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Hubs Tour


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Take a virtual tour of Hubbard Peanut Company and learn about peanut harvesting!

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Hubs Tour

  1. 1. Hubs… A Natural Taste of Virginia.
  2. 2. Planted in May, peanuts are legumes that grow underground.
  3. 3. In September farmers prepare to dig the mature peanuts
  4. 4. Modern equipment can dig several rows at one time.
  5. 5. Plentiful peanuts
  6. 6. After peanuts are dug, they must be separated from their vine
  7. 7. Picking peanuts (separating the vines)
  8. 8. The harvest progresses
  9. 9. Peanuts are separated from the vines in the picking process
  10. 10. Peanuts are transferred from harvesting equipment…
  11. 11. … to drying trailers
  12. 12. Peanuts will be moved from the field to buying stations
  13. 13. A clean sweep will be made
  14. 14. Vines are rolled and used for feed
  15. 15. At the Sedley buying station, a probe samples peanuts for grading purposes
  16. 16. Shells and red skins are removed
  17. 17. Peanuts arrive at Hubs ready to go
  18. 18. Peanuts move through quality control at Hubs
  19. 19. Diligent eyes track the progress of Hubs peanuts
  20. 20. State of the art weighing equipment ensures portion control
  21. 21. Hubs salted peanuts are packed in vacuum sealed tins
  22. 22. Box erectors at work
  23. 23. Code dating each batch for quality assurance
  24. 24. Packaging Hubs
  25. 25. Hubs are shipped from Sedley…
  26. 26. … around the world.
  27. 27. Virginia’s finest at America’s 400th
  28. 30. Come visit us in Sedley.