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Hubshout ppc 2 2012


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Hubshout ppc 2 2012

  1. 1. What is PPC? Google wants to make PPC simple but keeps adding complexity
  2. 2. Current Engagement Maximize qualified visitors to website using Google Adwords Paid Search  Qualified visitor = a person who spends at least 60 seconds on your website Track mobile phone calls using call tracking numbers Track website conversions for lead contact forms Recent account updates:  Dionne, if there is anything you have been focused on recently add a bullet or two
  3. 3. Overall Stats Table showing total impressions, clicks Top keywords
  4. 4. Website ActionsGoal Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb> 60 secs onsiteNew Inv.Used Inv.Contact FormPhone CallTotal Actions
  5. 5. Social Media Tools Include some screenshots of social tab from dashboard
  6. 6. Reporting Include a screeshot of beth’s portal and a thumbnail of the monthly report.
  7. 7. Opportunities Paid Media Opportunities  Add retargeting campaign so that we can show display ads to people who have visited your website  Consider display advertising using the Google Content Network  Facebook Paid Advertising  Link Google+ profile to pay per click campaign Email Nurture Programs  Send targeted auto-responder programs for brand/model/audience on reasons to buy a car from Fair Oaks  Provides air cover for sales team Social Media Management  Programed updates to Facebook/Twitter and other social media outlets.