Disruptive change and thinking


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Disruptive change requires disruptive thinking. How about lagging change? The disruptive idea shall come anyway. You cannot delay or stop it. You better think of it before it overwhelms you.

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Disruptive change and thinking

  1. 1. Disruptive change and thinking
  2. 2. Dr. Rod KingI dedicate this presentationto you for you intensified myinterest in disruptive changeThank Y ou
  3. 3. Disrupt:T hink theU nthinkable to SparkTransformation in YourBusinessLuke W illiams
  4. 4. The disruptive idea shall comeanyway.Y can not delay or oustop it.Y better think of it oubefore it overwhelms you.Ali Anani
  5. 5. Likewise; disruptive negative ideas
  6. 6. Points of destructive Birth ofvolcanic idea new idea
  7. 7. Change is not equalS ome changes are laggingS ome changes are fast and theirtides overwhelm us
  8. 8. For businessesIncreasing rate of Acceleration Increasedchange of product momentum adoption Change of direction of business
  9. 9. We are moving fromlagging change toaccelerating change
  10. 10. Going from the valley
  11. 11. Make you suffer from oxygendeficiency The faster you go, the more suffering you face
  12. 12. The rapidity of change requirespreparing for it
  13. 13. Modern technology makesthe trip fast
  14. 14. Disrupt the familiar into unfamiliarStrawberry flavored drinks areuseful as a substitute for lipstick
  15. 15. Study the mountain and its subsetsStudy the product and its components
  16. 16. Study the product (the mountain)Study the hill(the partialproduct)Study the grains(the components)
  17. 17. The last thing fish think about is water
  18. 18. And sometimes the last thing producers knowis the other uses of their products
  19. 19. Customers develop uses that producersare unaware of
  20. 20. Simple products are proof of that such as bakingsoda and even tissue papersIt was users who uncovered may uses other thanwhat manufacturers intended them for
  21. 21. And remember fast changes bringnew disruptive needs
  22. 22. What will change if we providefaster service?Clients shall want quicker serviceRapidity brings the need for evenmore rapid service
  23. 23. MDs, for example, do not have time toread brochures.Show updated brochures on iPads- theyare visual and you may highlight changes
  24. 24. Beware of stress associated with changeKeep your thoughts and feelings positive; elsethe change dilemma Present Future
  25. 25. Feeling Behavior toThoughts Change
  26. 26. Disruptive change requires disruptivethinkingIt is better to ask fractal questions- theanswer becomes the question on manylevels
  27. 27. Change your perspective to generate newideas