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Hubshout email 3 15

  1. 1. Traffic DriversEmail is one of many traffic drivers
  2. 2. Email As a Traffic Driver Lists – this is tricky but there are many creative ways to build lists without crossing the line.  Build a targeted list that is relevant to your audience Templates  Must have a good subject line that is relevant  Well designed and written email (provide useful info)
  3. 3. More Than Driver Email brings people in the front door but more importantly:  Email is the best at nurturing and reminding prospects or customers about your service  10-20% of Leads are being lost without nurture campaigns  Email can be used to leverage all channels if you capture email addresses on your website
  4. 4. Easiest Sell Out There Use existing lists to  Buy new products  Generate comments / reviews on website  Generate referrals  Learn about new services  Just keep people informed Proven ROI  Almost guaranteed to generate new business  House email lists have lowest CPA
  5. 5. Mistakes Bouncing from email service provider to email service provider  Pick one (ours is good) and spend the time building campaigns Picking an overly complicated template and getting stuck on the content  Go simple to start and get more complicated as you need it Not integrating email into the rest of marketing  Reuse blog content, social media content Just not using email
  6. 6. How Can HubShout Help? DIY Platform  Web to list  Lead to list  Templates Done For You Services  Template creation (one time)  Auto-responder sequence content (one time)  Monthly newsletter service (ongoing)
  7. 7. Demo