I was watching a tree when suddenly some of its leaves started falling.
An question jumped to my mind: is the...
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How falling leaves may help falling businesses?


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The document suggests using the falling of tree leaves as a metaphor for failing and falling businesses. The document throws many questions in order to explore the validity of this metaphor and its scope to arrive at creative approaches to serve falling businesses.
Comments, suggestions and remarks are greatly appreciated

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  • Dr. Hari Pal,
    welcome dear onboard. You remind me of the early 1980s when we worked together for the Kuwait Scientific Research Institute in Kuwait. Your comment brought back some lovely memories.
    Your comment is lovely as it opens horizons of possibilities in my mind. I can't find the words to value your comment. Surely, it is going to be a source of information when I build up the full-fledged presentation.
    Again, thanks dearly Hari for making such a great comment.
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  • I do believe there is a distinct correlationship between the falling leaves of a deciduous (not evergreen) tree and the declining businesses.
    First, the leaves are governed by a seasonal biochemical cyclic pathway the produces the leaves in spring, cuts the nutrient source from the leaves in the fall, makes the leaves lose the green pigment chlorophyll and the ability to undertake photosynthesis. The brown leaves cease to receive nutrients and moisture from the xylem vessels and finally get detached from the tree.
    Likewise for a business to become evergreen, they need to a) maintain a flow of communication with the customers on a regular and perpetual basis; b) keep receiving feedback of customer satisfaction and displeasure; c) make adjustments in their performance / product to maintain / enhance their sales and the cash flow, the primary 'nutrient' to sustain any business; d) be willing to change and adapt regular business strategies parallel to environmental factors, like the conifer leaves turn dark green in winter months to absorb optimum level of sunlight.
    Otherwise the business will whither away like the falling leaves and the customers will go elsewhere.
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  • Dear Juao,

    Let me share my mind with you. Honestly, the idea of this mini presentation popped up upon seeing leaves dropping off. I have done some research, and assisted by great comments I find myself immersed in a huge subject. It is absorbing, demanding, but enjoyable. I have embarked on different fields such as falling love, falling interest and many other ideas. I shall soon pack up my findings.
    I appreciate your comment greatly, dear Juao, and kind words like your keep the momentum to go on.
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  • Falling leaves and falling businesses. Only a gifted mind like yours, dear Ali, could make us wonder about possible parallels between a small, gentle fall in nature and a severe, tough experience in the business world...
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  • Charles,
    I thank you for making such a sound comment.
    I wish to add two points.

    1- This mini-presentation focuses on the falling of leaves. It turns out from previous comments, mainly by Roman and Magdalena, that this topic has more dimensions than I expected.
    2- One new dimension is inspired by your comment. You wrote '3.Trees shed their leaves to adapt to the weather extremes, using principle of balancing opposites' In my previous presentation on Unequal Opposites I discussed opposites from a new dimension. Would you think this concept would extend to your VOS Model?

    Again, I appreciate your significant comment dear Charles.
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How falling leaves may help falling businesses?

  1. 1. AliAnani,PhD I was watching a tree when suddenly some of its leaves started falling. An question jumped to my mind: is there a relationship between falling leaves and falling businesses? As simple as this metaphor might appear, it turned out to handle a complex issue. However; there seems to be some interesting lessons from the falling leaves to apply in serving falling businesses. Why leaves fall? Why businesses fall? When leaves fall? When businesses fall? Why leaves fall? Why businesses fall? What color the falling leaves have? What colors falling businesses have? Why trees throw off their leaves? What “leaves” should businesses throw? What adaptive behaviors make trees sacrifice their leaves? What adaptive behaviors should businesses have in anticipation of cold business seasons? Dropping of leaves creates beauty of colors? How businesses may beautify the environment as they drop some of their activities? Trees recover nutrients from falling leaves? What nutrients businesses may extract from falling or drop off products? Trees prepare for the loss of their leaves in anticipation of extremes of weather swing from cold to hot. Trees adapt and keep their balance. What businesses can learn from trees? I welcome your comments, ideas, and suggestions to develop this idea into a full presentation. Falling Leaves and Falling Businesses