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[HUBOFRUM Sao Paulo] JUSSI & Secathlon - Xavier Pénat & Grégory Hanffou


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HUBFORUM Sao Paulo :

On June 5th 2014, the HUBFORUM made its first appearance in Sao Paulo. The opportunity to gather 80 brazilian and international experts on the up coming trends and best practices in digital marketing. On the eve of the world cup, fifteen speakers have made an overview of the brazilian digital market and ecosystem.

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[HUBOFRUM Sao Paulo] JUSSI & Secathlon - Xavier Pénat & Grégory Hanffou

  1. 1. The  future  of  media  planning:   cross  device  and  mul6  screen  
  2. 2. Decathlon a multi screen strategy E-commerce, deliver all round Brazil Brand Awareness and exposure Drive traffic to shops Self-service in store
  3. 3. Customers are connected all day long
  4. 4. Customer experience is key
  5. 5. Multi screen content strategyReaching  the  same  consumer  no  ma8er  where  he  might  be  looking.     Content  and  message  becomes  ever  more  important       Media  strategy  needs  to  be  thought  of  as  a  succession  of  deliveries  and  not  just  a   reformaAng  of  the  same  crea6ve  for  different  plaCorms.    
  6. 6. Media planning multi device
  7. 7. Targeting people and not audience
  8. 8. Tracking them on any device Google Analytics Universal Analytics
  9. 9. +55 11 3071.1284 11