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Ethics in Media


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Ethics in Media

  1. 1. Group 4Ethics in Media Leslie Shannon Rachel Alyssa
  2. 2. Entertainment• Entertainment media and their responsibility to the public—displayed in the commission’s 1947 report. It recognized the power of the media to mold and shape values and public opinion, and to educate.
  3. 3. Product Placement• The Voice: Starbucks• American Idol: Coca-Cola – In 2011 had 577 product placements within 39 episodes• The X Factor: Pepsi• Biggest Loser: Subway
  4. 4. Subliminal Advertising“Below the threshold of consciousness” – HISTORY • Pioneer - James Vicarey • 1957 – used in movies • Too quick for viewer to consciously recognize
  5. 5. Political• Television Commercials• News/Magazine Advertisements• New Media: Social Media Sites – Twitter – Facebook – News Apps – Essembly
  6. 6. Political-When’s the last time you saw a political campaign advertisement on television or perhaps somewhere else?-Politicians have found innovative ways to connect with their targeted audience through the internet and TV in less obvious ways
  7. 7. Political• X6Cw – Chrysler half time super bowl commercial causes chaos. – Assumptions made that the commercial was actually pro president Obama.