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  1. 1. Introductionto SocialEnterprise Finance17th February 2011HUB Praha 1
  2. 2. Introduction to Social FinanceFollowing a series of meetings dedicated to social business / enterprise,together with Ashoka, ERSTE Foundation and eská Spoitelna, wewould like to further explore social-business development and its impacton introducing social change. In this context, we will launch thediscussion around the application of financial instruments, commonlyused in the business sector, in the field of citizen and socialorganizations. This practice emerging in CEE is called Social Financing.At the core social finance is about using forms of lending that istraditionally used in the for-profit sector, to apply it in the non-profitsector. Emerging social enterprises and organizations with for-profitoperations, are looking to lenders to help them pay for activities thatadvance their mission, their operations or their growth. Currentmomentum in the field of social finance is looking to mainstream financialinstitutions and the development of social enterprises to providefinancing options that fit the needs, realities and structures of the non-profit sector.During this first workshop dedicated to social finance we will only touchupon briefly on this new field. Profiting from practical experience andknowledge of the Erste Group and eská Spoitelna we will cover thefollowing topics: • Definition of Social Finance • Examples of How Social Finance Can Support Organizations • The State of Social Finance in CEE / EUROPE (overview) • The State of Social Finance in Czech Republic • Why Social Finance is Important to the citizen sector • Important terms in social financingWe will share case studies from Czech citizen organizations and discussthem in the light of financial planning.Welcome to Ashoka Fellows 2010 !After the workshop we invite all workshop participants, Ashoka and ErsteFriends to welcome new Ashoka Fellows from Czech Republic andHungary elected in 2010.Please, join us in celebrating this wonderful moment! 2
  3. 3. Program overview*Ashoka internal program(by invitation only)11.00 – 13.00 Czech Ashoka Fellows Meeting13.00 – 14.30 LunchWorkshop on Social Finance*14.00 – 14.30 Registration & Coffee14.30 – 15.30 Introduction to social financing by Andrea Pscheid (good.bee)15.30 – 16.00 Case studies by Ashoka Fellows  Dája Kabátová, Letohrádek Vendula  Pavel inera, Ekolist.cz16.00 – 18.00 Financial Planning Including prerequisites for appropriate planning by Karel Dlouhy (eská Spoitelna) and Karl-Heinz Fellinger (good.bee)19.00 Welcoming Ashoka Fellows 2010 Jeremy Druker, Transitions Online Michal Šourek, ENVI A. o.p.s. László Jakubinyi, Szimbiózis Foundation, HungaryRSVP: by February 10th, 2011.Location: The workshop on social finance and the Welcoming of new Ashoka Fellows will take place at: Hub Prague Drtinova 10 150 00 Praha 5 Czech Republic*simultaneous translation will be provided – Czech/English 3
  4. 4. ERSTE FoundationIn 2003, ERSTE Foundation evolved out of the Erste OesterreichischeSpar-Casse, the first Austrian savings bank. Currently, ERSTEFoundation holds 25.3% of the capital shares of Erste Group. Thefoundation invests part of its dividends in the development of societies inAustria and Central and South Eastern Europe. It supports socialparticipation and civil-society engagement; it aims to bring peopletogether and disseminate knowledge of the recent history of a region thathas been undergoing dramatic changes since 1989. As an activefoundation, it develops its own projects within the framework of threeprogrammes: Social Development, Culture and Europe.good.beegood.bee was launched by ERSTE Foundation and Erste Group BankAG with the aim to bank people who are socially and financiallyexcluded. Its two areas of business are micro-banking and socialenterprise finance.While there are a number of financing options and instruments forcommercial companies, the social sector is largely "underbanked". Withgood.bee the Erste Group offers financial solutions tailored to suit theneeds of the social sector.Ashoka Innowators for the PublicAshoka is the worlds first and leading association of socialentrepreneurs. Ashoka works for a world that responds quickly andeffectively to social challenges. Ashoka works on three levels: First, weidentify, elect and support leading social entrepreneurs financially andprofessionally. Second, we bring communities of entrepreneurs togetherto help leverage their impact, scale their ideas, and disseminate theirpractices. Finally, we help build the infrastructure and financial systemsneeded to facilitate the growth of social innovation globally. To achievethis, Ashoka builds partnerships and bridges to the business andacademic sectors. Today, Ashoka operates in 70 countries and supports2,500 leading social entrepreneurs. Ashoka has supported 24 AshokaFellows in Czech Republic.Ashoka has a long track record of working with global market leaders todrive social change and to develop their workforces to be entrepreneursand changemakers, ultimately increasing their ability to anticipatemarketplace shifts, retaining top talent, and improve competitiveness byhelping solve some of the worlds most urgent social problems. 4