Emotional intelligence and blue ocean strategy


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The presentation highlights the value of combining emotional intelligence with blue ocean strategy to gain new insights and values

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Emotional intelligence and blue ocean strategy

  1. 1. Ali Anani
  2. 2. What is Emotional Intelligence? Emotional Intelligence is "…the capacity for recognizing our own feelings and those of others, for motivating ourselves and for managing emotions effectively in others and ourselves." - Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence
  3. 3. Emotional Intelligence (EI) for DifferentiationI feel one missing area is using emotional intelligence as a means of differentiating companies. Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) provides an excellent venue for this approach
  4. 4. Emotional intelligence indealing with external andinternal customers could be agreat source of differentiationand adding value.
  5. 5. EI and ChangeYou can be a very competent manager that no Why do we needEmotional Intelligence at work?Increased pace and complexity of changeNeed for flexibility and adaptabilityTeam-based approaches (effective relationships)Working across organizational boundaries / Influencing andnetworkingDirective and Transactional approaches to leading others nolonger works in all situationsRecruitment & RetentionDiversity in the workplace requiring greater understandingConflictStress – impact on individuals and organizationsToxic emotional contagionDiscriminationBullyingHarassment
  6. 6. Competent ManagersYou can be a very competentmanager that no one wantsto work for – therefore areyou really leading or simplymanaging? We need to doboth in the workplace, developing yourEmotional Intelligence canmake all the difference.
  7. 7. Becoming self aware does not mean beingselfish though. Discovering the inner you willenable you to give more of yourself to othersand this will benefit your relationships aswell as helping to build your self esteem andconfidence as you become truer to yourself ..
  8. 8. Feel well to do well High How? Expected Why?Do Well How? Low Expected Why? Low High Feel Well
  9. 9. Use of Brain Quadrant quadrant Improve High Right Brain Left Brain Improve Low Left Brain Low High Right Brain
  10. 10. Self-Awareness Visualization Know why, how and what to improve ImproveHigh Right High How? Expected Brain Why? Do Well Improve How?Low Left Low Expected Why? Brain Low High Low High Right Brain Feel Well
  11. 11. Self-Awareness Leads to Self-Management Level of creativity Self-Confidence Feelings Self- Awareness Self- assessment High Why? Self- Initiative management Why? LowResponse toFailing Emotional Self- High Low Control Self-Awareness Adaptability Optimism Trust
  12. 12. Social Awareness and Relationship Management Conflict High Manage Why? ment Relationship ManagementInfluence Why? Low Developing Others Low High Social Awareness Leadership Change Empathy Catalyst Service Orientation Assertiveness
  13. 13. Apply Blue Ocean Strategy to Achieve Differentiation of Value Raise what to achieve better value ? Eliminate what emotions to improve my well being what to achieve better value ?
  14. 14. Apply Blue Ocean Strategy to Achieve Differentiation of Value- 2 Create what and how to improve my creativity? Reduce what emotions to improve my well- being?
  15. 15. The use of Blue Ocean Strategy to enhance ourunderstandings of Emotional Intelligence merits more probing into