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Low Latency Computing and 5G Networks - targeting the future


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Presentation from hub:raum IoT Academy Krakow - November 8th, 2017

Published in: Technology
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Low Latency Computing and 5G Networks - targeting the future

  1. 1. Low Latency Computing and 5G Networks: targeting the future 1
  2. 2. The 5G Disruption – From Connecting People to Connecting everything 2
  3. 3. 3 „If you believe that 5G is just another mobile standard after 2G, 3G, and 4G, than you are totally wrong - it is an entirely new shampoo” Tim Höttges, Deutsche TelekomCEO ● 1000x increase of capacity ● 100x increase of speed ● 10x lower latency (Edge Computing) ● 100x more connected devices ● 99,999%reliability 5G messages of Deutsche Telekom at MWC 2017 5G willl bring completely new use cases and capabilities for wide range of industries like automotive, robotics, VR/AR, medicine, manufacturing, gaming and many others.
  4. 4. 5G use cases – driven by our customers’ needs 4 Millions of Connected Devices Ultra Low Latency • Reliability • Security Capacity • Bandwidth • Mobility
  5. 5. Examples of 5G usage scenario 5 Enhanced Mobile broadband eMBB Massive Machine type communications mMTC Ultra-reliable and low latency communications uRLLC Improved consumer experience More connected devices Faster connection speeds Virtual and Augmented Reality e-health Transport & Logistics Environmental monitoring Smart Energy networks Smart agriculture, smart retail Drone delivery Vehicle-to-everything communication Smart manufacturing Autonomous monitoring
  6. 6. Expected latency level for particular use-cases 6 Factory automation ≤ 1 ms Motion control ≤ 1 ms Tactile internet 1 ms Smart grid 3-5 ms Automated guided vehicle 15-20 ms remote control 5-100 ms intelligent trasportation systems 5 ms lowest latency humans can detect ~20 ms speech recognition ~350 ms face recognition ~500 ms standard google search ~790 ms process automation 100 ms
  7. 7. EDGE GATEWAY SERVER Lower latency with edge computing Part of 5G advantages are already available thanks to Edge Computing Technology. Edge Computing is a new concept for server comupting. It is not located in a remote, centralized data center, but close – on the Edge of the cellular network, near the end user. 7 Edge Computing benefits: ○ increase the capacity – e.g AR/VR ○ increase data security – e.g enterprise cloudlets ○ decrease latency – e.g remote robot control EDGE GATEWAY SERVER EDGE GATEWAY SERVER EDGE GATEWAY SERVER Connected Oil Platforms Connected Wind Turbines Smart Streetlights Connected Appilances Connected Airplanes Smart Factories Smart Traffic Lights Mobile Devices Smart Buildings Smart Grid Connected Trucks Connected Cars Connected Rail Systems data center/ cloud Real-time analytics transactional analytics Business intelligence Latency not an issue medium latency requirements low latency requirements
  8. 8. 8 5G Edge Computing Platform app Solution partner sensors Data Solutions for Industries Services portfolio Fast&reliable connectivity With wide coverage DT as connectivity provider Managed service, Paas provider Computing power at the edge of network Appstore provider Service portolio app Solution partner app Solution partner Eco-system map
  9. 9. hub:raum Low Latency Prototyping Program As one of the first in the world, we are opening PRE-5G environment. Get a chance to be a pioneer and test your solutions on the edge computing platform. You will get access to a completely new technology and parameters that were not yet possible. 9
  10. 10. Fields of our interest 10 Areas we look for to test with you: Computer Vision // Teleoperations SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) Cognitive Services ○ Speech recognition ○ Conversational engines ○ Face / gesture recognition ○ AI based cognitive services ○ „Model based stuff” e.g.: manipulation of objects Real time drone controls Supply Chain Management AR/VR Cross robot / object interaction ○ Field-/Industry-/Service-/Social/ conversational Robots ○ Proposals should assume the need for low latency
  11. 11. Apply for hub:raum Low Latency Prototyping What’s in it for you: o A chance to explore and participate in a new market o Opportunity to be the first in Europe dealing with 5G and Edge Computing o Access to experts with know-how and experience to boost your business o Support to accelerate development and commercialization of your project We are looking for: o Startups willing to be early adopters of Edge Computing technology o Pioneering use-cases that could be tested on our Platform o Prototypes that can be DT’s first commercial products o Potential investments o Long-term Partnerships 11 APPLY! If you want to get the access to the platform apply via:
  12. 12. 12 APPLY!
  13. 13. Facts & Figures
  14. 14. 14 Deutsche Telekom PROFILE Customers •156+ m mobile customers •29+ m fixed-network customers / 19+ m broadband customers •Approx. 6.9+ m TV customers •Some 1.8 m managed workplace systems Markets •Present in > 50 countries •Germany, Europe and the USA: with own infrastructure •T-Systems: global presence & alliances via partners Telekom in figures 2015 •Revenue € 73.1 bn •Adjusted EBITDA € 21.4 bn •Free cash flow € 4,9 bn •Among the top 100 worldwide (#105, Fortune500 list) Employees & responsibilities •Employees worldwide: 218,300 •7,500 trainees and cooperative degree students in Germany •Pioneer of social issues (climate protection, data privacy, diversity, etc.)
  15. 15. hub:raum – the incubator of Deutsche Telekom 15 hub:raum offices core footprint of hub:raum activities hub:raum additional coverage Berlin Tel Aviv Cracow
  16. 16. What is hub:raum? 16 Up to €300k lead-/co investments FINANCING Access to Deutsche Telekom assets and enviroment ACCESS INTO DT Access to external mentors & DT experts MENTORING Shared co-working space in Berlin & Cracow CO-WORKING Startups are supported with a balanced toolset to help them becoming more successful
  17. 17. 18 APPLY!