Summer in the Hub Vienna - July Overview


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Summer in the Hub Vienna - July Overview

  1. 1. A closer look at JULY ‘10
  2. 2. As we have already mentioned: Summer is gonna be busy :) Hub Talks Hub Movie Nights Member Spotlight Summer Party [lab_mo ] Condensed Opening Hours
  3. 3. ‘10 So, let’s have a closer look at JULY Hub Event Summer Party Hub Movie Night [lab_mo ] ‘Freedom Writers’ The Popcorn Experiment 8.July 13.July 15.July 21.July 22-23.July 28.July Member Spotlight Member Spotlight Milo Tesselaar (biorama) Hub meets emersense Hub Talk Throughout July: Lisa Muhr (Göttin des Glücks) Condensed Opening Hours The Hub will be open Tuesday - Friday Late Night Working Every Tuesday the Hub is open until 10pm
  4. 4. Hub Movie Night ‘Freedom Writers’ 8.July starting 6pm The Movie ‘Freedom Writers’ tells the true story of Erin Gruwell dealing with racial conflicts among her students during the Los Angeles Riots in 1992. Find out how she uses innovative approaches to reach out to her students also known as ‘the unteachables’. A must see fo anybody interested in education and youth inclusion and a good trigger for some conversations afterwards! click here to import in calendar
  5. 5. Member Spotlight 13.July Milo Tesselaar starting 6pm Spotlight on Milo Tesselaar of Milo is the fou nder and editor-in-chief fe-style ‘Biorama’, a m agazine for sustainable li s. with over 40.000 reader ew Come to fin d out about his brand-n project ideas... click here to import in calendar
  6. 6. Hub Event 15.July Summer Party starting 5pm ideas collected so far: - Hub Cocktail - Vernissage of Projects - Member Speed-Dating - Guerilla Gardening - Wii Surfing/Tennis - Get a Band/DJ - Put a Swing in Space - BYO BBQ - Documentary - International Food - Hub Quiz - Charades - Tagtool - Led Throwies - Paddling Pool - ... click here to import in calendar
  7. 7. Hub Talk 21.July Lisa Muhr starting 5.30 pm Lisa Muhr, co-founder of Austria's first ecologically fair fashion label "Göttin des Glücks" and recent winner of the "respACT Trigos Award" will introduce us to the concept of her label and share stories and anecdotes of her work with us. click here to import in calendar
  8. 8. [lab_m o] 23-24.July Popcorning all day [lab_mo1] The Popcorn Experiment w/ Dey Dos  Fri, 23 Jul – Sat, 24 Jul 2010 You ever watched a kernel of popcorn just before it pops?  Hub Vienna, Austria It does so very suddenly and without warning. One moment  Open internationally it's a little kernel and the next moment: Pop! Into the fluffy white puff. Now, how about your ideas would do the  Max. 30 participants same… € 200 EUR excl. VAT w/ lunches, coffee breaks, materials Innovation that pops like a corn on fire – that‘s what this % -40% Hub Vienna members experiment is all about: so bring in your intentions, ideas, initiatives – old and new, strong or fragile – and enrich them with many new perspectives and ways to the desired impact. Let your ideas explode. Please note: A detailed agenda and further information will be made available upon approved registration, one week in advance of the experiment. Dey Dos. Co-founder of Beautiful Individuals, former President of AIESEC International, designer of various businesses and popcorn machine for new ideas… trigger, challenger, inspiration and supporter for the new. click here to import in calendar
  9. 9. Member Spotlight Hub meets emersense 28.July starting 6pm Spotlight on em ersense mersense Every year, the international e ng community is gathering around 30 you the social entrep reneurs from all around ls world. Meet some of these individua d ideas. and hear a bout their initatives an click here to import in calendar
  10. 10. And don’t forget... The Hub is also a working space :)
  11. 11. ... Connect with other diverse members... Find the necessary focus... Work on your idea... Acquire investment for your project... Inspire and let yourself get inspired... How will you use the Summer in the Hub? Find your next project... Collaborate beyond borders... Use the creative atmosphere... ... ... Scale your impact... Get started with your initiative... Radically change the world! Escape from daily routine...
  12. 12. Let’s make it an amazing