Innovation Day 2011 Short Brochure


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Innovation Day 2011 Short Brochure

  1. 1. Prague 13.05.2011“Challenge the Future –Innovate in times of rapid change”What is the future and who will challenge it? Which kind ofinnovations will lead the way and which organizations have thecourage and power to bring them to success.Main organizer:Co-organizers:Sponsors:Partners: inovum agentura pro podporu a rozvoj inovacíCatering provided by Zatisi GroupThe conference is held under the patronage ofMinister Ing. Martin Kocourek, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech RepublicDoc. MUDr. Bohuslav Svoboda, CSc., Mayor of the Capital City of Prague
  2. 2. Program08.00 Registration, welcome coffee09.00 Welcome & Introduction09.15 Key Note Speech: Innovate to Compete • Prof. George Haour, IMD Lausanne09.45 Coffee break10:15 Speech session: challenge the future with innovation • Henning Grossmann, head of Technopark Foundation • Stefan Gabriel, President, 3M New Ventures • Jan Muehlfeit, Chairman Microsoft Europe, Microsoft Corporation11:30 Lunch13:00 Break Out Sessions 1 1. Innovate in times of rapid change 2. Recognizing the next big thing: Foresight & Forecasting Methods 3. Competing on innovation 4. Fast track through the Valley of Death: How to support and finance high potential and high risk projects14.30 Coffee break15.00 Break Out Sessions 2 5. Open Innovation Strategy & Implementation 6. Service Innovation 7. Start-up support 8. Innovating the Smart Grid16.30 Coffee break17:00 Workshop results breakdown17:30 Panel Discussion: What is Effective Tech Transfer? • Panelists will be experts from the Czech Republic and abroad, active in knowledge and technology, either from the side of academia, business or supporting agencies and institutions • Panelists include speakers from academia and business such as Miroslav Mejstřík from Czech NERV or Martin Bopp from Swiss governmental organization CTI Startup18.30 End of the conference, reception and networking
  3. 3. Key Note Speech Prof. Dr. Georges Haour, IMD Lausanne Dr. Georges Haour is Professor of Technology & Innovation Management. He also acts as an adviser to firms and organizations in his area of value-creation through effective management of the innovation process, as well as commercialization of technology. He has 8 patents, 90 publications and three books on innovation and technology commercialization. His latest case study ison Infosys, in Bangalore. Prior to joining IMD, Dr. Haour was a manager at Battelle, in Geneva,where, for nine years, he led a business unit carrying out innovation projects on behalf ofcompanies in Europe, Japan and the USA. In this capacity, he significantly grew his unit’s salesand hired professionals from six countries. Several of his innovations, licensed to firms, resultedin large new business for the client- companies. Earlier, he was a researcher at ATTs BellLaboratories, Murray Hill, New Jersey. He also worked with Marshall McLuhan at his Centre forCulture, Society and Technology, in Toronto. He holds a Master of Sciences from ENSCP- HigherSchool of Chemistry, in Paris and a PhD from the University of Toronto, Canada.Key NoteInnovation is a buzzword describing a host of different things. The European Union is a majorhistorical innovation. The use of perspective by painters of the Renaissance as well as China’sgun powder was innovations. So was the concept of self-service for retailing stores. Singapore’snight zoo is an innovation. The nano car is another one… We focus here on innovations in firms.We thus deal with something new aimed at having a commercial success. This definition coversa broad range of things aimed at making the firm more effective and competitive. Aside from theusual products and services innovations, the latter may be conceptual or organizational. TheICTs-information and communication technologies offer powerful ways to enable new and moreeffective business or distribution models (e.g. the low cost airline EasyJet, shopping on internet,online services, etc…)One powerful way to innovate is to develop scientific and technological knowledge, incorporatedin new, or improved, offerings in the market. Typical of this process is the development of newdrugs or devices in the pharma/biotech/medtech sector. In this, case as well as in others, thesuccess of innovations does not depend only on the technical staff, but on the whole firm. This ispartly why it is difficult to correlate the investments in R&D (Research and Development) of afirm with its success in the marketplace. The key features of an “innovative firm” are discussed.They include a most critical element, i.e. the passion and the motivation of the staff. Themanagement of firms must be much better than currently at taking care of the crucial humanfactor. The trends in the innovation process are expected to go along three main and commonsense directions in our interdependent world. Firms must: - effectively federate sources of innovations external to the firm. - better use the ICTs, both for managing the global firm and to enable new managerial practices, business models and distribution systems. - integrate India and China (and, later, Brazil, etc…) in the world-wide array of the innovation/R&D system of western firms.
  4. 4. Speech Session Speakers Stefan Gabriel, President, 3M New Ventures Stefan Gabriel as President 3M New Ventures, founded and is in charge of 3M’s global Corporate Venture to “invest in technologies that lead into new territory and reinfect 3M with an innovation virus”. In this newly created position, Gabriel drives the companys on-going efforts to identify, acquire and develop new-to-3M technologies and businesses using venture style funding and management. Previously to his engagement within the multi-technologycompany 3M he studied manufacturing engineering in Berlin and then worked for more than23 years for BMW AG in Germany and UK, e.g. in manufacturing engineering, strategyconsulting and innovation management for future vehicle concepts and concept vehicles,receiving prestigious innovation awards. With an unabashed passion for innovation andlong-term experience in PE he handles a huge network of innovative businesses and openinnovation. Furthermore he is e.g. board member of the IDWI (Innovationsvereinigung fürdie Deutsche Wirtschaft), advisory board member of Tech2b, Austria and sponsor ofFutureLab for Architecture UCLA, Munich and many more. Henning Grossmann, CEO, Technopark Foundation Henning Grossmann is CEO of the Technopark Foundation in Zurich. He finished a practical apprenticeship; in succession he studied economy at the University of Applied Science in Lucerne. After additional studies in technology- and innovation-management he became IT Manager at ABB Fläkt Ltd. and Manager Business Improvement at ABB Flexible Automation Ltd. In2003 he founded his own firm, bizzeps Ltd, specializing on technology-innovation, growthstrategies and business intelligence. At the same time Henning Grossmann took upcounseling and coaching work in start-up enterprises and in 2006 with the TechnoparkAargau. Jan Muehlfeit, Chairman Microsoft Europe, Microsoft Corporation Jan Muehlfeit is responsible for representing the Microsoft Corporation and engaging with governments, large corporations, key partners and academic elites both cross Europe and on a global level. His goal is to ensure that Microsoft continues to act as a relevant, trusted and valuable partner thatlistens and contributes to enabling long-term growth, local economic competitiveness, jobcreation and innovation both in public and private sectors. Jan Muehlfeit has been serving indifferent advisory boards of several European governments in the field of ICT, nationalcompetitiveness and education. He also represents Microsoft on the TABD, the TransatlanticBusiness Dialogue and is involved as advisor in different projects of the European PolicyCenter (EPC). Jan Muehlfeit is member of the executive advisory board of Ovum, part of theDatamonitor Group. He is a board member of the Czech National museum.
  5. 5. General InformationVenue:Prague Congress Centre ( by ZatisiRegistration fee1-day pass 13.05.2011(including conference material and refreshment)Early-booker until 21.04.2011 • Regular fee CZK 1‘200 (excl. VAT) • Partner fee CZK 800 (excl. VAT) • VSE and CVUT Alumni, academia CZK 700 (excl. VAT)Registration from 22.04.2011 • Regular fee CZK 1‘800 (excl. VAT) • Partner fee CZK 1’300 (excl. VAT) • VSE and CVUT Alumni, academia CZK 1‘200 (excl. VAT)Registration closes on 10 May 2010
  6. 6. Conference website: www.innovationday.czContact detailsMain organizer:TIM-FPHInstitute for Technology and Innovation ManagementFaculty of business administrationUniversity of Economics, PragueW. Churchill Sq. 4130 67 Prague 3Czech RepublicMartina L. JAKL, PhD., lic. oec. HSGDirectorEmail: martina.jakl@vse.czPhone: +420 224 098 409Mobil: +420 775 740 006