Quantified self over IoT and software defined anything Hugh Choi at magiceco


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Discover the unknown region of everyday data. It is truly about quantified self over Internet of things and software defined anything.

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Quantified self over IoT and software defined anything Hugh Choi at magiceco

  1. 1. 최 형 욱 Hugh  Choi   Chief  Maker  &  CEO,  magicEco IT21 Global Conference Quan%fied  Self  over  Internet  of  Things     and  So7ware  Defined  Anything  
  2. 2. Emerging  Technologies  2012
  3. 3. Emerging  Technologies  2013
  4. 4. Top 10 Strategic Technologies by Gartner 2011 2012 2013 2014 1 Cloud Computing Media tablets and beyond Mobile device battles Mobile Device Diversity and Management 2 Mobile Applications and Media Tablets Mobile-centric applications and interfaces Mobile applications & HTML 5 Mobile Apps and Applications 3 Social Communications and Collaboration Social and contextual user experience Personal Cloud The Internet of Everything 4 Video Internet of Things Internet of Things Hybrid Cloud and IT as Service Broker 5 Next Generation Analytics Application stores and marketplace Hybrid IT and Cloud Computing Cloud/Client 6 Social Analytics Next-generation analytics Strategic Big Data The Era of Personal Cloud 7 Context-Aware Computing Big Data Actionable Analytics Software-Defined Anything 8 Storage Class Memory In-Memory Computing Mainstream In-Memory Computing Web-Scale IT 9 Ubiquitous Computing Extreme Low-Energy Servers Integrated Ecosystems Smart Machines 10 Fabric-Based Infrastructure and Computers Cloud Computing Enterprise App Stores 3D Printing
  5. 5. Things  are  ge=ng  more   understanding  about  me   ! 나보다  나를  더  잘  알아가는  사물들
  6. 6. tracking my activities
  7. 7. PotenBal  body  parts     of  wearable  things   Source: Forrester Research
  8. 8. Interact with smart phones before pure IoT.
  9. 9. How  to  overcome  the  barrier  of  habit   습관의  장벽과  익숙함을  넘어서는  가치의  본질
  10. 10. Undiscovered region of business over 30% of life
  11. 11. monitoring and caring my health
  12. 12. hFp://www.rsvlts.com/2013/08/07/trace-­‐acBon-­‐sports-­‐tracker/ unconscious life logging
  13. 13. capture the sorroundings
  14. 14. Context  awareness  thru  everyday  things MagicEco: http://lumismart.magice.co
  15. 15. experience based learning
  16. 16. unconscious quantified logging
  17. 17. 냉장고에서  우유가  떨어지면  센서가  이를  인지해  인 터넷을  통해  동네슈퍼로  자동으로  주문을  하게될까?   (If  you  run  out  of  milk,  does  a  refrigerator  order   it  automaBcally  thru  Internet?) 사람이  핵심!  기술은  단지  도와줄  뿐!   (Human-­‐centered  philosophy  is  crucial  to  be  considered.   Technology  is  just  transparent)
  18. 18. Mash-ups of multiple data to map out new findings
  19. 19. 미인지  영역의  발견   (Discovery  of  unknown  region  thru     IoT  and  soTware  defined  anything) 인지영역 (Perceptible) 미인지영역 (Imperceptible) 감지영역 (Sensible) 미감지영역 (Insensible) 데이터영역 (Data) 미지영역 (Unknown) 직관영역 (Intuitive) 가시영역 (Visible)
  20. 20. http://facebook.com/huchoi huchoi@gmail.com 최 형 욱 Hugh Choi