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Distraction Is the New Habit


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Published in: Lifestyle
  • @David Navarro Thanks dear David for making such an eloquent comment. Habits of keeping values should change only in one direction- fostering values. To that I fully agree
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  • Three big revolutions have ahppened in the humankind history, that have changed dramatically our habits. The wheel, the industrial revolution and internet/instant messaging. The prior two ones had enough generations for the humankind to adapt to them. But the later one has happened in less than a generation. This revolution has come to stay and grow, but we are not ready yet for it. A habit takes time to be changed, and many peple is swithching from older habits to the new habits, forgeting that no matter the habits, good human values need to be the core of it, or, as you are wisely appointing in your presentation, new habits will disappear. Thank you again for your wisdom, Ali
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Distraction Is the New Habit

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