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Agenda	  •  Capital	  Group,	  references	  •  So3ware	  on	  Demand	  	  •  Human	  Resources	  Lease	  	  	  •  Personne...
Capital	  Group	  and	  References	  
BPSC	  Group	        	  	  	  	  	  	  BPSC	  S.A.	                     •        The	  biggest	  Polish	  producer	  of	  ...
Some	  of	  Our	  References	           Enel-­‐Med	  is	  a	  Polish	  mdeical	  company	  operaUng	  in	  the	  market	  ...
Some	  of	  Our	  References	            	            A	   global	   consulUng	   company	   with	   headquarters	   in	  ...
Some of Our References      	        Polish	  telecom	  operator,	   	  a	  member	  of	  internaUonal	  capital	  group.	...
ITalents	  References	  ITalents	  delivers	  its	  services	  to	  EU	  Clients.	  We	  are	  proud	  to	  cooperate	  wi...
SoNware	  on	  Demand	  In	  order	  to	  fulfill	  Clients’	  demands	  ITalents	  offers	  fully	  developed,	  tailor-­‐m...
SoNware	  on	  Demand	  	  	        One	  of	  our	  latest	  product	  is	  a	  soNware	  dedicated	  to	  Enel-­‐Med	  –...
Human	  Resources	  Lease	  
What	  is	  Human	  Resourcing	  Lease?	  	  	  •  Is	  aimed	  at	  using	  external	  human	  resources	  in	     short	...
Why	  Human	  Resources	  Lease?	  •  Headcount	  Freeze,	  •  Demand	  for	  personnel	  dedicated	     to	  projects	  	...
Human	  Resources	  Lease	  -­‐	  advantages	  •  Befer	  adaptaUon	  to	  variable	  Client’s	  needs,	  	  •  Improvemen...
Personnel	  	  Consultancy	  
CompeUUve	  Advantages?	  ITalents’	  compeUUve	  advantage	  is	  a	  service	  delivery	  based	  on	  a	  success	  fee...
Personnel	  Consultancy	  ITalents	  fee:	  •  Equivalent	  of	  1	  month	  salary	  of	  the	     chosen	  candidate.	  ...
CooperaUon	  Models	  Basic	  Model	  	  	  	  	  	  	  The	   Client	   describes	   candidates’	   profiles	   and	   doe...
CooperaUon	  Models	  Mixed	  Model	  •  A	   Client	   can	   purchase	   a	   service	   of	       Human	   Resources	  ...
ITalents’	  Resources	  
ITalents’	  Database	    The	  Database	  of	  ITalents	  resources	  in	  IT/Telecom	  field	  includes	  over	    6.500	 ...
Project	  Roles	  -­‐	  IT	  •  PROJECT	  MANAGER	             •  IMPLEMENTATION	  SPECIALIST	                            ...	                        23	  
Technical	  Trainings	  •  AtracUve	  porqolio,	  •  Training	  programs	  adjusted	  to	  Clients’	          individual	 ...
Project	  Managment	  Trainings	                 •  Basis	  of	  Project	  Management,	                 •  Best	  PracUse,...
SoN	  Skills	  Trainings	  •         Befer	  interpersonal	  skills,	  	  •         More	  effecUve	  contacts	  with	  cli...
Terms	  and	  CondiUons	  of	  CooperaUon	  
Our	  Standards	  When	  cooperaUng	  with	  our	  Clients	  we	  strictly	  abide	  5	  business	  rules:	  	  • Clients’...
Terms	  and	  CondiUons	  of	  CooperaUon	  Mee?ng	  	     •  Details	  ralated	  to	  	  the	  needs	  of	  	  Human	  Re...
Thank	  you	  for	   afenUon	  !	       Hubert	  Kubasiewicz	         tel.:	  +48	  22	  646	  11	  60	         fax:	  +48...
Portfolio ITalents English version
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Portfolio ITalents English version


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ITalents IT recruitment and out sourcing is a dynamically developing company originated from BPSC capital group, present in European market for over 20 years.

The scope of advanced projects which we carry out includes:

Human Resources Outsourcing,
Personnel Consultancy,
Software on Demand,
IT Consultancy,
Due Diligence.

Our solutions are used by Polish entrepreneurs as well as foreign partners. Currently ITalents’ is proud to deliver services to British, Norwegian, Spanish and French markets. We are more than happy to cooperate with over 10.000 people from IT sector.

The range of our activities includes such sectors as:

IT and Telecommunication,
Banking and Finance,

Our clients from IT and Telecommunication sector include:

Nokia Siemens Networks,
Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa,

Services are delivered to some of the above clients via ITalents’ business partners.

We employ experienced staff who support our clients as well as contract associates with their professional consultancy. Due to BPSC Capital Group’s position, which has been established in the market for over 20 years, we are able to offer our client’s exceptionally attractive conditions of cooperation.

Our motto is strengthening client’s trust through professionalism in delivering our services.

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Portfolio ITalents English version

  1. 1. Agenda  •  Capital  Group,  references  •  So3ware  on  Demand    •  Human  Resources  Lease      •  Personnel  Consultancy  •  Trainings  •  Terms  and  Condi?ons  of  Coopera?on   2  
  2. 2. Capital  Group  and  References  
  3. 3. BPSC  Group              BPSC  S.A.   •  The  biggest  Polish  producer  of  MRPII  /  ERP  systems  (350  clients  from  diferent  sectors   of  economy),   •  A  company  present  in  the  market  for  over  20  years,   •  Employs  over  300  people.                ITalents  S.A.   •  Human  Resources  lease,   •  Personnel  Consultancy,   •  So3ware  on  Demand,     •  Trainings  –  so3  skills,  project  management,  IT,   •  Tailored  services  for  all  sectors  of  economy.              Proximus  Sp.  z  o.o.   •  IT  integrator,   •  Advanced  projects  for  energy  market  companies.            Kompass  Plus  –  Ukraine   •  Created  on  the  basis  of  the  company  Kompass  Intelekt,  from  Donieck.   •  Specialising  in    ERP  class  soNware  for  medium  and  large  companies,   •  Among  many  Client  Group  includes  Euro  Farm  medicine  warehouse  and  Coke  Works  in  Charków.  
  4. 4. Some  of  Our  References   Enel-­‐Med  is  a  Polish  mdeical  company  operaUng  in  the  market  for  15  years.  Curently  the   company  has  10  branches  in  ciUes  such  as  Poznań,  Kraków,  Warszawa  and  Wrocław.  Enel-­‐ Med   is   cooperaUng   with   over   360   mdeical   units   in   155   ciUes   of   Poland   offering   it’s   services  to  over  600  companies  of  various  sectors.     InternaUonal  telecom  company  with  general  headquarters  in  Finland,  many  branches  all   over   the   world,   among   many   in   Poland.   Created   as   a   result   of   a   merge   of   two   divisions   of   Nokia   and   Siemens   CoorporaUon   in   the   year   2006.   Strategic   plans   of   Nokia   Siemens   include  among  many  merge  savings  at  the  level  of  €1,5  billion  as  well  as  providing  internet   access  for  5  billion  people  before  the  year  2015.     Intercounty   Truck   &   Van   is   an   approved   Mercedes-­‐Benz   commercial   vehicle   dealership   and   sell   the   full   range   of   Mercedes-­‐Benz   commercial   vehicles   including   Vito,   Sprinter,   Vario,  Atego,  Actros,  Axor  and  Econic  and  Mitsubishi  Canter.   Intercounty   Truck   &   Van   has   Mercedes-­‐Benz   sales   and   aNersales   centres   for   light   and   heavy  commercial  vehicles  in  Peterborough,  Wellingborough,  Luton  and  Milton  Keynes.     Sythos   S.A.   is   one   of   the   largest   manufacturers   of   chemical   raw   materials   in   Poland,   as   well   as   being   Europe’s   No.   1   manufacturer   of   rubber   emulsions   and   third   largest   manufacturer   of   polystyrene   for   foaming   applicaUons.   The   company   supplies   advanced   technological  products  of  the  highest  quality.             5  
  5. 5. Some  of  Our  References     A   global   consulUng   company   with   headquarters   in   Spain   and   branches   in   several   European  and  North  American  countries.  Employs  over  6.500  people,  aiming  its’  services   at  soluUons  dedicated  to  telecom,  banking,  finance,  public  and    industry  sector.       InternaUonal   producer   and   supplier   of   game   systems.   Together   with   a   partner   –   LofomaUca   Italy,   world’s   biggest   games   operator,   they   create   a   fully   integrated   soluUons  for  lofery  systems’  operators  and  game  systems  related  industry.     InternaUonal   IT   company   with   headquarters   in   Switzerland   and   branches   in   Poland,   Germany,  The  USA  and  Great  Britain.  Polish  programers  at  Impaq  are  creaUng  soNware   for   global   companies   such   as   Union   Bank   of   Switzerland   (UBS),   Procter   &   Gamble   or   NCR.     ATM  Systemy  Informatyczne  Sp.  z  o.o.  (ATM  SI)  is  a  company  specializing  in  wide  range   integraUon   of   IT   and   telecommunicaUon   systems.   It’s   offer   is   dedicated   to   the   companies   in   the   following   sectors:   telecommunicaUon,   electronical   communicaUons   operators   (CATV),   banking   and   finance,   media,   industry,   trade,   services   and   energy,   public  and  educaUon.     ATM   SI   offer   also   includes   complex   services   in   field   of   ICT   infrastructure   (InformaUon   and  CommunicaUon  Technologies).       6  
  6. 6. Some of Our References   Polish  telecom  operator,    a  member  of  internaUonal  capital  group.  Major  shareholders:   Third  Avenue  Management  LLC,  Banca  Akros  S.p.A.,  SISU  Capital  Ltd.  as  well  as  Novator   Telecom  Poland  II  S.a.r.l.  A  company  present  at  GPW.  Investments  at  the  level  of  280  mln   USD.       PosiUve   Advisory   is   a   consulUng   company,   providing   advisory   and   implementaUon   services   to   insUtuUons   of   the   financial,   banking   and   insurance   sectors   as   well   as   to   service-­‐oriented  companies.           Atos  Origin  is  a  leading  internaUonal  IT  services  provider.  Atos Origin  provide  integrated   design,  build  and  operate  soluUons  to  large  mulU-­‐naUonal  clients  in  carefully  targeted   industry  sectors.           7  
  7. 7. ITalents  References  ITalents  delivers  its  services  to  EU  Clients.  We  are  proud  to  cooperate  with  companies  in:    •  Spain,  •  Great  Britain,  •  Norway,  •  France.   8  
  8. 8. SoNware  on  Demand  In  order  to  fulfill  Clients’  demands  ITalents  offers  fully  developed,  tailor-­‐made  soNware  products  on  demand.  Our  experience  in  this  area  along  with  deep  knowledge  and  competence  allows  us  to  conduct  such  projects  in  a  complex  and  professional    way.    We   cover   all   phases   of   the   projects   including   architecture,   analysis,   development,   tesUng   and   project  management.      ITalents’   role   doesn’t   end   with   the   end   of   the   implementaUon   phase.   We   also   offer   services   in   range   of   service  and   further   funcUonality   development   of   the   iniUal   product   along   with   necessary   trainings   (train   the   trainer,  end-­‐user  trainings).      Our  dedicated  staff  specializes  in  the  following  technologies:      •   Java  (J2EE,  J2ME)     •   Microso3  technologies   •   WebMethods    •   .NET     •   Amdocs  Clarify  CRM   •   WebSphere  •   C#/C++   •   Siebel  CRM   •   Business  Intelligence  and  datawarhouses      Python    •  •   Geneva  billing  system   •   Flexcube      PL/SQL  •  •   EAI  and  SOA  integra?ons   •   Web  applica?ons  (incl.  PHP,  HTML)        MS  SQL  • •   Oracle   9  
  9. 9. SoNware  on  Demand       One  of  our  latest  product  is  a  soNware  dedicated  to  Enel-­‐Med  –  Polish  naUonwide     medical  center.  The  product  is  developed  in  .NET  3.5  technology,  uses  MS  SQL  Server     2008  database  and  Webservices.  FuncUonality  of  the  product  includes  online  paUent     registraUon,   call   center,   doctors’   schedules,   accounts,   integraUon   with   hospital     systems,  medical  imaging  system,  NaUonal  Medical  Fund  system  and  others.   The  system  is  used  by  an  average  of  800  users  on  a  daily  basis.       ITalents   had   also   developed   two   IT   systems   for   NeUa   S.A.   –   one   of   the   Polish   leading   telecommunicaUons   operator.   The   main   system   is   Amdocs   Clarify   CRM   which   was   implemented  along  with  other  service  providers.  The  system  is  responsible  for  fully   electronic  customer  relaUon  management.     The   second   system,   fully   implemented   by   ITalents,   is   a   Sales   Support   ApplicaUon   based  on  Java  technology.  The  system  is  dedicated  to  support  all  acUons  relaUng  to   sales  to  individual  and  insUtuUonal  customers.   10  
  10. 10. Human  Resources  Lease  
  11. 11. What  is  Human  Resourcing  Lease?      •  Is  aimed  at  using  external  human  resources  in   short  and  long-­‐term  projects.      •  Makes  the  recruitment  process  swiN  and  simple.   The  popularity  of  the  Human  Recourcing  Lease   in  Poland  is  growing  rapidly.  •  Is  a  key  element  of  management  in  case  of   projects  of  great  importance  and  value,   especially  in  banking  and  finance  and   telecommunicaUon  industries.  •  ITalents’  compe??ve  advantage  is  based  on   great  knowledge  and  unique  experiences  with   professional  resources  search.   12  
  12. 12. Why  Human  Resources  Lease?  •  Headcount  Freeze,  •  Demand  for  personnel  dedicated   to  projects    of  undetermined  Ume   length,  •  Seasonal  increase  of  personnel   demand  ,  •  Highly  complicated  projects,   requiring  technically  unique  skills   and  experience,  •  Absences  and  sickness  leaves  of   personnel  employed  on  a   permanent  basis. 13  
  13. 13. Human  Resources  Lease  -­‐  advantages  •  Befer  adaptaUon  to  variable  Client’s  needs,    •  Improvement  of  company’s  cost  structure    (personal  costs  –  costs  of  external  services),  •  ReducUon  of  labour  costs  and  subsequently  producUon  costs,  •  Improvement  of  profitability  rate  per  capita,  •  Flexible  employment  ,  fully  dependent  on  Client’s  current  needs  (especially   important  during  the  headcount  freeze  period  or  in  case  of  permanent  posts   reducUon),  •  Relieves  company  of  employees’  HR  administraUon,  •  Employer’s  responsibiliUes  resulUng  from  the  Labour  Law  fully  lie  on  the   external  company  delivering    Human  Resources  Lease  service. 14  
  14. 14. Personnel    Consultancy  
  15. 15. CompeUUve  Advantages?  ITalents’  compeUUve  advantage  is  a  service  delivery  based  on  a  success  fee  model.    Italents’  database  includes  over  10.000  specialists.    Recruitment  process  includes:  • Job  profile,  • PresenUng  the  Customers  with  CVs  of  parUcular  candidates,   –  within  21  days   –  minimum  3  CV  per  required  profile  • Interview  panel.  Guarantee:  • From  3  to  6  months,  depending  on  a  type  of  profile.   16  
  16. 16. Personnel  Consultancy  ITalents  fee:  •  Equivalent  of  1  month  salary  of  the   chosen  candidate.  Discount  models:  •  Long  term  cooperaUon,  •  Employment  of  more  than  one   candidate  from  the  presented  group,  •  Human  Lease  and  Personnel   Consultancy  mixed  model.   17  
  17. 17. CooperaUon  Models  Basic  Model              The   Client   describes   candidates’   profiles   and   does   not   iden3fy   par3cular   resources.  ITalents  delivers  and  presents  appropriate  candidates.      Extended  Model            The  Client  can  inden3fy  par3cular  resources  however  cannot  employ  them  due   to   a   number   of   reasons   (e.g.   headcount   freeze).   ITalents   employs   the   candidate   and   provides   the   Client   with   a   service   of   Human   Resources   Lease.     18  
  18. 18. CooperaUon  Models  Mixed  Model  •  A   Client   can   purchase   a   service   of   Human   Resources   Lease   and   aDer   its   expiry   decide   to   employ   a   paritcular   candidate  at  his  company.  •  I T a l e n t s   f e e   i n   t h i s   m o d e l   o f   coopera3on   is   rela3vely   lower   than   in   case  of  Personnel  Consultancy  service.    •  The   fee   is   closely   connected   with   the   length   of   Human   Resources   Lease   service   and   depends   strictly   on   a   par3cural  project.       19  
  19. 19. ITalents’  Resources  
  20. 20. ITalents’  Database   The  Database  of  ITalents  resources  in  IT/Telecom  field  includes  over   6.500  highly  trained  specialists.  In  case  of  other  branches  the  number  of   specialists  is  close  to  4.000.   Other  project  roles   Project  Manager   Analyst   Architect       Documentalist   System  Architect  Quality  specialist   Programmer   Support  specialist   Tester   Implementa?on   Administrator   specialist   Engineer     21  
  22. 22.   23  
  23. 23. Trainings  
  24. 24. Technical  Trainings  •  AtracUve  porqolio,  •  Training  programs  adjusted  to  Clients’   individual  needs,  •  Highly  trained  teacher  trainers.       JavaScript     JSF  /  JavaServer  Faces   J2EE   Spring  Framework   Hibernate     Web  applica3ons   Java     AJAX   25  
  25. 25. Project  Managment  Trainings   •  Basis  of  Project  Management,   •  Best  PracUse,   •  Business  Process  Modelling,   •  CommunicaUon  at  Work  and  Management,   •  Project  Management  and  Project  Porqolio  Management,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   26  
  26. 26. SoN  Skills  Trainings  •  Befer  interpersonal  skills,    •  More  effecUve  contacts  with  clients  and   team  members,  •  PosiUve  staff  artude.         Staff  Evalua3on   Recruitment   Presenta3on  Skills       Time  Management     How  to  be  Asser3ve?     Delega3ng    Ac3vi3es   The  Art  of  Crea3ve  Thinking     Mo3va3ng       Crea3vity  Training     Human  Resources  Management   Business  Nego3a3ons   Presenta3on  and  Autopresenta3on  Skills     Communica3on  at  Management     Describing  Work  Posts   Team  Playing  -­‐  Communica3on   27  
  27. 27. Terms  and  CondiUons  of  CooperaUon  
  28. 28. Our  Standards  When  cooperaUng  with  our  Clients  we  strictly  abide  5  business  rules:    • Clients’s  saUsfacUon,  • No  risk  for  the  Client,  • Contracts  carried  out  in  accordance  with  the  law,  • Contracts  are  wrifen  clearly  in  commercial,  technical  and  tax  apects,  • Services  are  delivered  in  accordance  with  both  Clients’  and  ITalents’  standards.   29  
  29. 29. Terms  and  CondiUons  of  CooperaUon  Mee?ng     •  Details  ralated  to    the  needs  of    Human  Resources  Lease,   Personnel  Consultancy,  Trainings  and  SoNware  on  Demand,   •  Analysis  of  long  and  short-­‐term  Client’s  needs.  Frame  Agreement   •  Means  of  communicaUon  (requests  for  proposals,  offers,   orders),   •  CondiUons  of  services  delivery  and  terms  of  payment,   •  Copyrights,   •  Guarantee  of  confidenUality,   •  A  dedicated  contact  person.   30  
  30. 30. Thank  you  for   afenUon  !   Hubert  Kubasiewicz   tel.:  +48  22  646  11  60   fax:  +48  22  646  11  59   mob.:  +48  784  089  308