Local internet marketing


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This is a presentation that HubShout did to help or seo resellers and customers understand how to put together services to maximize their visibility in the local search and social services.

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Local internet marketing

  1. 1. Local Internet MarketingDefining and HubShout Solutions
  2. 2. Defining Local Internet Marketing: Presence1. The practice of maximizing the online exposure of a business in its service area on the following platforms: – Internet Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) • Search Network and Content Network • Local and Map Services – Specialty Local Sites (Yelp, Insiderpages, Angies List) – Mobile Applications (Google Mobile, iPhone Maps, Bing Mobile) – Video Sites (YouTube) – Free 411 (Google 411, Free 411, Bing Voice) – Social Media Sites (Facebook, Twitter)
  3. 3. Website is the hub of local presencebut you must be visible on local search services Your Business and Website
  4. 4. Defining Local Internet Marketing: Measure & Track1. Using web best practices to track results to provide a business owner with clear ROI – For service businesses • Lead tracking by source • Phone tracking by source – For retail businesses • Phone tracking by source • Coupon downloads by source – Social Media Stats (friends/followers, mentions, content pushed)
  5. 5. Measure and Track All Results Your Business and Website Track Phone CallImpressions & Tracking Visitors Online Leads
  6. 6. Defining Local Internet Marketing: Engage & Harvest1. Use email and social media to encourage current customers to refer new customers and/or buy more – Capture and syndicate customer reviews – Automated refer a friend programs – Weekly / monthly specials with social media integration (twitter and facebook)
  7. 7. Local Internet Marketing
  8. 8. HubShout Questions• Adam, a random slide but I think we have to keep asking… what is HubShout.com? – Local Internet Marketing? – Reseller Local Internet Marketing? – Consulting Services – Enterprise SEO & PPC Platform – Link Building Network (Public & Private Network)• I think we can be 2-3 of these things but probably not all• What % of our current SEO targets are local?