How 3D Printing will revolutionize the world & the retail industry


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How 3D Printing will revolutionize the world and retail : delivery, food, fashion, jewerly, decoration, transport,... By Emmanuel Vivier, CoFounder of the HUBInstitute
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How 3D Printing will revolutionize the world & the retail industry

  1. 1. How 3D Printing will revolutionize the world & the Retail Industry Helping companies to understand the future of digital Version  2.0  -­‐  Septembre  2013  |  +33  6  11  62  37  94  |  contact@hubins?  www.hubins?  ›©HUB  Ins?tute.    All  rights  reserved  .   Fashion,  architecture,  industry,  medical...   How  3D  prin?ng  will  change  our  daily  lives
  2. 2. A  new  revolu?on  is  coming… Ques?on   Do  you  believe  in… teleporta(on  ?
  3. 3. A  new  revolu?on  is  coming… Imagine...   What  would  happen  if   Brands  could  teleport  their  products directly  to  the  customers?
  4. 4. A  new  revolu?on  is  coming… Teleport  an  item,  a  product  ?   ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 6   Well…% it’s%already%possible%% thanks%to%…%% !3D#Prin(ng#
  5. 5. A  new  revolu?on  is  coming… 3D  Prin?ng  ?     Chimera,  epiphenomenon,  or  a  threat  for  society  and  the  world  economy  for  others…   ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 6   The  greatest  inven?on  since  internet,  the  21st  century’s  industrial  revolu?on  for  some  people…
  6. 6. A  new  revolu?on  is  coming… 3D  prin?ng  ?     “3D  prin?ng”  refers  to  the  addi?ve  manufacturing  process  opposing  the   classic   subtrac?on   produc?on   processes   such   as   drilling,   cu[ng,   modeling  etc. Indeed,  the  process  consists  in  superposing  extra-­‐thin  layers  of  material   to  form  a  volume ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 6  
  7. 7. Evolu?on  or  Revolu?on  ?   3D  prin?ng…  not  so  new   3D  prin(ng  actually  exists  since  the  mid  80’s  ! S?ll  extremely  expensive  at   the   ?me,  it   was   essen?ally   used  by   industrials   (motoring   and   aerospace   engineering   etc.)   to   build   prototypes. Conceiving  and  producing  by  superposing  layers  of  molten  threads   of  material  has  helped  generalize  the  process.   Filed  during   the   end  of   the   80’s,   its  patent   is   now   a   ma>er  of   public  domain  since  2009,  jus(fying  its  current  popularity. ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 6  
  8. 8. Evolu?on  or  Revolu?on  ?   3D  prin?ng…  not  so  new   Hergé  was  already  talking  about  it  in  1972… Tin$n  et  le  Lac  aux  requins ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 6   AIO  Robo?c  make  it  happen  in  2013  !   Scan  and  duplicate  an  object  !  
  9. 9. A  new  revolu?on  is  coming… 3D  Prin?ng  =  Print  an  item  from  a  digital  file hjp://   ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 7  
  10. 10. A  new  revolu?on  is  coming… Receive  your  own  figurine  just  from  snapping  a  simple  picture  ! ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 7  
  11. 11. A  new  revolu?on  is  coming… Sculpt  your  own  objects  from  your  tablet  or  smartphone… ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 7   …and  receive  your  customed  piece  of  pojery  at  home  !  
  12. 12. A  new  revolu?on  is  coming… Scan  objects  from  your  Ipad ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 10  
  13. 13. A  new  revolu?on  is  coming… Decora?on,  jewelry,  fashion,  ...  applica?ons  are  countless hjp://     ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 8  
  14. 14. A  new  revolu?on  is  coming… Print  your  bespoke  tailored  underwear  … hjp://     ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 8  
  15. 15. A  new  revolu?on  is  coming… Print  your  shoes  yourself ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 8  
  16. 16. A  new  revolu?on  not  for  «  cheap  products  »  only 3D  printed  Designers  dresses  during  Paris  Fashion  Week ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 8  
  17. 17. A  new  revolu?on  not  for  «  cheap  products  »  only A  3D-­‐printed  dress  for  Dita  Von  Teese ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 8   Created  by  New  York  designer  Michael  Schmidt  and  architect  Francis  Biton?
  18. 18. A  new  revolu?on  not  for  «  cheap  products  »  only A  3D-­‐printed  Handbag  &  Iphone  Case ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 8  
  19. 19. A  new  revolu?on  not  for  «  cheap  products  »  only Print  your  own  customized  guitar   ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 8
  20. 20. A  new  revolu?on  not  for  «  cheap  products  »  only Print  your  furnitures ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 8  
  21. 21. A  new  revolu?on  not  for  «  cheap  products  »  only Print  your  house… ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 8  
  22. 22. A  new  revolu?on  not  for  «  cheap  products  »  only Print  your  house… ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 8  
  23. 23. A  new  revolu?on  emerges  … In  the  United  States,  some  tried  prin?ng  ...  firearms! automatic-fires-over-600-rounds ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 8  
  24. 24. A  new  revolu?on  emerges  … In  the  United  States,  some  tried  prin?ng  ...  firearms! automatic-fires-over-600-rounds ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 8   The  World's  First  En?rely  3D-­‐Printed  Gun
  25. 25. A  new  revolu?on  is  coming… Build  your  own  drone almost-anything-into-an-unmanned-aerial-vehicle/?fromcat=a ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 8  
  26. 26. A  new  revolu?on  is  coming… A  printed  car…  cheaper  and  more  environmental-­‐friendly ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 8  
  27. 27. A  new  revolu?on  is  coming… Complex  metal  pieces  being  printed  ! ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 8  
  28. 28. A  new  revolu?on  is  coming… Chinese  fighter  plane  components… ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 8   China  is  the  only  country  able  to  master  3D  prin?ng  of  massive  ?tanium  pieces  
  29. 29. A  new  revolu?on  is  coming… Pieces  from  the  interna?onal  space  sta?on vers-eur-iss-2014-actualite-1767622.htm ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 8   From  2014,  a  printer  able  to  work  in  state  of  microgravity  will  be  used  to  create  spare  and   replacement  pieces  and  other  accessories  such  as  belt  buckles
  30. 30. A  new  revolu?on  is  coming… From  plas?c  to  electronic  by  Microsoy plastique-plus-de-l-electronique.asp ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 8   This  printer  would  be  able  to  print  full  items  composed  of  different  electronic  components  and   to  program  microcontrollers
  31. 31. A  new  revolu?on  is  coming… From  your  printer  to  your  plate   ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 8   Personalize  your  food
  32. 32. A  new  revolu?on  is  coming… From  your  printer  to  your  plate  !   ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 8   A  pizza  printer  to  set  up  the  world  hunger faim-dans-le-monde/
  33. 33. A  new  revolu?on  is  coming… From  your  printer  to  your  plate  !   ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 8   Startup  Modern  Meadow  prints  meat  from  stem  cells steaks-imprimes.shtml
  34. 34. A  new  revolu?on  is  coming… From  your  printer  to  your  plate  !   ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 8   Print  your  own  chocolates
  35. 35. 3D  Prin?ng Technology  now  easily  available hjp://   ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 9   Makerbot  sales  3D  printers  for  $2199  in  the  United  States
  36. 36. 3D  Prin?ng Technology  never  stop  evolving  :  for  example  the  3D  prin?ng  Pen hjp://­‐the-­‐worlds-­‐first-­‐3d-­‐prin?ng-­‐pen   ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 10  
  37. 37. 3D  Prin?ng Print  your  pictures  in  3D  ! ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 10  
  38. 38. 3D  Prin?ng To  defy  gravity  … ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 10   The  material  solidifies  in  contact  with  air
  39. 39. A  new  revolu?on  emerges  … Teleport  an  item,  a  product  ?   ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 11   3D#Prin(ng# =# Digitalize#the#material# from#Atoms#to#Octets#
  40. 40. 3D  Prin?ng  explosion A  large-­‐scale  revolu?on?   Let’s&try&…& Imagine&the&implica4ons&of&this& innova4on…&
  41. 41. A  designer  can  get  a  worldwide  delivery overnight  and  become  an  interna?onal  brand  in  a  few  days  ...   ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 13   Deliver  a  product =  deliver  a  file
  42. 42. A  designer  can  get  a  worldwide  delivery overnight  and  become  an  interna?onal  brand  in  a  few  days  ...   ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 14   Spread  a  product,  at  the  speed  and  the  scale  of  Gangnam  Style  ?
  43. 43. If  customers  can  download  a  product... Instantaneously  …  what  will  the  retail  be  for  ?   ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 15   3D#prin(ng# ! Unlimited!choice! Instant!availability! ! Open! 24/24!7/7! ! No!Shipping!cost! ! No!Parking!fees! ! No!Latency! ! CustomizaDon! ! Poor!environmental! impact! ! ! Retail# ! Unlimited!choice! Low!availability! ! Open! 8/24!5/7! ! Shipping!cost! ! Parking!fees! ! Latency! ! Poor!customizaDon! ! Significant!environmental! impact! !
  44. 44. 3D  prin?ng  will  undermine  the  whole  value  chain  ! The  end  of  the  freight  industry?   ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 16  
  45. 45. 3D  prin?ng  will  reassess  the  complete  value  chain Even  UPS  now  does  3D  prin?ng  !   ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 16   Six  pick  up  stores  in  San  Diego  for  small  businesses  and  individuals
  46. 46. 3D  prin?ng  will  undermine  the  whole  value  chain  ! The  end  of  the  Chinese  manufacturer  Empire  ?   ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 17  
  47. 47. 3D  prin?ng  will  undermine  the  whole  value  chain  ! The  end  of  storage,  wholesalers,  and  parts?   ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 18  
  48. 48. Who  will  be  the  next  leaders  of  the  3D  economy  ? Ques?on  :  Who  will  launch  the  «iTunes»  of  3D  Files   ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 19  
  49. 49. Who  will  be  the  next  leaders  of  the  3D  economy  ? Amazon  now  have  a  dedicated  sec?on  to  3D  prin?ng   ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 19  
  50. 50. ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 20   Ever  wondered  how  3D  ar?sts  showcase  their  work  on  the  web? Sketchfab,  the  “YouTube  of  3D  content”
  51. 51. Clue  :  Amazon  revenue  =  $  1.6  Billion  … Commercializing  its  hos?ng  in  Cloud hjp://     ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 20   One  of  the  future  winners  of  #dematerializa?on  and  #virtualiza?on
  52. 52. You  think  you  can  avoid  the  consequences... Remember  about  the  music  industry...   ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 21   #blindness  and  #resistance  to  change
  53. 53. Remember  about  the  music  industry  ... And  its  desperate  struggle  against  piracy  and  illegal  downloading  ...   ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 22   Figh?ng  an  already  lost  bajle  :  Pyramid  against  network
  54. 54. Imagine  if  customers  could  copy  your  products  … instantly  and  globally  ?   ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 23   Figh?ng  an  already  lost  bajle  :  Pyramid  against  network
  55. 55. Imagine  if  consumers  could  just  duplicate  your  products Well  actually…   ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 23   What  if  we  could  just  print  a  mp3  to  a  vinyl  record  ?
  56. 56. Already  a  first  step  to  illegal  forgery Legal  issues  are  already  striking   ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 23   A  fan  who  was  prin?ng  Final  Fantasy  VII  figurines    was  asked  to  stop  his  ac?vity
  57. 57. Torrent  Websites  already  offer  …. 3D  Prin?ng  source  files     ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 23  
  58. 58. An  Online  Database  to  find  the  perfect  3D  Printer …  From  the  hobbyist  to  the  professional hjp:// ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 23   189$ $24  650
  59. 59. A  price  comparison  site  dedicate  to  3D  printers… A  technology  becoming  even  more  affordable  star?ng  from  $350!   hjp:// ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 23  
  60. 60. Legal  bajles  … …  coming  soon hjp://­‐will-­‐be-­‐awesome-­‐if-­‐they-­‐dont-­‐screw-­‐it-­‐up   ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 24   Legal  Temporality  versus  Technological  Temporality  =  #fail  
  61. 61. And  if  they  change  or  improve  your  products  before... ...  redelivering  created  files  ...   ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 25  
  62. 62. And  if  they  change  or  improve  your  products  before... ...  redelivering  created  files  ...   ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 26   How  to  win  when  your  customers  become  your  compe?tors  /  enemies  ?
  63. 63. FabLabs,  the  “Internet  cafe”  for  Makers One  more  step  towards  3D  Prin?ng  for  all   ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 26   Try  >  Learn  >  Make  together  >  Share  the  knowledge
  64. 64. TOP  Office  generalize  3D  Prin?ng By  offering  its  clients  the  possibility  to  print  objects  in  their  stores   ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 26
  65. 65. And  if  tomorrow  the  concept  of  Copyright  lapses  ? Would  your  “business  model”  survive  ?   ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 27  
  66. 66. 3D  Prin?ng  explosion  ? A  large-­‐scale  revolu?on  ?   It#sounds#crazy#?# Yet,#this#is#only#the#beginning#…#
  67. 67. 3D  Prin?ng  serving  the  medical  field Print  your  foetus…     ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 31   Now  possible  to  print  your  ultrasound…
  68. 68. 3D  Prin?ng  serving  the  medical  field Magic  Arms  Project  (easy  way  to  reprint  parts  while  the  child  body  is  growing)     ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 31   An  affordable  exoskeleton  to  assist  disabled  children
  69. 69. 3D  Prin?ng  serving  the  medical  field 3-­‐D-­‐Printed  implant  can  replace  a  part  of  Man's  Skull hjp://­‐03/get-­‐brand-­‐new-­‐skull-­‐3-­‐d-­‐prin?ng?dom=€&src=SOC   ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 31   This  implant  is  mechanically  similar  to  bone  !
  70. 70. 3D  Prin?ng  serving  the  medical  field Print  a  complete  jaw hjp://­‐first-­‐3d-­‐printed-­‐jaw-­‐implant/ ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 31   It’s  now  possible  to  print  a  full  ?tanium  jaw
  71. 71. 3D  Prin?ng  serving  the  medical  field A  printed  ear  to  op?mize  your  audi?on hjp://­‐printed-­‐ear-­‐princeton/ ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 31   This  ear  can  amplify  your  sense  of  hearing
  72. 72. 3D  Prin?ng  serving  the  medical  field A  light  and  washable  medical  cast hjp://­‐3d-­‐platre-­‐moderne/ ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 31   Forget  uncomfortable  and  heavy  plaster  cast
  73. 73. 3D  Prin?ng  serving  the  medical  field 3D  printed  bioresorbable  splint  used  for  first  ?me  ever hjp:// ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 31   Baby's  Life  Saved  With  Groundbreaking  3-­‐D  Printed  Device  That  Restored  His  Breathing
  74. 74. What  about  prin?ng... …  a  human  organ  ? hjp://  ,  10:30  to  14:38   ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 29  
  75. 75. What  about  prin?ng... ...  Synthe?c  ?ssues ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 29   For  replacing  or  interfacing  with  damaged  human  ?ssues
  76. 76. Bio  Prin?ng  is  coming All  cyborgs  ?       ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 30   Unlimited  #Grays  #Ethics    #Doping    #Everlas?ng  life
  77. 77. Bio  Prin?ng  is  coming Will  you  refuse  to  be  grayed  to  be  as  produc?ve  as  your  co-­‐workers?     ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 31   Moore's  Law  applied  to  humans?  #Augmented  Humans
  78. 78. President  Barack  Obama  himself… …men?oned  3D  prin?ng  in  his  state  of  the  Union  speech   ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 23   «  3D  prin?ng  has  the  poten?al  to  revolu?onize  the  way  we  make  almost  everything  »
  79. 79. President  Barack  Obama  himself… …  announced  the  crea?on  of  an  agency  dedicated  to  3D  prin?ng  innova?ons   ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 23   Na(onal  Addi(ve  Manufacturing  Innova(on  Ins(tute
  80. 80. 3D  prin?ng  will  have  an  impact  at  least  as  big  ... …  as  Gutenberg’s  inven?on  of  prin?ng   ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 32  
  81. 81. 3D  prin?ng  will  have  a  great  impact   …  a  deep  poten?al  economic  impact ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 32   Source : McKinsey
  82. 82. 3D  prin?ng  will  have  a  great  impact A  tech  reaching  the  top  of  the  Gartner  Hype  Cycle ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 32   Source : Gartner
  83. 83. 3D  prin?ng  will  have  a  great  impact Con?nuously  more  affordable… ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 32  
  84. 84. 3D  prin?ng  will  have  a  great  impact A  great  economic  impact ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 32 According  to  a  study  from  the  Michigan  Technological  University   3D  prin(ng  could  help  families  to  save  up  from  $300  to  $2000/year
  85. 85. 3D  prin?ng  will  have  a  great  impact We  gave  it  a  try  ! ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 32
  86. 86. 3D  prin?ng’s  impact Some  figures   ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 33   60  000  3D  printers  sell  worldwide  in  2012… …  twice  the  number  of  year  2011 …  four  (mes  the  number  of  2010 Es(ma(ons $3,7  billions  in  2015   $6,5  billions  in  2019 Stratasys,  specialized  in  3D  printer  manufacturing, has  seen  its  capitaliza(on  increase  by  480%
  87. 87. 3D  prin?ng’s  impact Some  figures   ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 33   June  2013 Stratasys,  industrial  3D  prin?ng  specialist  bought Makerbot,  leader  of  the  office  3D  printer For  $403  millions  !
  88. 88. 3D  prin?ng’s  impact 2014,  a  new  step  forward  for  3D  prin?ng  ?     ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 33   Texte 2009 The  end  of  patent  has  helped  democra?zing  this  new  technology 2014 Selec?ve  Laser  Sintering  (SLS)  entering  the  public  domain Consequences   Higher  quality  of  the  printed  goods Drop  of  the  printers  and  materials’  prices
  89. 89. 3D  prin?ng’s  impact   So… A  simple  evolu(on  or  a  great  revolu(on  ?   ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 33   •  A  transi?on  technology •  3D  prin?ng  is  s?ll  not  mature  enough  for  a  serious  market •  Not  yet  able  to  replace  the  whole  industrial  supply  chain •  Weaknesses  :  material  quality,  low  resolu?on,  fragility  of  the   printed  goods,  s?ll  not  completely  user  friendly But  :  innova?ons  are  succeeding  and  are  making  3D  prin?ng  always   more  efficient.  
  90. 90. 3D  prin?ng’s  impact   ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 33   The  breaking  point  ?   When  it’ll  be  cheaper  to  print  your  own  item  rather  than  import  it  from   China  or  any  other  place  where  it  is  made. So… A  simple  evolu(on  or  a  great  revolu(on  ?  
  91. 91. A  “Bigger  than  the  web”  revolu?on  ?     ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 33   Idea End UserPrototype Manufacturing Assemblage Distribution Stockage Shop Transportation Transportation Transportation Transportation Transportation Transportation 3D Printing
  92. 92. 3D  prin?ng’s  impact Key  stakes   1.  3D  prin?ng  has  excited  for  25  years…  But  the  great  evolu?on  is  that  it  is  now  used  to   print  finished  goods  and  not  just  prototypes 2.  It’s  a  technology  which  is  inherent  to  the  ongoing  dematerializa?on  process 3.  It  offers  the  possibility  to  (almost)  anyone  to  personalize  or  to  repair  final  goods   without  having  to  deal  with  tradi?onal  industry.  A  possible  solu?on  to  planned   obsolescence  ? 4.  Affordability  :  the  price  of  a  3D  printer  decreased  by  50%  every  year 5.  Ques?ons  concerning  intellectual  property  are  already  striking   6.  3D  prin?ng  does  not  allow  large-­‐scale  produc?on 7.  S?ll  impossible  today  to  use  3D  prin?ng  with  some  specific  materials  (wood  etc.) ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 33   But  it  is  just  a  ma>er  of  (me...
  93. 93. To  conclude  ...   ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 34   •  
  94. 94. Download  these  slides   Download  these  slides www.hubins? ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 34   •  
  95. 95. Check  our  latest  reports... ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 34  
  96. 96. 3D  prin(ng  is  complicated…  but  some  sites  are  here  to  help!   ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 34   hjp:// Learn  about  3D  prin?ng  and  compare  3D  prin?ng  products.  •  Aniwaa  seeks  to  provide  basic   informa?on  about  3D  prin?ng   and  offers  simple   comparison  engines  for  3D  printers,  3D  scanners,  and  3D  soyware.   •    Aniwaa  helps  you  understand   how   3D   prin?ng   works   and  strive   to  use   basic   terminology  and  explana?ons  to  provide   a  comprehensive   overview   of   the   3D   prin?ng  ecosystem.   •  Their   unique   comparison  engines,   covering   all  the  products   of  the  3D   prin?ng   ecosystem,  set  them  apart  from  many  other  3D  prin?ng  sites.
  97. 97. HUB  Ins(tute  -­‐  Digital  Think  Tank ©HUB  Ins?tute.  All  rights  reserved    |  www.HUBins? 34   Vincent  Ducrey Digital communication expert Email : Twitter : Linkedin : Emmanuel  Vivier Digital marketing expert Email : Twitter : Linkedin : Téléphone : + Adresse : 51 rue François 1er - 75008 Paris France