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Avoid the comfort of closed social circles


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Keep strong intra social ties and weak inter social ties to maximize the benefit of social networks. Avoid the trap of what I coin “The comfort of closed social circles”.

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  • @LinkedIn Workshop Presenter Thank you dearly for enriching the presentation with your thoughtful comment. You made me love more the presentation.
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  • Thank you, Ali Anani, PhD for your enlightening commentary. To further confirm your thoughts, in his book "Neighbor Network", U of Chicago Booth School of Biz professor Ronald S. Burt, starts by asking - "Is it who you know rather than what you know that really matters?” when joining a group. Joining forces with those who share similar views seems sensible. Unfortunately groups who share similar views results in sharing the 'same old, same old'. In short, says Burt, "People in the same group develop similar views and nothing new is learned." However, "When people bridge the group gap & reach out to others, different from themselves" Burt states, "they're more likely to have new, unique & differing opinions & information to share". As always, thanks for sharing your wisdom Ali.
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  • @xiby
    Thanks Gorg for your inspiring comment. You made me think of my groups on slideshare (not existing now) or to whom I comment. There are few people with whom I established strong ties like you and juao maya. Others I still keep weak ties with, but they are valuable ties. They bring my attention to the activities of other groups. That is the main point: you need to build strong groups with common interests while keeping weak interests with other groups of less interest.
    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to explain with your sound comment, Gorg.
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  • @Beerli
    Cathy, you extend the scope of the presentation by your astonishingly rich comment. Actually, your comment deserves a presentation on its own. I love it.
    For now, the presentation focused on circles that are closed to others and keep almost no contacts with dissimilar groups. These circles forget that a poorly ventilated room suffers eventually from dampness. We need to ventilate our contacts and bonds to keep healthy relations so that these relations stay free of dampness.
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  • There is a lot of discussion here about factional leadership and it seems to be the way leadershipis operating . In effect, your closed groups and they do get musty! People are here for the interactions with others I read somewhere and not for developing themselves by themselves. I think you need people you can relate to to feel secure and to promote growth. Thriving doesn't often come form being with people who pull you down. I'd say you have to be prudent at times with regard to who is in the group. Humans do not take out those who stand out - they promote them. There is the perpetrator as victim cult at the moment where those who do something really awful are getting a lot of media attention and then discussion in social circles. Your slide share promotes considerable thought! Thank you.
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Avoid the comfort of closed social circles

  1. 1. Avoid the comfort of closed social circles Ali Anani
  2. 2. There is no real direct bonding betweentwo people; it is always stronger through athird party
  3. 3. Kids are the third party bonding fatherand mother
  4. 4. So, what bonds people onsocial networks?What is the 3rd party?
  5. 5. It is usually a common interestwhose longevity determines thelifespan of a relationship
  6. 6. The "oddity effect" conceives that any shoal memberthat stands out in appearance will be spotted bypredators. The oddity effect would thus tend tohomogenize shoals.
  7. 7. May be the Oddity Effect has itsimpact on humans and not only fish “My cup of tea” attitude prevails
  8. 8. Human have more than oneinterest. They share each interestwith similar groups.
  9. 9. Interest Fractals Interest in sports Interest in soccer Interest in certain leagues Interest in certain clubs
  10. 10. The more specific the interest is the higher is overlapping, and the stronger the network is
  11. 11. That is to say the degree ofcovalence is higher
  12. 12. Interests of today
  13. 13. Interests of today are different tomorrow
  14. 14. The role of individuals in a group willimpact on the emergent characteristicsof a group such as collective behaviorThis impact might change with time asindividuals develop different interests
  15. 15. We shall witness the emergence ofmany mini-worlds of differinginterests
  16. 16. And if not
  17. 17. We shall tend to move in the samecircles that we do without anysignificant addition to theinformation we already know.
  18. 18. We need strong bonds among intra-groups andweak links among inter-groups to cross-linkinformation and move out of our, what I call,Comfort Circles.
  19. 19. Closed circles are like closelytied rooms as they don’t allowfor the exchange of air leading to fungal growth
  20. 20. Social networks cover a need asdemonstrated by the Maslow Pyramid
  21. 21. The want to create bonds with other people is one ofthe inborn things that make human beings human Self- Actualization Needs Self-Esteem Needs Socializing Needs Safety Needs Physiological Needs
  22. 22. Having social ties is one thing; their role in providingand satisfying other needs is equally important,including emotional needs. You want your socialsatisfaction to act as a springboard to cover otherneeds.
  23. 23. All you need is something thatbonds people together to act as3rd party,AND
  24. 24. Finding weak bondsamong different socialcircles to expedite theexchange of information
  25. 25. Closed social circles will make you rustyAdd connections to differing groupsYou shall be a winner
  26. 26. I expect the emergence ofstrong tendencies to creatingcommunities for people withspecific interests
  27. 27. Extensible Concept
  28. 28. The value of emotions as a thirdbonding agents is well-establishedin business
  29. 29. Think about it
  30. 30. Do you buy a car for just being a car?
  31. 31. Or, because it makes you feel
  32. 32. Important and attention- attracting?
  33. 33. Reflect the image of being young
  34. 34. Because of the emotional design of the car
  35. 35. Whatever emotion you have they in fact bindyou to your decision to buy a car or not.Look for the hidden jewel
  36. 36. Avoid the Comfort ofAssumptions