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Webhelp’s Customer Experience Lab has gathered innovative solutions & star-ups to reinvent Customer Experience, during VIVA TECHNOLOGY 2016 Conference in Paris (

Webhelp has been working in partnership with the HUB Institute (, one of the leading think tank in digital transformation.

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  1. 1. DAY 1
  2. 2. P R E S E N TAT I O N
  3. 3. The new international event gathers 5,000 startups with the aim to develop Partnerships with major corporations, investors and partners. To be at Viva Technology Paris is being at the heart of an international event dedicated to innovation. Four spaces : Hack, Imagine, Experience, Connect Viva Technology’s unique mission is to bring the world’s most innovative startups together with the major global players in digital transformation. During three days from June 30th, an expected 30,000 entrepreneurs, corporate executives, venture capitalists and other investors will join us. The goal: to provide an interactive platform for collaboration and discussions around the impact that new technologies have on both businesses and societies. 40 000 m2 30 000 Attendees 20 Wolrd Leaders 5 000 Startups 100 Top VCs 200 Celebreties
  4. 4. W E B H E L P
  5. 5. • Webhelp is a global business process outsourcer (BPO), specialized in customer experience, payment management, sales and marketing services across voice, social and digital channels. • From 26 countries with a 30,000-strong team, Webhelp collaborates with some of the world’s most progressive brands including Sky, Shop Direct, Bouygues, Direct Energie, KPN, Vodafone, La Redoute, Michael Kors and Valentino. • Headquartered in Paris, France, the company has grown its revenues by 250% in the past 4 years by delivering a transformational outsourcing proposition that addresses the challenges of an omni-channel world.
  6. 6. Webhelp’s Customer Experience Lab enforce innovative processes that propose creative solutions to transform customer experience • Customer Experience’s programs • Multi-skills teams (technology, data analytics) dedicated to operations • Test ideas, validate processes and operate deployment in customer relationship centers 80 m2 180 m2 190 m2 50 m2 #THE OPPORTUNITY • Join other winning startups in the Webhelp “Customer Experience” Lab • Work with Webhelp’s Global R&D Team to develop and test your product • Get to an exclusive event with Webhelp’s Founders and representatives from our major investors KKR • Make joint proposals for your product through Webhelp to organisations selected from our client-base JOIN WEBHELP “CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE” LAB 6 CHALLENGES PRESENCE ON WEBHELP BOOTH
  7. 7. T H E C O N C E P T
  8. 8. T H E V O I C E A CONCEPT based on
  9. 9. How? Under pressure The startups will pitch in front of a jury. The Jury members will have their backs turned to look to the opposite side of the speaker one’s. Two options : 1. After 1 min pitch, the startup have not convinced the jury, the members buzz > End of the game 2. The startups are convincing, the pitch go on during one more minute. 
 > Ready For Growth?
  10. 10. MATTHIEU BOUIN Head of Strategy & New Lines of Business SEAMLESS OMNI-CHANNEL CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES# CHALLENGE 1 We know that the recent move to Smart Mobile Devices has transformed the way organisations have to handle their Customer Experiences. Customers will now be in multiple channels simultaneously, e.g. looking at a product in-store while checking prices on-line, looking on websites, reading reviews and talking to their friends on Social Media. Dave Pattman, Director Global R&D at Webhelp said “As a leading provider of Customer Experience Solutions Webhelp is working with clients on a daily basis to select the right technologies to enable seamless Omni-channel experiences. It is covering all aspects of self-service, assisted self-service and full-service interaction” Webhelp members are keen to hear start-ups that either have a full Omni- channel platform solution or that have chosen to specialize in a specific channel or interaction type and can integrate easily and cost-effectively with other technologies to support seamless customer experiences. #Funnel #Touchpoints
  11. 11. SEAMLESS OMNI-CHANNEL CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES CANDIDATE STARTUPS Miituu is an innovative video system that enables organisations to record, manage and share digital stories via their own private video channel. Leading brands use Dimelo software to power online communities, harness social conversations, and effectively deliver social customer service. SlimPay enables online merchants to strengthen the relationship with their consumers by providing a simpler, easy-to-use and a safe buying experience at lower operating cost. « Bringing people together » « Powering digital customer engagement » « Payment for subscription done right »
  12. 12. SEAMLESS OMNI-CHANNEL CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES CANDIDATE STARTUPS DialOnce transforms a voice call into a digital experience whether than clicking on buttons on a mobile device or App button Best phone support software for your business. No deskphone. No hardware. Only easy-to-use apps. They allow instantly access to phone numbers in 40 countries. Vizolution makes your contact centre as effective as a face to face meeting. First they digitize telephony to provide all the benefits of a face to face meeting. They also allow to send/receive documents electronic signatures to remove breaks from journey. « Digitalize your Customer Care Calls » « The easiest way for business to handle phone calls» « Helping companies re-imagine the future and drive growth with innovative business models and technology »
  13. 13. SEAMLESS OMNI-CHANNEL CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES CANDIDATE STARTUPS SightCall is a global cloud software company that provides business the ability to see what their customers see via their smartphone. It offers users an expert interface to see in remote and a mobile app to show the damage. VideoDesk is humanizing online sales and assistance with its in- person engagement solutions. Adopted by leading brands across the globe, VideoDesk consistently demonstrates 2-3x improvement of conversion rates. Salesupply is a global e- business services company that enables eRetailers to achieve profitable international growth quickly and effectively. Azendoo is the work collaboration application dedicated to marketing teams. Azandoo is about the future of collaborative teamwork, and have the aim to help small or large marketing groups of people to get things done, together. « Help Customers by seeing what they see » « The leading in-person engagement platform » « We remove barriers of t he cross-border » « Team work, simplified »
  14. 14. SEAMLESS OMNI-CHANNEL CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES CANDIDATE STARTUPS Gwapit is the easiest way to manage your day. It automatically rank by priority the flow coming from all your apps, emails & phones. CrankWheel enables you to add a visual presentation to your phone call in 10 seconds flat. Any browser, any device, works every time. CrankWheel makes screen sharing as easy as making a phone call. Visiotalent is a leader of innovation in Human Resources. Visiotalent offers to recruiters videos interviews solutions (live and delayed) in SaaS (Software as a Service) to help them find the best talent. Limonetik is a key player in FINTECH, particularly in the global online payment space, providing international digital payment methods (PM’s) and marketplace payment solutions. « Energize payments in connecting the world »« Create, Network & Growth » « Smile, you’re recruiting »« Manage your day »
  15. 15. SEAMLESS OMNI-CHANNEL CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES CANDIDATE STARTUPS Instaply is entirely dedicated to providing your customers with a low-effort, asynchronous, customer service experience, that occurs entirely via text message. Smart Tribune develops customer relationship tools for companies oriented towards the future : consulting, tools and support. An app to vote and have the results instantaneously. They offer a way to act in our real live. « Satisfaction generator »« Reimagine the way we connect » « Giving your opinion has never been that easy »
  16. 16. SEAMLESS OMNI-CHANNEL CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES CANDIDATE STARTUPS Hootsuite is a social relationship platform for businesses and organizations to collaboratively execute campaigns across social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ Pages from one secure, web-based dashboard. Awabot fully develops Robots- Human Being relationship in order to answer current societal problematics in terms of business, quality of life and virtual presence from a distance.
  18. 18. CHLOÉ DE MONTSERRAT Business Development Director Webhelp Digital & Marketing Services # CHALLENGE 2 The way in which organisations attract and sell to customers is being transformed by technology and disruptive business models. How can organisations successfully manage the transition from traditional advertising, direct marketing and sales models to a new world where social media, platforms and technology exert a greater influence over the consumer decision making process? Dave Pattman, Director Global R&D at Webhelp says “Webhelp is working with its clients to find ways to sell to existing and prospective customers in a relevant, timely and acceptable way through Social Channels. Done well we know that this can generate revenue and customer satisfaction. Done poorly it could damage the brand and drive customers away” Webhelp is interested in hearing from startups that are working on technologies and business models that could help organisations to cost- effectively acquire quality social leads and convert these into valuable customer relationships. #Funnel #Touchpoints SOCIAL SELLING
  19. 19. SOCIAL SELLING CANDIDATE STARTUPS Insiteo is specialized in location solutions based on technologies compatible with mobile phones currently on the market. The Insiteo solution is especially effective for complex indoor sites that serve large audiences and where the absence of reliable location information generates costs, creates stress and impacts safety. Falcon.IO offers a unified SaaS platform for social media listening, engaging, publishing and managing customer data. We enable our clients to explore the full potential of digital marketing by managing multiple customer touchpoints from one platform. Alcméon is a first line solution for social media engagement for brands. Alcméon does CRM, Social Marketing and Social Listening to convince people who talk about your brand to eventually buy your brand. « Welcome Inside » « A new approach to customer experience Management » « Augmented Social Customer Care Tool »
  21. 21. MATHIEU JOUGLA Director R&D Solution Design UBERISATION - IS CUSTOMER SERVICE NEXT?# CHALLENGE 3 Traditional ideas about the nature of customer service advisors are being disrupted by new models such as crowd sourcing, peer to peer forums and social content sharing. How could these models be adopted safely by organisations to help them reduce cost and improve experiences? Dave Pattman, Director Global R&D at Webhelp says “Companies such as Uber challenge traditional models of employment and service delivery. Applying this thinking to the Contact Centre could increase flexibility, access to expertise as well as experience for both agents and customers” Webhelp is interested in hearing from start-ups that are working on ideas for ‘non-traditional’ models for providing customer service. This could include platform solutions for communities and forums, business models for accessing self-employed experts and virtualised contact centres #Disruption #Services
  22. 22. UBERISATION - IS CUSTOMER SERVICE NEXT? iAdvize is a conversational commerce platform that enables businesses to engage their customers and prospects while they’re online through one messaging solution (chat, voice, video). CANDIDATE STARTUPS Winner of its challenge!« Anywhere, anytime »
  23. 23. Winner Challenge 3!
  24. 24. « The easiest way for business to handle phone calls» « Augmented Social Customer Care Tool » « Anywhere, anytime » THE WEBHELP WINNERS
  25. 25. DAY 1