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PMU Lab develop innovative solutions around PMU business model to strengthen its online presence, or even its digitalization. Its goal is also to develop the idea that innovation belongs to all. PMU Lab anticipates, imagines, develops and deploy innovations to transform the customer experience.

This report has been created with the HUB Institute (, during VIVA TECHNOLOGY 2016 Conference in Paris (

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  1. 1. DAY 2
  2. 2. The new international event bringing together 5,000 startups. Aiming at developing partnerships with major corporations, investors and partners. Being at the heart of an international event dedicated to innovation in Paris, France. Four spaces : Hack, Imagine, Experience, Connect Viva Technology’s unique mission is to bring the world’s most innovative startups together with the major global players in digital transformation. For three days starting 30 June, an expected 30,000 entrepreneurs, corporate executives, venture capitalists and other investors will join us in a purpose-built environment in Paris. The goal: to provide a real-time platform for collaboration and a high-level stage for discussions around the impact technology has on both businesses and society. 40 000 m2 30 000 attendees 20 world leaders 5 000 Startups 100 Top VCs 200 MVP
  3. 3. P R E S E N TAT I O N O F P M U
  4. 4. European first betting operator and third worldwide mutual betting company (2015 net result 807 Millions euros) Leader on horse racing bets with 12,800 points of sale to offer in a single place all the experience of races and bets 6M clients, French 1st betting place, n°3 Poker offer within generalist sites 9.8 BN € TURNOVER IN 2015 TURNOVER DISTRIBUTION 807 MILLION EUROS RETURNED TO THE HORSERACING SECTOR IN 2015 1.5% COMMISSION TO INTERNATIONAL PARTNERS 8.5% NET PROFIT TO HORSERACING ASSOCIATIONS 5.7% PMU OPERATING EXPENSES 75% RETURN TO PUNTERS 8% TAXES
  5. 5. PMU Lab aims to accompany the evolution of the business model of the PMU and to strengthen its online presence, or even its digitalization. Its goal is also to develop the idea that innovation belongs to all. PMU Lab anticipates, imagines, develops and concretizes innovations which contribute to transform the customer experience by preparing the ground for an industrialization. Objectives : - Organizing and structuring innovation for greater internal efficiency - Improve the ‘Time To Market’: test as soon as possible to consumers Be a showcase of the PMU and modernize its image
  6. 6. 80 m2 180 m2 190 m2 50 m2
  7. 7. # WHY ? PMU HAVE A GENUINE DESIRE TO DEVELOP NEW GROWTH ACTIVITIES AND CO-CREATE THE FUTURE OF GAMING WITH STARTUPS AND INNOVATIVE COMPANIES # THE OPPORTUNITY - PMU has organised 6 new growth activities challenges. - 50 selected innovative companies will showcase their solution on PMU booth during VIVA Technology in Paris, France - You will be mentored by worldwide leaders of the new economy and will have the opportunity to present your solution and engage discussions with PMU key stakeholders 6 teams will be awarded during Viva Technology to integrate the PMU roadmap Showcase your solutions on a dedicated space in the « Gaming, Entertainment and Sport » lab of PMU 450sqm booth
  9. 9. P R E S E N TAT I O N O F T H E C O N C E P T
  10. 10. Horse Race ANIMATION CONCEPT
  11. 11. Edition of an imitation of the daily paper Paris-Turf : 
 The Running Post ! The info about horses replaced by info about startups : - Year of creation - Founder - Investors ANIMATION CONCEPT : HORSE RACE
  12. 12. Bet opening Display of the winners Nomination of the top winner After the pitch session of each challenge, the winners’ list is displayed. The winners go forward and ask for their goodies. The person who has the triple forecast in the order win a VIP invitation to the “Prix de Diane“ Once the jury is set, it begins ! Bets are open until the first pitch and visitors vote online at Everyone can play… And win !
  13. 13. VALÉRIE DURAND Treasury & Payment Methods Department Manager PAYMENT SOLUTION AND INNOVATION# CHALLENGE 3 In 2016, As part of a strengthening of the financial movements control policy, the French state imposes that distributors reduce the use of cash in points of sale, and cash is currently widely used by PMU customers. For its betters, PMU has developed new solutions for: - On line: account, Visa card, electronic wallet, bank transfer… - Off line: Visa card, NFC payment, MyPMU card… The set up of these control measures could have a negative impact on the commercial activity as a majority of customers currently play anonymously. Despite setting up a nominative NFC payment card in 2010 in the whole PMU distribution network, there are still too few users of this system. It is therefore important to imagine, explore and identify the solutions that will enable to: - Offer betters flexibilty for their cash in cash out operations - Offer personnalised payment solutions, adapted to the better’s profile and needs - Pay and be paid in a point of sale or on the internet. - Offer a simple and secure customer journey - Keep the use of cash for small amounts and drop in customer - Get a better understanding of our customers through the means of payments #Anonymity #ClientKnowledge #Cashless #Ticketing #Betting #Mobile
  14. 14. CANDIDATE STARTUPS Adyen supports over 250 payment methods and 150+ currencies from a single payment platform. Adyen is a technology company that provides businesses with a single solution to accept payments across online, mobile, and in store anywhere in the world. PAYMENT SOLUTION AND INNOVATION CopSonic is a patented technology which enables communication between intelligent electronic devices and 100% of the 7.4 billion of mobile phones existing worldwide using acoustic waves (ultrasounds and sounds) as a way to interact and/or transmit data. « A new global payment system » « Ultrasonic Authentification »
  15. 15. CANDIDATE STARTUPS Lydia's iPhone and Android apps enable you to pay anyone very easily. You can pay a friend (for rent, drinks, movies...), pay professionals (restaurants, taxi drives, doctors...) and pay online purchases: it's easy, it's 100% secure and it's free. PAYMENT SOLUTION AND INNOVATION Quadrus card by Radiius consolidates all credit, debit, loyalty and membership cards into a single smart card that supports swipe, chip and contactless payments and is secured by a fingerprint scanner. « France’s favorite mobile payment app » « Digital wallet providing convenience, acceptability and rewards to consumers »
  16. 16. CANDIDATE STARTUPS S-money offers digital payment services to consumers, startups and companies. Especially, operating the new digital payment platform for the youngsters in french universities. PAYMENT SOLUTION AND INNOVATION PayinTech equips entertainment sector companies to facilitate all their onsite transactions and consumptions management and provides a ludic, interactive and user friendly experience thanks to its light and adjustable solution.  « Empowering payments » « From fintech to funtech ! »
  17. 17. CANDIDATE STARTUPS PAYMENT SOLUTION AND INNOVATION Yukflow provides its technology for resorts, sport grounds and festivals with three cashless supports : NFC wristband, NFC cards and QR code. Trust Designer is a mobile app (iOS, Android) to store a biometric repudiable token, a biometric Bluetooth Low Energy reader connected to the point of sales, and a security server (tokenization). « Hands-free biometric authentification for any smartphone ! » « The leader of cashless payment solution in the fields of tourism , leisure and events. »
  19. 19. Global Business Strategist - Emerging Partner Team Jean-Francois Gomez KEYNOTE 10 TRENDS FUTURE OF RETAIL
  20. 20. PHILIPPE GUILLAUME Retail Training & Communication Manager IMAGINE TOMORROW’S POINT OF SALE# CHALLENGE 2 With the multiplicity of digital solutions, new opportunities appear in terms of customer’s experience offered on the game offers (racing, sport, poker). Furthermore, community spirit, user-friendliness, sharing and pleasure have become dominating in the behavior of the new generations. 
 Through new points of sale, it is a new way of consuming that will be offered. Beyond the services in mobility (mobile apps) or web interfaces, new surrounding areas of physical distribution must be imagined to answer these new uses, acquire new consumers but also offer their customers renewed experiences. They will be tomorrow " experiential" places of leisure in which consumers will be actors. In this approach PMU wishes to imagine the future of points of sale in particular in the following subjects: - User-friendliness/conviviality - Pleasure, entertainment - Technology, high tech - Immersive Experience, animation #Conviviality #Community #OutOfTheBox #Pleasure #GeoFencing #VR
  21. 21. CANDIDATE STARTUPS BLIWE® offers each user the possibility to connect to the BLIWE® system by simply placing your hand on the ‘wall’. The wall automatically connects to the Internet, to your personal application. FAMOCO, the French champion of contactless services, provides the world's first flexible and secure NFC reader enabling large-scale deployments. IMAGINE TOMORROW’S POINT OF SALE « Sky is the limit !» « This is the future of point of bet »
  22. 22. CANDIDATE STARTUPS Foosball redesigns classical table games by adding sensors and internet connection, enabling a new consumer experience in their digital environment during and after the dedicated to table games. RewardBet provides a simple product with great depth delivering many fascinating layers across gaming psychology, wagering ecosystems and consumer and operator benefits. IMAGINE TOMORROW’S POINT OF SALE « Innovative software from Australia for racing and sport ! » « Mixing foosball and social network »
  23. 23. CANDIDATE STARTUPS Weblib develops tools to help the world's biggest brands increase revenue in-store. Their two solutions Smart Wifi & TabinSTore help retailers to solve many problematics as collecting data, help customer in their choice, personalized couponing, IMAGINE TOMORROW’S POINT OF SALE Sporty-Tech solution intends to be complete (horse racing, sports, casino, lottery) though all betting channels and working on standard hardware. « Swag Alert : Smart Wifi rocks at Vivatech ! » « A turnkey betting solution to increase the number of point of sale »
  24. 24. CANDIDATE STARTUPS RewardBet provides a simple product with great depth delivering many fascinating layers across gaming psychology, wagering ecosystems and consumer and operator benefits. IMAGINE TOMORROW’S POINT OF SALE « Yield management software for sports organization »
  25. 25. INVITED STARTUPS IMAGINE TOMORROW’S GAMES Onion sack is a marketing plaform that integrates to your system - allowing customers to accept an offer simply by replying with their stake. The platform understands simple singles and complex multiples. FabZat offers publishers and video game developers a white- branded turnkey solution for in- app merchandising. The service operates through a plugin to be integrated into the game code that will allow players to access an in-game store. Green Bureau is a startup specialised in Customer Relation Management. It creates agile tools to ease customer experience. Kinov is an app that helps employees to get familiar with startups ecosystem and generate engagement through innovation project upstream with startups.
  27. 27. JUDICAEL LEFEBVRE Corporate Social Responsability Manager LET’S PLAY RESPONSIBLY# CHALLENGE 4 Games and bets are recreational leisure activities for most people, but 0,5% of French people are excessive players and 2,2% are players with moderate addiction risks.The prevention of these risky behaviours and the encouragement of good practices is a fundamental objective for all game actors of today and tomorrow. PMU has always communicated on this complex subject though the optimisation of good behaviours and showing off the examples to be followed. Nowadays we need to go one step further along those lines through the development of prevention tools and the mastering of the game enabling individual optimisation of the player and his behaviour. Through the use for example of « gasification » tools for example or through the application of the logics of serious game to the subject, but also through the use of behavioural data available with operators in order to analyse gaming behaviours and to anticipate potential variations that could lead to risky behaviours. This is why, PMU works to find innovative solutions enabling all players, and more specifically those with moderate risks of addiction, to keep control of their game, whether on line or in a point of sale. This can be done through: - Applying good game practices - Respecting their game budget - Mastering their game timing. #Indebtedness #Responsability #Health #VolontaryRestraint #Security
  28. 28. CANDIDATE STARTUPS Bear solution is connecting paper as a natural way to add on visuals any digital content.
 Bear is a leader in Augmented Reality and Interactive Print, helping to bridge the gap between the print and digital worlds. Bet Buddy has developed highly accurate machine learning models in a complex domain that are understandable and actionable. Bet buddy helps lotteries and commercial gambling operators to better understand player behaviour to retain as sustainable customers. LET’S PLAY RESPONSIBLY « When print meets digital » « Using data to create positive play experience »
  29. 29. CANDIDATE STARTUPS Mantiq provides an expertise in mathematics, informatics and public healthcare research. Mantiq designs innovative algorithms to solve enterprises challenges LET’S PLAY RESPONSIBLY Betters’Rift is a free e-sport bookmaker, its business model is based on "Free to play" model. Each user bet with virtual money (named crystals) and can use theirs crystals to buy prizes in website shop (pro player coaching, in game bonus, etc.) « Let your data speaks » « Free-to-play betting on e-sport »
  30. 30. CANDIDATE STARTUPS Tag enhances and enables brand loyalty, customer engagement, access to information, real time analysis and purchasing options through a scalable and easy to use e-commerce platform. Wicross is an IOT platform that allows users to share with an app their collected datas gathered by connected things. Wicross is also an unique software designed for “connected service” suppliers to interface with IOT ecosystem in a trice (API) LET’S PLAY RESPONSIBLY « IoT data sharing platform between smart device owner and service » « Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity »