A challenging metaphor of business performance


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This presentation challenges established performance indicators. It calls for having one indicator that scales up or down on all business activities to reflect their form (fitness and freshness). This is a fractal indicator. The idea of the indicator was inspired from measuring the quality of fruits and vegetables using the Brix Score. It is like the human body: around 360 Celsius it is healthy. One score may tell a lot about the status of the business body.
Complex organizations need simple performance indicators and this presentation offers one. Not only that, as the proposed indicator allows reviewing past works to learn from their mistakes and successes alike to plan better for future works.

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A challenging metaphor of business performance

  1. 1. A Challenging Metaphor of Business performance A Challenging Metaphor of Business performance Ali Anani, PhDAli Anani, PhD
  2. 2. I dedicate this presentation to professor Rod King.I hope the presentation has the proper “Fitness Level” to be worthy of my dedication.
  3. 3. Gems are sometimes in front of our eyes; yet we don’t see them
  4. 4. One gem is the scale we use to measure the Brix level of produces.
  5. 5. Is this extensible to measure the quality of employees? And how?
  6. 6. The Brix Scale helps us figure out the nutrient and flavor value of produces:The higher the value, the better the produce is
  7. 7. Brix values higher than 12 tell us that we have a good to excellent quality produce
  8. 8. For instance, a poor, sour tasting grape from poor soil can test less than 8 BRIX. In contrast; same grape, grown on rich, fertile soil can test 24 or better BRIX
  9. 9. It is amazing that quality of produces and in spite of their complexity may be revealed from one number and is easily measured
  10. 10. Brixing measures the solids in the sap of produces Just squeeze a drop and by using a hand-held refractometer you may instantly get the Brix value See linked videohttp://www.youtube.com /user/RealFoodCampaign
  11. 11. Can we do the same for measuring the quality of businesses?
  12. 12. What is equivalent to that juicy drop of produces to businesses to reveal their quality?
  13. 13. Juicy creative ideas are indicative of the quality of a business
  14. 14. The Brix value of a produce results from planting the seeds in good soil, good environment and in quality management.
  15. 15. Likewise; businesses will only give juicy ideas (sap of minds) if the work environment is healthy, seeds of ideas are planted in a good soil and managerial quality is highly fit and fresh
  16. 16. We want dense and quality sap from produce and so are the desired juice of minds (ideas)
  17. 17. The soil must be balanced in fertilizers and never be void of micronutrients
  18. 18. Similarly, organizations must never be depleted of micronutrients - the talents that ensure the finished product (ideas) will be of excellent quality
  19. 19. The use of chemical fertilizers may cause more pain than delight - flavor may be depleted and quality of finished produce may deteriorate considerably
  20. 20. Business that depends on manufactured incentives may actually deplete the business from talents and the quality of ideas may drop significantly
  21. 21. produces from poor soil have a low Brix level. Poor produces invite insects and we compound the problem further by using insecticides
  22. 22. Poor ideas result from poor business attention to keeping talents and using natural incentives and motives. The result: the business becomes attractive to non-performing employees
  23. 23. If we eat poor quality produces our bodies suffer
  24. 24. Business that eat their own poor quality ideas will weaken the body of the businesses and the deterioration cycle escalates.
  25. 25. Good produces shall not deteriorate rapidly on storage Excellent business ideas shall not rot and eventually they shall be ready for yielding their long-awaited value
  26. 26. Each fruit has its own Brix level or number. Each employee must have his Brix number- in keeping with what is required from him/her.
  27. 27. The business may be producing Turbid ideas Clear ideas Viscous ideas Gloomy ideas Foggy ideas
  28. 28. Different produce require adaptations, why not extend the idea to business ideas? Not all trees are the same and not all divisions are the same. So, strengthen each business units while keeping overall integrity. Establish a performance chart for the business like we do for produces- each has its own Brix numeber
  29. 29. The Brix number for business reflects the quality of its produce - the total useful and solid material in the sap of its fruity ideas
  30. 30. The form of organization = Freshness + Fitness
  31. 31. This idea is borrowed from sports in which, for example, a rider can be fit at the end of the Tour De France, but he is very tired, so not 'fresh' enough to have form. On the other side of the coin, you might have ridden your bike for 2 months, and are very 'fresh', but not very 'fit'. So, the correct balance of fitness and freshness will create 'form' http://home.trainingpeaks.com/blog/article/w hat-is-the-performance-management-chart
  32. 32. 'Fitness' is a response to training stress. Businesses must have the fitness to learn and develop and re-learn
  33. 33. Organizations need to be fresh as well to progress
  34. 34. Like the Brix number is different for fruits than for leaves of the same tree, so are the Brix numbers for business units
  35. 35. To insure that the organization is “fit” and performing at the right level is a difficult job for leaders of organizations. There are so many parts to an organization’s fitness and performance; i.e. financial, sales, customer service, production and/or services offered and then of course, the processes and the right people to make it all come together. http://sixdnwo.com/_blog/Our_Blog/post/Org anizational_Fitness_-_How_Healthy_is_your_O rganization/
  36. 36. Trees are complex systems; still we have a single number to measure their performance. That is their Brix number
  37. 37. Organizations need to have their Brix number for the whole organization and for each unit of it
  38. 38. The Brix number alerts us to where the problems could arise from. We go back and analyze to learn with fresh minds and fitness to learn
  39. 39. This is the formulae for success
  40. 40. In conclusion, I believe we need to establish charts for the Brix number for businesses and their units. The higher the Brix number is, the sweeter are the ideas generated from each unit. This, in turn, reflects, much improved form of businesses.
  41. 41. I hope the Brix score of this presentation is above 12