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BEST-OF #Vivatech

Discover the best innovations and trends from VIVA TECHNOLOGY 2016 Conference in Paris (

This trendreport has been created by the experts of the HUB Institute (, one of the leading think tank in digital transformation.

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BEST-OF #Vivatech

  2. 2. HUB  REPORT Bonjour  je  m’appelle  Charlotte   ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reservedHUBREPORT2 HUB  Report  Viva  Technology  2016 A  few  rules   IMPORTANT   You  cannot  share,  copy,  distribute  and/or  transmit  this  document  outside   of  your  company  or  to  external  partners.   THIS  DOCUMENT  IS  THE  PROPERTY  OF  THE  HUB  INSTITUTE You  cannot  reuse  this  document  or  any  portion  (slides)  thereof  for  any   form  of  commercial  activity.
  3. 3. HUB  REPORT Bonjour  je  m’appelle  Charlotte   ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reservedHUBREPORT3 This  is  a  multimedia  report   WHEN  YOU  SEE  THIS  ICON YOU  CAN  CLICK  FOR  ADDED  CONTENT     (VIDEO,  ARTICLE…)
  4. 4. HUB  REPORT Bonjour  je  m’appelle  Charlotte   ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reservedHUBREPORT TO  DOWNLOAD  THIS  FULL  REPORT  IN  PDF   4 CLICK     HERE
  5. 5. HUB  REPORT Bonjour  je  m’appelle  Charlotte   ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reservedHUBREPORT5 Viva  Technology,  why  ? Paris  dreams  of  being  the  capital  of  innovation A  GLOBAL  EVENT  THAT  BRINGS  TOGETHER   ALL  THE  LEADING  PLAYERS  DRIVING  THE   DIGITAL  TRANSFORMATION  OF  THE   SOCIETY   Bringing  together  5,000  startups.   aiming  at  developing  partnerships  with   major  corporations,  investors  and  partners.   Being  at  the  heart  of  an  international  event   dedicated  to  innovation  in  Paris,  France.   For  three  days  starting  30  June,  an  expected   30,000  entrepreneurs,  corporate  executives,   venture  capitalists  and  other  investors  will   join  us  in  a  purpose-­‐built  environment  in   Paris.     The  goal:  to  provide  a  real-­‐time  platform  for   collaboration  and  a  high-­‐level  stage  for   discussions  around  the  impact  technology   has  on  both  businesses  and  society.
  6. 6. HUB  REPORT Bonjour  je  m’appelle  Charlotte   ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reservedHUBREPORT6 Viva  Technology,  why  ? Presentation  in  Video  
  7. 7. HUB  REPORT Bonjour  je  m’appelle  Charlotte   ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reservedHUBREPORT7 Viva  Technology  in  key  figures 5000   startups 300   conferences 100   International   companies   exhibiting  their   latest   innovations   17     thematics  labs  to   promote  the   digital   transformation 100     TOP  VCS 30  000   attendees 45  000  !
  8. 8. A  selection  of  conferences  we   attend  to2
  9. 9. HUB  REPORT Bonjour  je  m’appelle  Charlotte   ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reservedHUBREPORT9 The  Hacker  way  :  building  a  culture  of  innovation     Nicola  Mendelsohn,  VP  Emea,  Facebook Innovation  will  change  the  world.  Nicola  Medelsohn   shared  4  key  success  to  build  a  culture  of  innovation       FOCUS  ON  IMPACT  :  Focus  on  solving  important   problems,  don’t  waste  time.     BE  OPEN  :    A  more  open  world  is  a  better  world.  Give   people  the  power  to  share  and  make  the  world  more   open  and  connected.     BE  BOLD  :  The  world  is  changing  fast,  you  have  to  take   risk  to  face  it.  The  risky  thing  would  be  not  taking  risk!   Ask  yourself  when  is  the  last  time  you  failed.  If  you  can’t   answer,  something  is  going  wrong.     BUILD  SOCIAL  VALUE  :  Everyone  at  Facebook  has  access   to  the  best  information.  It  is  a  transparent  company  :   once  a  week  employees  can  ask  anything  to  Mark   Zuckerberg.  When  faced  with  a  choice  between   execution  and  strategy,  choose  execution.  
  10. 10. HUB  REPORT Bonjour  je  m’appelle  Charlotte   ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reservedHUBREPORT10 Think  big,  grow  fast Olivier  Duha,  Co-­‐funder  &  CEO,  Webhelp Building  a  business  is  unpredictable.   Olivier  Duha,  CEO  at  Webhelp,  a   company  specialized  in  business   process  &  customer  experience   outsourcing   today  valued  more  than  1  billion  €   shared  with  us  4  key  success     • THINK  BIG  AND  HAVE  THE  RIGHT   AMBITION:  if  people  don’t  laugh   when  you  tell  them  your  projects,   it  means  that  your  ambitions  are   too  small     • GREAT  CEOs  ALWAYS  FOCUS  ON   PEOPLE     • TAKE  RISK  AND  FACE  THE  TRUTH       • BE  OPTIMISTIC    
  11. 11. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved11 How  to  scale  your  business  when  you  are  a  start-­‐up  ? Philippe  De  Chanville  (Mano  Mano)  &  Manoel  Roy  (Ector)   MANO  MANO   ECTOR Thanks  to  its  Scale-­‐up  program,  Google  helps  successful  start  ups  to   accelerate  their  international  growth  and  teach  them  how  to  adapt  their   management  approach.                                                                                                                                                                               Mano  Mano,  a  market  place,  is  developped  in  5  countries  in  Europe.                                         Ector,  a  parking  valet,is  available  in  many  French  cities.  
  12. 12. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved12 Does  media  invest  enough  in  technology? How  to  move  from  a  paper  culture  to  a  more  digital  one  ?     «  When  Amazon  is  a  client  experience  company,   the  Wahsington  Post  is  a  reader  experience   company  »,                                The  Washington  Post,  Joey  Marbuger.       «  Technology  is  today  an  intrinseque  part  of  the   product  »,                                                                                Prisma  Media,  Rolf  Heinz.       «  Wibbitz  is  a  company  that  automatically   transforms  articles  into  thousands  of  videos   everyday.  Prisma  media  is  one  of  our  «  happy   clients  »,                                                        Wibbitz,  Zohar  Dayan.   «  The  Digital  News  Initiative  (DNI)  is  a   collaboration  between  Google  and  news   publishers  in  Europe  to  support  high  quality   journalism  and  encourage  a  more  sustainable   news  ecosystem  through  technology  and   innovation  »,                                                                                Google,  Philippe  Colombet.  
  13. 13. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved13 How  to  anticipate  tomorrow’s  mobility? The  future  of  transportation:    autonomous  vehicles,  big  data  an  customer  experience.     PACK’N  DRIVE Pack’n  drive  is  a  collaborative  on-­‐demand  delivery  service  that  allows  to   resolve  the  last  kilometer  delivery  problem.  Also,  it  allows  parcels  delivery,   in  a  car’s  trunk,  with  a  smartphone.   «The  future  is  to  use  more   the  car  and  have  more   people  into  the  car.  Also   autonomous  cars  will   increase  the  security  of  the   users  »,     Thomas  Guignard,  Waze. «Book  a  car  in  the  last   minute,  with  the  goal  of   making  car  ownership   disappear.  »,                                         Paulin  Dementhon,  Drivy.  
  14. 14. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved14 Knowledge  Distribution:  A  breakthrough  in  the  growth  of  Africa Gilles  Babinet,  co-­‐founder  of  Africa  4  Tech AFRICA4TECH Africa    knows  a  great  growth.  Following  Moore’s  law,  price  of  computers  have   decreased  from  1  M$  to  3$  in  40  years.  This  enables  synchronization  of  ideas,   economies,  skills  and  creates  great  opportunity  gains  for  the  continent.  We  see   an  African  model  of  innovation  emerging  based  on  holocraty,  agility  and   disruption.  Will  these  standards  be  spread  into  the  world?  
  15. 15. HUB  REPORT Bonjour  je  m’appelle  Charlotte   HUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved15 Payment,  what’s  cool?  (and  efficient) Pieter  van  der  Does,  Co-­‐founder  and  CEO,  Adyen Ayden  (valued  more  than  2   billions  $)  offers  solutions  that   deliver  innovation  to  the   payment  industry.  It  invests  in   omnichanel  :  retail,  mobile,  on-­‐ line  to  maximize  customer   experience.     More  and  more  companies  are   going  to  model  one-­‐click   payment.  Invision  is  cool  for   payment  such  as  did  Uber.     The  future  of  payment?   Nobody  could  imagine  that  you   could  pay  almost  everything   with  a  mobile.  «  We  are  going   out  of  the  environment  where   payment  has  to  be  annoying.  »  
  16. 16. HUB  REPORT Bonjour  je  m’appelle  Charlotte   ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reservedHUBREPORT16 Shared  Travel  :  What’s  next? Olivier  Gremillon,  Managing  Director  EMEA,  Airbnb 10%  of  Airbnb  employees  are  engineers.  It   started  as  a  tech  company  and  is  now  a   Design  &  Hospitality  company.  AirBnB’s   strategy  is  to  be  in  many  more  cities.  The   company  also  wants  to  grow  on  the  Travel   Market,  not  only  the  Housing.  
  17. 17. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved17 Fashion  forwards  technology  and  textiles  take  on  the  future How  has  fashion  changed  since  the  digital  revolution?   There  is  a  collaboration  between  technology  and   fashion  :  one  can  not  leave  without  the  other.       But,  is  fashion  transformed  by  technology  or  is  it   the  opposite  ?     How  is  it  possible  to  wear  connected  clothes?     How  to  find  the  balance  bewteen  giving  choices   and  not  overwhelming  the  client  on  internet  ?    
  18. 18. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved18 #AGTECH,  will  technology  feed  &  save  us  ?   Agtech  may  impact  your  industry  ! L’ATELIER   BNP  PARIBAS   The  potential  of  data-­‐driven  agriculture  is  massive.  Technology  could  solve  a  lot  of   challenges  and  could  generate  savings  for  the  farmers.  But  AgTech  companies  develop   products  that  are  not  easy  scalable  because  of  the  market  reluctance.  But  it  is  sure   that  the  collection  and  analysis  of  data  infarming  will  have  rippe  effects  on  others   industries.  (vanking,  insurance,  supplu  chain,  telecoms  …
  19. 19. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved19 Building  a  successful  e-­‐commerce  community Nicolas  D’Audiffret  Managing  Director  Etsy PACK’N  DRIVE Pack’n  drive  is  a  collaborative  on-­‐demand  delivery  service  that  allows  to   resolve  the  last  kilometer  delivery  problem.  Also,  it  allows  parcels  delivery,   in  a  car’s  trunk,  with  a  smartphone.  
  20. 20. A  selection  of  announcements   during  #vivatech3
  21. 21. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved21 These  Big  brands  that  invest  in  startups Amazon  announced    Amazon  Launchpad  in  France   AMAZON The  US  giant  launched  this  30th  of  June  in  France  its  marketing   platform  for  start-­‐ups  .  Launchpad  is  a  marketplace  that  includes  a   set  of  services  to  start-­‐ups  ,  including  a  space  dedicated  sales  and   logistical  assistance  .
  22. 22. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved22 These  Big  brands  that  invest  in  startups Klépierre  in  partnership  with  Microsoft  launched  KlépierreID KLEPIERRE Klépierre  launched  KlépierreID,  its  digital  innovation  platform  to  detect  the   start-­‐ups  that  will  revolutionize  trading  tomorrow  commerce.  The  first   challenge  KlépierreID  "Let's  Play  with  mobile  shoppers  "  is  launched  as  part  of   the  event  Viva  Technology  Paris  to  select  multiple  chips,  among  the  3,000   participating  startups  .
  23. 23. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved23 The  latest  success  of  Devialet Devialet  launched  the  best  sound  in  the  world BUSINESS  CASE DEVIALET The  new  Gold  Phantom  is  a  wireless  speaker  that  revolutionized   the  world  of  sound:  it  is  more  powerful  (4,500  W  of  power),  more   exhilarating  and  more  refined  (22  carat  Rose  Gold-­‐plated  finish)   than  the  two  previous  Phantom.  Price:  2.590€  TTC.   Pierre-­‐Emmanuel  CalmelEmmanuel  Nardin
  24. 24. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved24 Drones  &  Virtual  reality  :  a  revolution     Drone  Volt  launched  its  drone  dedicated  to  virtual  reality  to  360°  content  production DRONE   VOLT   Virtual  &  augmented  reality  market  could  reach  80  billion  dollars  in   2025.  To  answer  the  needs  of  this  strategic  market,  DRONE  VOLT   has  launched  JANUS  360  that  enables  to  capture  spectacular  aerial   image  that  can  be  exploited  in  a  virtual  reality  headset.
  25. 25. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved25 A  new  way  to  make  a  phone  call   twinme  launched  a  new  creative  feature  during  Viva  Technology   TWINME   With  twinme  you  can  "  chat  "  and  make  free  text  ,  voice  and  video   without  providing  any  personal  information.  The  applets  you   define  how  each  of  your  contacts  identifies  you  (  a  name,  an   image). VIDEO  BELL Twinme  introduces   the  «  Video  Bell  »   feature  at  #VIVATECH.   You  can  now  show   yourself  and  the   ambience  around  you   before  your  friend   takes  the  call
  26. 26. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved26 Gamification,  the  future  of  crowdfunding  ?   MyCrowdCompany  lauched  its  new  crowdfunding  platform MYCROWD COMPANY   Fully  customizable  and  integrated  with  the  company’s  digital  tools,  the  turnkey   platform  enables  to  increase  the  worldwide  mobilization  of  the  company’s   communities  unleash  creativity  and  promote  positive,  identify  and  value  the   best  ambassadors  engagement  going  viral  Generate  multiple  opportunities  for   engagement,  innovation  and  growth
  27. 27. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved27 A  new  player  in  IoT  launched  today Flipr  introduced  the  revolution  of  pool  maintenance     FLIPR Flipr  launched  a  connected  object  that  enables  to:                                                                                               -­‐swim  in  a  clean  water  economise  by  reducing  the  consumption  of  cleaning   products,  water  and  electricity.                                                                                                                                                                               -­‐enjoy  the  pool:  Flipr  predicts  events  before  they  come.                                                                   Price:  230  €
  28. 28. HUB  REPORT Bonjour  je  m’appelle  Charlotte   HUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved28 Publicis  Groupe  and  Tencent  sign  historic  global  partnership A  strategic  partnership  signed  with  the  scanning  of  WeChat  QR  code TENCENT  PUBLICIS 3  PILLARS  OF  THE  PARTNERSHIP     -­‐  A  drugstore  incubation  facility  to  curate  invest  in  and  cultivate  the  start-­‐ups   of  the  future.   -­‐ An  access  for  Publicis  to  rich  online  behavioral  data,     -­‐  A  partnership  on  the  co-­‐creation  and  co-­‐investment  of  web  native   content  to  drive  unique  content  opportuities  and  new  content  models  for   key  clients  
  29. 29. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved29 PUBLICIS90  :  Publicis  Group  invests  in  90  startups   The  90  most  promising  startups  according  to  Publicis   BIRD  OFFICE Bird  Office  in  an  online  booking  platform  for  meeting  rooms,  conference  rooms  and   events.  The  service  allows  the  booking  of  a  room  suitable  for  at  corporate  events  at   the  best  market  price.   «  These  startups  are  the  future  »,     Maurice  Lévy,  CEO  Publicis
  30. 30. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved30 PUBLICIS90  :  Publicis  Group  invests  in  90  startups     And  the  winner  is…   BIRD  OFFICE Bird  Office  in  an  online  booking  platform  for  meeting  rooms,  conference  rooms  and   events.  The  service  allows  the  booking  of  a  room  suitable  for  at  corporate  events  at   the  best  market  price.   «  We  use  aerial  defense   technology  to  save  420   million  people  from  skin   cancer  »,     Lior  Wayn,  Founder  of  Emerald   Medical  Applications.    
  31. 31. Visit  of  the  Viva  Technology’s   labs3
  32. 32. HUB  REPORT Bonjour  je  m’appelle  Charlotte   ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reservedHUBREPORT32 Collaboration  between  Big  companies  and  Startups
  33. 33. HUB  REPORT Bonjour  je  m’appelle  Charlotte   ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reservedHUBREPORT33 17  labs  of  big  companies   They  each  include  a  pitch  area  ,  a  co-­‐ working  space  and  islands  for  up  to  50   startups.  Each  Big  Brand  invites  its  Lab   researchers  ,  talents  ,  CEOs  ,  VCs  and   startups  visitors.
  34. 34. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved34 Our  17  labs  visits TF1 How  the  best  leverage  data  and  analytics  for  a  personalized   customer  experience  as  well  as  exploring  new  ways  forward  in   media  advertising   The  lab  of  MEDIA
  35. 35. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved35 Our  17  labs  visits The  lab  of  HOSPITALITY  &  TOURISM ACCOR   HOTELS   A  look  at  how  digital  transformation  can  redefine  and  enhance  the   Hospitality  &  Tourism  sector  in  light  of  the  important  role  played   by  both  the  sharing  economy  and  disuptive  hospitality.  
  36. 36. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved36 Our  17  labs  visits The  lab  of  INSURANCE AXA How  to  transform  insurance  practices  from  using  IoT  to  prevent   accidents  at  home  to  enhancing  the  broader  customer  insurance   experience  using  blockchain  
  37. 37. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved37 Our  17  labs  visits The  lab  of  FINANCIAL  SERVICES   BNP   PARIBAS How  to  construct  with  startups  the  financial  services  of  tomorrow   to  create  a  digital  bank  that  is  able  to  offer  a  high-­‐quality  customer   experience,  both  in  terms  of  the  customer  journey  and  the  security   operations.    
  38. 38. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved38 Our  17  labs  visits The  lab  of  URBAN  TRANSFORMATION   VINCI   CISCO A  focus  on  how  smart  cities  can  use  digital  innovation  to  adapt  and   respond  to  increased  population  growth  and  environmental   challenges.  
  39. 39. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved39 Our  17  labs  visits The  lab  of  ENERGY  &ENVIRONMENT ENGIE How  to  effectively  develop  smarter  energy  use  for  cities  as  well  as   providing  new  business  model  for  energy  consumption  
  40. 40. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved40 Our  17  labs  visits The  lab  of  E-­‐GOV EY How  technology  and  digital  innovation  can  redefine  and  reimagine   the  numerous  services  provided  by  governments  through  the   transformative  use  of  technology
  41. 41. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved41 Our  17  labs  visits The  lab  of  HEALTH  TECH NOVARTIS A  look  at  the  diverse  ways  in  which  technology  can  improve  the   patient  experience  as  well  as  enhancing  digital  technology  tools  to   improve  personal  health.
  42. 42. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved42 Our  17  labs  visits The  lab  of  TELCO  &  CONNECTIVITY ORANGE How  effective  and  affordable  connectivity  can  be  ensured   anywhere  and  everywhere  through  to  developing  new  services  for   connected  people  and  homes.  
  43. 43. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved43 Our  17  labs  visits The  lab  of  URBAN  MOBILITY  &  SERVICES   RATP   GROUP How  innovation  can  enhance  and  transform  the  travel  experience   green  mobility  and  transportation  network  performance  more   broadly.  
  44. 44. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved44 Our  17  labs  visits The  lab  of  AUTOMOTIVE  TECH   VALEO The  Valeo  Automotive  Tech  lab  takes  connectivity  and  the   autonomous  car  as  its  key  focus,  looking  at  how  innovation  can   redefine  the  future  of  the  Automative  Tech  experience.
  45. 45. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved45 Our  17  labs  visits The  lab  of  TECH4GOOD NEXTWORLD The  Next  World  Tech4Good  lab  combines  innovation  and   inspiration  to  create  purpose-­‐driven  solutions  to  respond  to  some   of  society’s  biggest  challenges  
  46. 46. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved46 Our  17  labs  visits The  lab  of  RETAIL BUSINESS  CASE CARREFOUR A  look  at  the  ways  which  digital  transformation  can  lead  to  a  new   concept  and  means  of  delivery  of  the  retail  experience  for   customers.  Carrefour  Labs  gathered  starups  that  aim  to  ease   customers  daily  life  such  as  Fitie  (virtual  fitting  room  )  ,  Think  &  Go   NFC  (connected  trolley),  Critizr  (customer  reviews)  or  Optimiam.
  47. 47. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved47 Our  17  labs  visits The  lab  of  CUSTOMER  EXPERIENCE   BUSINESS  CASE WEBHELP Webhelp  Labs  helps  to  understand  how  to  reimagine  the  delivery   of  customer  service  through  artificial  intelligence,  messaging  bots   and  other  digital  innovations  to  ensure  enhanced  customer   experience.  
  48. 48. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved48 Our  17  labs  visits The  lab  of  LUXURY BUSINESS  CASE LVMH LVMH  labs  show  how  startups  and  digital  innovation  can  drive  the   luxury  sector  forward  through  enhancing  and  transforming  key   areas  such  as  product  conception  and  customer  experience.  
  49. 49. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved49 Our  17  labs  visits The  lab  of  OPEN  TRANSPORTATION BUSINESS  CASE SNCF   SNCF  labs  shows  various  ways  in  which  digital  transformation  wil   help  to  reshape  and  reimagine  the  transportation  services  of   tomorrow.  
  50. 50. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved50 Our  17  labs  visits The  lab  of  SPORT  GAMING BUSINESS  CASE PMU How  elements  such  as  big  data  and  IoT  can  transform  the  sports   and  gaming  sector  while  also  helping  to  engage  new  audiences   through  technologyand  digital  innovation  
  51. 51. A  selection  of  our  favorite   startups3
  52. 52. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved52 #BIGDATA  #SNCF Anticipate  and  prevent  risks  of  breakdown QUANTMETRY To  anticipate  and  prevent  risks  of  breakdown,  SNCF  launches  into   predictive  analysis  of  large  data  streams  automatic  processing,  in   partnership  with  the  Quantmetry’s  Data  Scientists.  

  53. 53. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved53 #DATA  #RETAIL  #CARREFOUR Take  control  of  your  digital  content  on  all  channels ALKEMICS Alkemics  ,  French  start-­‐up  created  in  2011,  provides  the  first  network  of  digital   collaboration  of  the  consumer  .  Its  online  service  "Product  Stream  "  is  the   collaborative  brick  that  enables  brands  to  centralize  and  share  their  product   data  (composition  ,  labels,  benefits  ,  photos  ,  etc.)  with  their  distributors  to   inform  and  engage  consumers  on  all  channels.
  54. 54. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved54 #DATA  #RETAIL Maximize  in  store  operation  collecting  real  time  data  on  the  field BUSINESS  CASE SIMPLIFIELD SimpliField  (Saas)  helps  companies  to  track  and  maximize  in  store  operations.  Co-­‐ founder,  Benjamin  Zenou  says  «  our  customers,  retailers  and  brands  needs  more   visibility  on  in  store  execution.  SimpliField  enables  to  get  real  time  insights  on  the   field  operations  such  as  merchandising  audit  or  retail  business  intelligence  ».  
  55. 55. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved55 #DATA  #SECURITY  #RATP Transform  your  watch  into  a  secure  source  of  identification  using  your  veins BIOWATCH Biowatch  is  a  Swiss  start-­‐up  disrupting  the  way  we  authenticate  to   things  by  replacing  passwords,  pins,  cards  and  keys  by  wereable   that  only  you  can  use  due  to  the  unique  pattern  of  your  wrist   veins.  
  56. 56. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved56 #IOT  #MEDIA  #PMU How  to  connect  print  and  digital  ? BEAR   Bear  solution  is  connecting  paper  as  a  natural  way  to  add  on   visuals  any  digital  content.
 Bear  is  a  leader  in  Augmented  Reality  and  Interactive  Print,  helping   to  bridge  the  gap  between  the  print  and  digital  worlds.  
  57. 57. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved57 #IOT  #PMU LUCIE   LABS Lucie  Labs  is  a  French  start-­‐up  that  offers  events  a  bracelet   connected  to  increase  the  user  experience  organizers  in  stadiums,   concert  halls  and  show. Lucie  Labs  recreated  the  relationship  between  stage  and  audience
  58. 58. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved58 #IOT  #SNCF The  startup  that  transforms  umbrellas  into  relay  weather   WEZOO With  wezzoo  ,  share  your  live  local  weather  observations  with  the   community  ,  add  your  best  photos  and  discover  the  real-­‐time  weather  maps   around  the  world  .   

  59. 59. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved59 #IOT  #WEARABLES  #INSURANCE A  social  welness  platform  that  engages  policyholders  in  maintaining  a  healty  lifestyle  to  reduce  risk   VEEDATA Veedata  is  a  platform  that  collects  and  analyzes  health  and  lifestyle   data  from  wearable  devices  and  smartphones  offers  predivtive   analytics  and  supports  an  inserer’s  efforts  in  lowering  their  risk  by   engaging  policyholders  onto  modifying  their  risk  factors.
  60. 60. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved60 #IOT  #ORANGE   Helping  people  reinforce  their  relationships  thanks  to  the  emotional  power  of  objects  and  technology. LOVEBOX LoveBox,  is  a  single  channel  between  you  and  your  lover.  Only  your   lover  can  send  you  love  messages,  via  the  mobile  app,  to  LoveBox   at  home
  61. 61. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved61 #PAYMENT  #WEBHELP Would  you  like  a  new  partner  for  recurring  payments  ?   SLIMPAY Slimpay  makes  payments  smarter,  safer  and  simpler.                                                                                                                                       It  is  able  to  process  and  acquire  transactions,  and  is  licensed  to  operate  in  numerous   European  countries.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   This  is  the  best  user  flow  to  onboard  safe  and  valuable  customers  via  Direct  Debit.                                 It  allows  automated  retry  logic  to  reduce  customer  churn  and  payment  incidents.
  62. 62. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved62 #PAYMENT  #RETAIL  #PMU The  first  screen  connected  multi-­‐  payment  NFC THINK  &   GO The  screen  becomes  a  point  of  multi-­‐  vendor  sales  ,  opening  new  sales   opportunities  and  distribution  channels  .  Think  &  Go  is  a  French  startup  that   allows  to  buy  or  reserve  a  product  directly  on  the  screen  with  a  simple  gesture   with  their  smartphones  or  their  credit  card.  Specially  designed  for  impulse   purchases  !
  63. 63. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved63 #PAYMENT  #MOBILITY  #FOOD  #BNP Share  and  pay  your  restaurant  bill  through  your  mobile  and  go!   PAYMYTABLE Paymytable  takes  the  pain  out  of  paying,  it  is  a  mobile  application   which  enables  you  to  pay  your  restaurant  bill  with  your   smartphone  without  waiting  for  your  waiter.  
  64. 64. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved64 #PAYMENT  #SOCIAL  #ORANGE   Facilitating  repayments  friends PUMPKIN With  100K  users,  2  million  transactions  every  month  and  a  20%   growth  per  month,  Pumpkin  app  is  present  in  about  fifty  campuses   in  France,  a  very  appreciated  solution  for  students  in  France.
  65. 65. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved65 #AI  #WEBHELP The  easiest  way  to  manage  your  day GWAPIT Gwapit  is  a  cloud-­‐based  application  that  uses  artificial  intelligence  to  group   and  sort  the  information  coming  from  all  your  apps,  emails  &  phones.   This  B2B  app  notification  center  prioritize  notification  to  help  employees  to   be  more  effective.
  66. 66. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved66 #ROBOT  #AI  #SNCF   SNCF  innovates  with  Robot  Pepper  as  a  traveller  assistant   PEPPER Pepper  Detects  the  presence  of  station  and  people  can  interact  with  Them.  He   accompanies  clients  in  their  search  for  information  about  train  traffic.  t  collects   customer  satisfaction  before  and  after  their  trip  and  during  their  stay  in  station.   Pepper  is  finally  an  host  of  the  space  station,  and  offers  to  play  with  him   

  67. 67. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved67 #VOICERECOGNITION  #ORANGE   If  you  could  read  your  phone  call  ?       ROGER   VOICE Roger  Voice‘s  voice  recognition  system  enables  to  transform  your   calls  in  real  time  messages.  With  RogerVoice  call  fixed  or  mobile   numbers  and  even  teleconferencing.  Transcription  is  automatic   and  instantaneous  .  The  text  appears  on  your  screen  while  your  
  68. 68. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved68 #VIDEO  #CREATIVITY  #LVMH The  world’s  first  touchable  video  platform,  changing  the  way  the  world  experiences  video CINEMATIQUE Cinematique  is  a  platform  that  overlays  interactive  areas  on  top  of   video  content,  which  can  either  be  used  for  e-­‐commerce  or   creative  purposes.  Users  can  then  watch  the  video  and  interact   with  these  dots  to  generate  various  types  of  responses.
  69. 69. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved69 #VR  #4GOOD When  VR  helps  you  to  meditate MIND   MYTHS The  Mind  Myths’s  virtual  reality  app  will  transport  you  to   a  meditative  landscape  of  your  own  choosing,
 thereby  helping  to  improve  your  general  wellbeing  and  your  body’s   natural  ability  for  self-­‐healing.
  70. 70. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved70 #CONTENT  #VR  #3D  #CONNEXION  #WEBHELP Virtual  reality  links  to  formation   SERIOUS   FACTORY   Serious  Factory    creates  realistic  situations,quickly  and  easily.                                                                                           The  company  provides  Digital  Learning  Solutions  suited  to  business  issues.                                       Users  can  project    the  activities  of  their  clients  in  a  virtuel  environment  .                                                   The  goal  is  to  increase  productivity  and  drop  the  costs  in  order  to    anticipate  crisis   situation.
  71. 71. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved71 #CONTENT  #VR  #TF1     Is  there  still  a  line  between  imagination  and  reality?   DIGITAL   IMMERSION Digital  immersion  is  a  pioneer  creative  agency  dedicated  to  360°  video  since   2007.  
 They  are  specialized  in  creating,  directing,  and  broadcasting  immersive  contents   over  multiple  platforms.    Their    team  of  10  passionates  with  various  skills  and   backgrounds  can  handle  the  whole  production  process  from  concept  to  delivery.  
  72. 72. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved72 #CONTENT  #CREATIVITY  #TF1 The  most  efficient  live  interactive  experience  for  TV  fans   MONTEROSA Monterosa  creates  the  future  of  fan  interaction  with  ideas  and  technology  that  deliver   a  more  valuable  connection  with  fans,  for  broadcasters,  producers,  sports  rights-­‐ holders  and  brands.     Already  20.5  million  interactions.  
  73. 73. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved73 #CONTENT  #ESPORT  #GAMING  #PMU Reinventing  the  game  experience  in  sport  arenas VOGO Experiment  the  smart  stadium  on  your  mobile  device.  Select  the   camera  you  want  to  view.  Replay  any  sequence  at  any  time.
  74. 74. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved74 #COLLABORATIVE  #AXA   The  first  collaborative  platfomr  to  manage  disasters iWE   CLOUD   IWE  cloud  is  a  platform  that  enables  a  collaboration  of  all   stakeholders  on  the  same  folder,  recovery  and  reporting  system  to   avoid  downtime  in  case  of  disaster.  A  tech  ADN  to  serve  digital   transformation  of  insurance  industry.
  75. 75. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved75 #COLLABORATIVE  #ON-­‐DEMAND  #VALEO Creating  together  tomorrow’s  mobility   PACK’N     DRIVE Pack’n  drive  is  a  collaborative  on-­‐demand  delivery  service  that  enables  to   resolve  the  last  kilometer  delivery  problem.  Also,  it  allows  parcels  delivery,   in  a  car’s  trunk,  with  a  smartphone.  
  76. 76. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved76 #COLLABORATIVE  TRAVEL  #EAT  #ACCOR  HOTELS   Enjoy  the  best  travel  experience  !   VOULEZ   VOUS  DÎNER   Meet  and  eat  with  locals  in  more  than  45  countries  around  the  world   thanks  to  the  market  place  VoulezVousDîner.  VoulezVousDîner  is  an   invitation  to  unleash  your  cooking  talent  and  turn  your  private  dinners   into  a  unique  culinary  and  cultural  experience  anywhere  in  the  world.
  77. 77. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved77 #TRANSPORT   Soon  we  will  fly  on  water   SEA   BUBBLES These  strange  flying  cars  could  come  sail  the  Seine  within  a  few  months  to   decongest  the  streets  of  the  capital.  The  SeaBubble  vehicles  are  capsules  that   contain  4  places  and  are  designed  halfway  between  a  Fiat  500  and  a  small  boat.   Initially  ,  there  will  be  drivers,  but  quickly  ,  the  vehicle  can  become   autonomous.
  78. 78. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved78 #TRANSPORT  #GEOLOCALIZATION  #RATP Running  in  total  freedom  in  a  city  is  now  possible!   MOBER Mober  is  an  online  service  and  an  app  that  helps  people  to  rend   geolocalizes  50cc  smart  electric  scooters  in  Paris.  The  cost  is  19cts   per  minute.  It  can  be  taken  and  left  anywhere  in  Paris,  no  need  to   charge  or  worry  about  the  parking  place.
  79. 79. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved79 #TRANSPORT  #PARKING  #RATP Parking  has  become  a  child’s  play PARKISSEO Parkisseo  is  a  clever  car  park:  detection  of  free  spaces  to  park  your   car,  real  time  communication  through  web  and  smartphones,  5   minutes  to  set-­‐up  the  material,  first  pilote  in  Carcassone.  Can  be   used  by  companies  and  cities.  
  80. 80. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved80 #TRANSPORT  #PARKING  #VINCI Envision  Smarter  Parking   PARQUERY Parquery  uses  computer  vision  and  deep  learning  algorithms  to   provide  a  cloud-­‐based  image  analysis  service,  for  smart  city   applications.  The  first  solution  has  been  developed  for  smart   parking.  20  pilots  are  already  running  .  
  81. 81. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved81 #DELIVERY  #SOCIAL  #VALEO A  social  shipping  mobile  application   MYBOXMAN The  services  of  a  courier  to  help  us  deliver  anything,  anywhere  in  France,  anytime.  As   does  Uber,  anyone  (after  being  verified)  can  be  a  transporter  by  walk,  bike,  car  …  Faster,   easier  and  cheaper  than  a  delivery  service.  The  user  can  track  his  package.    MyBoxMan   already  works  with  Franprix  (grocery  delivery)  and  with  drugstores  (BtoB).  Ford  will  add   the  apps  to  the  car  dashboard.  
  82. 82. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved82 #4GOOD  #SOLAR  #SUSTAINABILITY  #ENGIE Helps  solar  panel  to  better  catch  the  sun HELIOSLITE In  the  move  of  smart  cities,  Helioslite  developed  a  structure  that   helps  solar  panel  to  better  catch  the  sun.  Really  effective  for   countries  in  development  or  places  that  can’t  be  easily  reached.   Heliosite  is  already  present  in  Morocco,  Senegal  and  Australia.  
  83. 83. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved83 #4GOOD  #SUSTAINABILITY  #ENERGY  #ENGIE Gift  your  excess  solar  energy   SOLAR   SHARE A  mobile  app  that  enables  people  to  gift  their  excess  solar  energy   to  a  fund  that  supports  the  creation  of  renewable  energy  in   developing  countries.  
  84. 84. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved84 #4GOOD  #DRONES Creating  jobs  thanks  to  drone  industry DRONES&GOOD   By  CALSO It’s  a  veteran-­‐focused  workfoce  development  program  that  trains  and  places   unemployed  and  low-­‐income  veterans  in  high-­‐demand  jobs  in  the  civilian   drone  industry.  Throught  a  certified  technical  training,  externship   opportunities,  job  placement,  career  conseling,  Drones  &  Good  helps  veterans   transition  to  the  civilitan  life. Contribute  to  a  sucessful   transition  for  veterans Invest  in  a  talented  yet   underserved  workfoce Engage  the  country  in  a   new  era  of  technology   innovation   1 2 3
  85. 85. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved85 #4GOOD  #HEALTH  #NOVARTIS Ordinary  life  for  extraordinary  people WANDER CRAFT Wandercraft  leverages  the  most  advanced  robotics  to  develop  and   sell  exoskeletons  that  let  wheelchair  users  walk  naturally  without   crutches  and  that  auto-­‐stabilises.    
  86. 86. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved86 #WORK  #PRODUCTIVITY  #VINCI  #CISCO Comprehensive  platform  for  workplace  digitalisation SHARING   CLOUD It’s  time  to  do  the  digital  transformation  of  the  offices.     With  Sharing  Cloud  you  simplify  the  booking  of  a  meeting  room,  you   enhance  the  life  of  the  employees  thanks  to  digital.  It  helps  to  optimize   the  workplace  and  create  a  «Flex  office».  
  87. 87. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved87 #WORK  #EVENTS  #ACCOR  HOTELS Need  to  book  a  meeting  room?  Fly  with  them  !     BIRD  OFFICE Bird  Office  in  an  online  booking  platform  for  meeting  rooms,  conference   rooms  and  events  venues.  The  service  enables  the  booking  of  a  room   suitable  for  all  corporate  events  at  the  best  market  price.  
  88. 88. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved88 #NETWORKING  #APP  #VIVATECH Improving  networking  and  connecting  proffesionals  together SWAPCARD Swapcard  created  a  networking  experience  for  attendees,   exhibitors  and  speakers  @VivaTech  through  speed  networking   sessions  with  an  in-­‐app  chat  and  a  enriched  business  card  scanner   with  public  data  from  the  web    
  89. 89. DAY  1,2,3  –  on  social  media4
  90. 90. HUB  REPORT Bonjour  je  m’appelle  Charlotte   ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reservedHUBREPORT90 Day  ONE  on  social  media   30K  publications
 15,4  M  reach  #IOT(419)    #ORANGESTARTUP(903)    #STARTUPS(831)     #STARTUP(2124)    #FDTOUR(797)    #DIGITAL(571)     #AXA(972)    @LAFRENCHTECH(501)    @SNCF_DIGITAL(432)     #FRENCHTECH(639)    @SRICHARD(454)    @LESECHOS(778)     #TECH(389)    @ORANGE(779)    #INNOVATION(1378)     @AXELLELEMAIRE(460)    #PERISCOPE(488)    PMU  (127)   @FHOLLANDE(610)    #PARIS(626)    #WEBHELP(832)     REACH  &  Word  Cloud–  Day  ONE  
  91. 91. HUB  REPORT Bonjour  je  m’appelle  Charlotte   HUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved91 Day  TWO  on  social  media   REACH  &  Word  Cloud  –  Day  TWO @BNPPARIBAS(248)    #AXA(525)    @SNCF_DIGITAL(301)     @PUBLICISGROUPE(432)    #WEBHELP(630)    #FRENCHTECH(258)     #PUBLICIS90(416)    #TECH(315)    #DIGITAL(268)    @FHOLLANDE(237)     #STARTUP(1532)    @ORANGE(404)    #MBAMCI(246)     #ORANGESTARTUP(608)    @LESECHOS(384)    #PERISCOPE(364)     #INNOVATION(745)    #STARTUPS(570)    #PARIS(376)     #ACCORHOTELSLAB(346)  PMU(283) 22,7K  publications
 11  M  reach
  92. 92. HUB  REPORT Bonjour  je  m’appelle  Charlotte   HUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved92 Day  THREE  on  social  media   REACH  &  Word  Cloud  –  Day  THREE 20,9K  publications
 8M  reach #DIGITAL(329)& #FRENCHTECH(605)& @MANPOWERGROUPFR(299)& PMU(512)& #AXA(815)& #STARTUPS(789)& @LVMH(429)& #STARTUP(1667)& #PERISCOPE(384)& #ORANGESTARTUP(1183)& #SUPERCODEURS(510)& @SNCF_DIGITAL(685)& @LESECHOS(531)& #LVMHTECH(435)& #INNOVATION(870)& @ORANGE(909)& #PARIS(529)& @EMMANUELMACRON(2047)& #TECH(427)& @PUBLICISGROUPE(432)&
  93. 93. HUB  REPORT Bonjour  je  m’appelle  Charlotte   ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reservedHUBREPORT93 Day  ONE  on  social  media   Emoji  Cloud  –  Day  ONE  
  94. 94. HUB  REPORT Bonjour  je  m’appelle  Charlotte   HUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved94 Day  TWO  on  social  media   Emoji  Cloud  –  Day  TWO
  95. 95. HUB  REPORT Bonjour  je  m’appelle  Charlotte   HUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved95 Day  THREE  on  social  media   Emoji  Cloud  –  Day  THREE
  96. 96. HUB  REPORT Bonjour  je  m’appelle  Charlotte   ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reservedHUBREPORT96 Day  ONE  on  social  media   What  languages  were  the  most  used  ?  
  97. 97. HUB  REPORT Bonjour  je  m’appelle  Charlotte   HUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved97 Day  TWO  on  social  media   What  languages  were  the  most  used  ?  
  98. 98. HUB  REPORT Bonjour  je  m’appelle  Charlotte   HUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved98 Day  THREE  on  social  media   What  languages  were  the  most  used  ?  
  99. 99. HUB  REPORT Bonjour  je  m’appelle  Charlotte   ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reservedHUBREPORT99 Day  ONE  on  social  media   The  best  Retweets   1 2 3
  100. 100. HUB  REPORT Bonjour  je  m’appelle  Charlotte   HUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved100 Day  TWO  on  social  media   The  best  Retweets   1 2 3
  101. 101. HUB  REPORT Bonjour  je  m’appelle  Charlotte   HUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved101 Day  THREE  on  social  media   The  best  Retweets   1 2 3
  102. 102.
  103. 103. HUB  REPORT Bonjour  je  m’appelle  Charlotte   ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reservedHUBREPORT103 To  leave  the  innovation  experience  abroad   Executive  Trip  du  HUB  Institute   Le  NRF  EXECUTIVE  TOUR  by    HUB  INSTITUTE   Exclusive  &  personalized  tours   • Guided  tours  by  our  analysts  and  specialists  in  innovation   • Daily  debrief     • Live  reports  &  HUB  reports     • Networking The  CES  EXECUTIVE  TOUR  by  HUB  INSTITUTE   Exclusive  &  personalized  tours   • Guided  tours  by  our  analysts  and  specialists  in  innovation   • Daily  debrief     • Live  reports  &  HUB  reports     • Networking­‐ces-­‐executive-­‐tour-­‐2017­‐nrf-­‐executive-­‐trip-­‐2017
  104. 104. HUB  REPORT Bonjour  je  m’appelle  Charlotte   ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reservedHUBREPORT Next  RENDEZ-­‐VOUS  HUBFORUM  2016  !   One  of  the  major  conference  on  digital  transformation     104
  105. 105. HUB  REPORT Bonjour  je  m’appelle  Charlotte   HUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved105 Discover  our  trends  reports READ MORE
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