Blue ocean strategy of customer service


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The presentations show the validity of extending the Blue Ocean Strategy to improving customer service and the conditions to achieve this purpose.

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Blue ocean strategy of customer service

  1. 1. Blue Ocean Strategy ofCustomer Service Ali Anani
  2. 2. I warmly dedicate this presentation to ah_liviaFor contributing constructive and soul-lifting comments always
  3. 3. The spectrum of customershas many colors
  4. 4. Quick judgments High Expectations Onavailability Quick Quick reactions solutions
  5. 5. Varying CharactersExcited Talkative Inflat ed Make big Self-wrapped issues out of like cabbage nothing
  6. 6. Not All Customers Are the Same Then how to deal with them purposefully?
  7. 7. Use the Blue Ocean Strategy Reduce I add changeChange Eliminate Difficult Customers Create Raise
  8. 8. BOS Needs Positive Thinking
  9. 9. Enlighten your mood before deciding to apply BOS.Negative moods lead to –ve thinking and –e actions
  10. 10. The Bad negative Customers optionEliminate OR The Their positive complaints option
  11. 11. Ask positive questions like: How may I reduce the complaints? How may I anticipate the complaints? What little extras that may please the customer?How to surprise the customer before even he complains? How may I best absorb the complaints of customers?
  12. 12. How to create positive emotions sothat the client thinks positively aboutus?How creatively to make the customermore loyal?How to creatively convince thecustomer?
  13. 13. How to turn the problem upside down? How to change the perspective of the problem?How creatively to change the behavior of the customer?
  14. 14. Use metaphors to create new perspectives
  15. 15. For example, seconds of waiting time are like burning coal in the customer’s blood
  16. 16. How to reduce waiting time? Hoe to benefit from waiting time? How to eliminate waitingtime? How to change waiting time? How to raise the benefit of waiting time? How to extinguish waiting time?How to add water to waiting time?
  17. 17. All previous questions are derived from the Blue Ocean Strategy
  18. 18. Blue Ocean Strategy isapplicable to customer service
  19. 19. I could not help adding a recent example ofWhat I term “NegativeBlue Ocean Strategy”
  20. 20. I flew in a country with one airline and was scheduled toreturn with a different e-ticket with another airline company
  21. 21. It was after midnight and the airline desk said “this is anaTi and not anaNi” Anani or Ananti? The cost was high
  22. 22. The visa payment, the mobilenumber and everything proved it was a spelling mistake; yet
  23. 23. I had to buy a new ticket at double price for making on- the spot booking.The Ananti ticket was useless. Paying double price whileconceding the original cost of the old ticket.
  24. 24. Exploiting customers to the last drop is a truly bad example of Create Blue Ocean Strategy. problems for I call it Negative customers Blue Ocean Strategy Create methods of sucking customers’ bloodEliminatecustomersatisfaction Raise customers’ frustration