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Comments with no moments


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Slideshare is not only sharing slides; it is sharing interests and emotions as well. Influencers to act have to be filled with four emotions. These are: Confidence, Integrity, Pride and Passion. I call these emotions the CIPP Factor

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Comments with no moments

  1. 1. Comments with no Moments Ali Anani
  2. 2. engagement.aspxReading this surveywas the inspirer ofthis presentation
  3. 3. Discriminating Factors Are the SameBest PracticesHospitals Offer thepatient Confidence Integrity Pride Passion
  4. 4. Discriminating Factors Are the SameBest Practices So, authors shouldHospitals Offer the fulfill thesepatient emotional needs Confidence Integrity Pride Passion
  5. 5. Slideshare has helped our realworld social networks surpass timeand space so that authors andreaders alike may share thetriumphs, tragedies and stressfulmoments of life
  6. 6. Best PracticesAuthors Offer theReader Confidence- being an authority in their field Integrity Pride Passion
  7. 7. Integrity Engaged Readers PridePassion
  8. 8. Integrity Engaged More Engaged Readers Authors PridePassion
  9. 9. Comments with no Moments
  10. 10. Writing comments or ads Will only engage the readers if they adhere to the four emotions described in the previous slidesConfidence + Integrity + Pride + Passion
  11. 11. Like an MD who knows his patients,
  12. 12. an author needs to know his readers
  13. 13. You need to generatecomments with momentum
  14. 14. Consider yourpresentation as windmill that rotates with Integrity Confidence the 4 emotional powers Pride Passion
  15. 15. People tend to group with otherpeople that share their interests and EMOTIONS
  16. 16. Slideshare is not onlysharing slides; it is sharinginterests and emotions as well
  17. 17. Writing a prescription is indifferent from writing a slideshare presentation
  18. 18. Stir emotions and getcommentsThis a performance indicator
  19. 19. The CIPP Factor You guessed it It is the first letter of the four motivating emotions Confidence Integrity Pride Passion
  20. 20. Use the CIPP Factorso that influencers may act
  21. 21. The more you fillinfluencers with the CIPP Factor, themore influence they shall create
  22. 22. The CIPP Factor Be Creative in not only identifyinginfluencers, equally important is fillingthem with the CIPP emotions
  23. 23. Lori Kane, Self-Organizing Groups Researcher atCollective Self Ali, what about love? Could aninfluencer act simply out of love? A great question that prompted me to add the following slide
  24. 24. The CIPP Factor Intimacy adds integrity to the three components Sweet love is the overlapping of the three components Stenbergs Triangular Theory of Love Passion Commitment