 'New metaphors for teams'. I want to know how to improve the quality of slides of this presentation. The background based on grass colors is selected to be in line with the plants metaphor. The selected font are in alignment with this background. How would you have improved the quality? I know that you are a reference in this aspect.

    Thanks again, Gorg for taking the time to write this lovely comment.
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  • i liked the presentation Dr. Ali thnx. for this learnt a lot..hoping to implement this very soon:may be i will be starting with a new presentation first
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New metaphors for competition

  1. 1. New Metaphors for CompetitionAli Anani, PhD
  2. 2. I dedicate this presentation toAbdi Osman JamaAbdi has inspired andtriggered many ideas withhis concise commentsand solid feedback.
  3. 3. Plants compete forObscuring resourcesWaterLightNutrientsAir
  4. 4. Businesses Compete forCustomersTalentsRawMaterialsNewMarkets
  5. 5. Competition is a commonthread
  6. 6. Avoidance Strategy
  7. 7. Herbivores specializeby eating different plantsor different parts of thesame plants.
  8. 8. So, businessesmay target differentcustomers
  9. 9. A pack of hyenas can attack andkill a large herbivore.A single hyena could not engagein with a large prey individuallyOr, Adopt Grouping Strategy
  10. 10. A pack of small businesses maygroup to attack and kill a large“businvore”. A single businesscould not do it on its own.Or, Adopt Grouping Strategy
  11. 11. To avoid competition with theiroffspring, plants use animals,wind and other mechanisms todisperse their seeds or sporesaway from the parent plantsSpread Out Strategy
  12. 12. Businesses spread out in othercountries and within the samecountry (such as increasingbank branching)Spread Out Strategy
  13. 13. Eclipsing Strategy
  14. 14. Universal adaptive strategy theory (UAST)RegenerationMaintenanceGrowthUniversal adaptive strategy theory (UAST)is an evolutionary theory is based on the trade-offthat organisms face when the resources they gainfrom the environment are allocated between.Resource Bifurcation
  15. 15. Universal Business adaptive strategy theory (UBAST)RegenerationMaintenanceGrowthUniversal adaptive strategy theory (UAST)is an evolutionary theory is based on the trade-offthat business face when the resources they haveare allocated between.Resource Bifurcation
  16. 16. Universal Business adaptive strategy theory (UBAST)IncreasebusinessgrowthInhibitGrowthof othersGrow IndependentlyMutualismGrowthResource Bifurcation
  17. 17. MutualismGrowthMutualism is defined as an interaction"between two species or individuals that isbeneficial to both". Mutual beneficialrelationship between plants and fungi, knownas mycorrhizae serves as a great example. Theplant is assisted with nutrient uptake, while thefungus receives carbohydrates.
  18. 18. MutualismGrowthMutualism in business is profitable. Oneexample is developing software for windowsand developing windows to hostmore-demanding software
  19. 19. When a plant detects competitionfrom neighboring plants, it initiates aset of responsesInhibitGrowthof othersGrowth
  20. 20. Some plants elongate and growtoward the sun to obscureneighboring plants from sunlight.InhibitGrowthof othersGrowth
  21. 21. Denying resources of survivalhave been used by businessesInhibitGrowthof othersGrowth
  22. 22. Minnetonka liquid-soap-in-a-pumpidea was protected by denyingcompetitors supplies of pumpsInhibitGrowthof othersGrowth
  23. 23. The company signed a one-yearcontract to buy all the productioncapacity of the two mainproducers of pumpsInhibitGrowthof othersGrowth
  24. 24. Chemical warfare among neighboring plantsSome plants release toxins into soil toreduce growth or kill adjacent plantsInhibitGrowthof othersGrowth
  25. 25. Chemical warfare among businessesSome businesses spread toxic rumors thattheir competitors’ products have seriousside effects as men losing their fertilityshould they use a certain product.InhibitGrowthof othersGrowth
  26. 26. Mature “nurse” plant may facilitategermination, establishment, growthof juvenile plant of a differentgrowth formIncreasebusinessgrowthGrowth
  27. 27. Business may find creative ideas topromote other businesses so thatmay feedback on the growth of theirown business.IncreasebusinessgrowthGrowth
  28. 28. Example, selling raw material toa chocolate factory. Improve thepackage, sales of chocolate go up andso selling of raw materials increase.IncreasebusinessgrowthGrowth
  29. 29. Some plants, like cactus, where water isscarce do not grow very close togetherIncreasebusinessgrowthGrowth
  30. 30. Businesses tend sometimes to crowd ineach other in areas with limited income.Better if they relocate.IncreasebusinessgrowthGrowth
  31. 31. Competition in plantsserves as a greatmetaphor for handlingbusiness competitionHedging Strategy EclipsingStrategy Mutualism StrategyCutting-off Supplies StrategyAre examples of possibilities.