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Luck and its butterfly effect


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Luck has a butterfly effect

Luck and its butterfly effect

  1. 1. Luck (Attitude) Butterfly Effect Ali Anani
  2. 2. A Story to Tell Two prisoners with opposite characterswere kept together in the same custody One prisoner was active whereas the other was inert
  3. 3. A Story to Tell- 2 The two prisoners had a fight one day.The prison guard decidedto punish them by giving them only chickpeas for lunch He opened a smallwindow and poured out a small bag of chickpeas
  4. 4. A Story to Tell- 3 The active prisoner moved around and collected the peas. The lazy prisoner did not One chickpea was left.The active prisoner threwit at the lazy prison mate and said “one for you”
  5. 5. A Story to Tell- 5 The lazy prisoner tried to chew the chickpea, butinstead he broke his toothIt turned out to be a dusty gem
  6. 6. A Story to Tell- 6 If we repeat the same experiment milliontimes, the probability ofthe lazy man getting the jewel again is a remote possibilityLuck does not strike your doors twice, or does it?
  7. 7. Luck Did Not Strike My Door I remember I had four job offers. I had difficult times to decide which one to accept Finally, I did
  8. 8. Luck Did Not Strike My Door- 2 Two days before me flying to where I was supposed to start work, the second Gulf War blew up. For political reasons I could not take the job I lost my four jewels
  9. 9. The Butterfly Effect of Luck Had I opted for any of the other three jobs I would not have had that experience A small unlucky choice changed the course of my life
  10. 10. Too Many Similar Stories to Tell How about telling your story? I invite you to add one slide or more to summarize one of your good or bad luck
  11. 11. Sharing Luck I wish you good luck
  12. 12. DOINA: my storyLOVE STORY: The 3-th time, I had luck!!!
  13. 13. Positive Note on Luck Slide Contribution by LoriKane is especially interesting even though it spoiled inpart my hidden intention. Abad luck today may turn into great luck later
  14. 14. The luck of Ali and LoriI started blogging about self-organizing groups in July of 2009. I was looking for people who wanted to havean ongoing discussion about ourselves as these groups. On April 13, 2011, I found the first person willing tohave this ongoing discussion with me. His name is Ali Anani. He responded to one of my posts and we’vebeen talking ever since.I had to write59 blog postsacross 2 yearsto find Ali.Was I luckyto find Ali?More luckythan mere wordscan express...
  15. 15. Lucky Guess Is it he or she?Some names and nicknames on slideshare are strange to meI do not know if it is he or she? Luckily, the English language uses your for both sexes. Your presentation is great! I still try to figure out he from she by analyzing the writing. Sometimes that helps.
  16. 16. My Luck Rings TwiceTwo Dedicated Presentations from Doina and Juao Maya
  17. 17. Juao Maya’s Contribution It is worthy of your timeTHE GOLDEN POT FULL OF LUCK
  18. 18. I well know that right below in the right corner, there is a pot full of luck.Or, may it be a pot full of gold?Never mind: gold could be illustrative of luck... At the end of the rainbowisn’t there a pot of gold?But I look at this pot again. The fantasy that sometimes takes my mindover tells me that it could be a witches’ stirring cauldron as well. Eventhougha four-leaved clover replaces the usual black cat...Going deeply on into my fantasy, I remember the Spanish proverbthat says: “Yo non creo en las brujas, pero que las hay, las hay!..” (Idon’t believe in witches, but they exist, they exist!... — please, forgivethe poor English translation).Coming back to reality, I say: I don’t believe in luck, but that there’s luck,there is!So...
  19. 19. to us all, forever and ever!...
  20. 20. Sally Smith Contribution Sally Smith added the next two slides. These slides cause “rubbing of minds”. Rub your mind fruitfully
  21. 21. I learnt from this presentation that:Luck is not what you experience today; it iswhat unfolds for you in the futureA presentation dedicated to me from Rennis testimonial of this perspective
  22. 22. butterfly-effect-chinese-style-widescreen
  23. 23. Attitude (Not Luck) Butterfly Effect In Arabic, we have a word written exactly the same way, but may be read differently reflecting two different attitudes. The word is Nashtam meaning to smell, or Nashtum meaning to curse the flowers Same word giving two different meaning, depending how you “see it”
  24. 24. Attitude (Not Luck) Butterfly Effect Likewise; we may smell or curse what happens to us We call these happenings good luck or bad luck It is in reality how we read them It is our attitudes and mindsets
  25. 25. GEORGE SCIBERRAS Added his flavor of luck
  26. 26. Appreciation of Appreciation Thanks are due to @abhishek for the embed of this presentation on Appitive.cpm and for the nice summary of the presentation. 1/30/luck-and-its-butterfly-effect/
  27. 27. Abhishek Summary Ali Anani challenged us with the idea of the presentation that luck has a butterfly effect based on his personal experiences. HeTags: Attitude, bad memories, butterfly effect, How invited readers to contribute theirmay I improve the outcome?, How may we reduce experiences. The result is a myriad of ideas. Luck Butterfly Effect showsrisk?, new possibilities, Personal how the attitude changes outcome.experiences, spotlight, Why did I fail? Small changes may have big impacts. Small changes in attitude from negative to less negative or more positive may influence greatly the come. Personal experiences and bad memories may have infacted our attitudes negatively. In turn, we manage businesses in a similar way. Turning complaints into positive questions may help a lot. Why did I fail? How may I improve the outcome? How may we reduce risk? Such questions open new possibilities.