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Turn Your Reviews into Revenue


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Your customers expect to read positive reviews about your business when they search for you on the web. Learn how reviews impact your business and what to focus on to turn them into revenue.

We can simplify your reputation management with a simple, affordable, and easy system that you can manage yourself. Contact us today for a free demonstration of our Revenue Marketing System at (480) 694-6940.

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Turn Your Reviews into Revenue

  1. 1. Turn Your Reviews into Revenue Brought to you by Norma HuibregtseNorma Huibregtse Local Marketing SpecialistLocal Marketing Specialist
  2. 2. Did You Know? Did you know that 94% of new customers use search engines to find local businesses… ...and that 70% of households use the internet as their go-to source when purchasing local products & services?
  3. 3. Search ResultsSearch Results People don’t have time to visit every search result, right? Many won’t ever visit a company’s website before making the decision to call.
  4. 4. So What Do They Do Instead?So What Do They Do Instead? ‣ They simply scan the reviews on each listing. They want to see what Other People are saying ‣ They’re looking for what’s known as a Social Signal. Social Signals are your current customers talking about your business and sharing their experience openly online
  5. 5. It’s Obvious That you Need to Be at the Top of the Search Engines when people look for you. Problem is, Getting to the Top isn’t Easy these Days, and it’s Not Cheap Either. It’s Time To Stop Chasing Search Results... Getting To The Top
  6. 6. We’ve seen local business owners pay as much as $1,000 to $1,500 per month for SEO services. And the problem is, this whole process can take weeks–even months–to see results, if at all. The Problem with SEO
  7. 7. But here’s the real problem, and what most marketing companies are not telling you: Being at the top is still not enough to guarantee leads and sales for your business. SEO Results
  8. 8. Your Still Have Competition ‣ there’s nothing that makes you stand out…… ‣ You’re Still Competing With the Other 10 ‣ no reason for a customer to choose you over your competitor
  9. 9. Why are Reviews Relevant?Why are Reviews Relevant? Which listing do you think the customer is going to choose? They’re going to choose the first listing they see that has the most positive reviews, right?
  10. 10. Who WouldWho Would YOUYOU Choose?Choose?
  11. 11. 70% of customers trust a business with a minimum of 6 to 10 reviews. Approximately 72% of consumers surveyed said that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, even those by anonymous posters! Why Reviews Are Important!Why Reviews Are Important! You need to know what customers are saying about your business as soon as it happens. Reference Sources: ComScore, Nielson, Gartner, Google, and Other Reported Studies
  12. 12. Over half of people surveyed said that positive online reviews make them more likely to choose a local business. The Question is…. Do you have a minimum of 6-10 positive reviews to help a potential customer choose you? The Power of Positive ReviewsThe Power of Positive Reviews
  13. 13. That’s just the minimum! This requirement isn’t going away anytime soon. And that’s just based on web search. You need to be Front & Center for your potential customers, exactly when they need you. And today more than ever, you also need to be mobile- search optimized. The Power of Positive ReviewsThe Power of Positive Reviews
  14. 14. It’s All About Digital Curb AppealIt’s All About Digital Curb Appeal You want your business to look like the best house on the block.
  15. 15. Smart Phone Users Are Looking For You!Smart Phone Users Are Looking For You! 1/3 of all searches for a local business are now made on a mobile device. 95% of Smartphone users have searched for local information. Reference Sources: ComScore, Nielson, Gartner, Google, and Other Reported Studies
  16. 16. Do the MathDo the Math 1 billion 1.5 billion 2.3 billion 3.45 billion! 2009 2010 2011 2012 Annual Local Searches This year, that adds up to over 1 Billion Annual Local Searches being made on mobile devices... and that number is increasing each year. Reference Sources: ComScore, Nielson, Gartner, Google, and Other Reported Studies
  17. 17. 61% of Mobile Searchers Call A Business After a Search...After a Search... 59% Visit the Actual Location 90% of these people take action within 24 hours! Reference Sources: ComScore, Nielson, Gartner, Google, and Other Reported Studies
  18. 18. Build Trust & CredibilityBuild Trust & Credibility Ratings give searchers an instant snapshot of your business reputation based on real customer experiences. When they see a company with positive reviews, it’s an instant trust & credibility booster making your phone ring. This is great news for companies with positive reviews by their listings… and bad news for those who don’t.
  19. 19. Search Engine LoveSearch Engine Love Why do the Search Engines care about how many reviews you have? Simple. They want to deliver the best results for users.... So who do you think they’re going to favor… … a company with no reviews?… or a company with dozens of glowing ones?
  20. 20. More Reviews = More MoneyMore Reviews = More Money ★ A 1/2 star or even just a .2% differential in the overall ratings could mean life or death... ★ Because bad reviews cost you real money. ★ A recent Harvard Business School study found that a one star rating decrease can reduce revenues by nearly 10%, so it literally pays you to stay on top of all the reviews that are posted about your business. “ “ = $$$
  21. 21. Your Goal!Your Goal! Your goal is to get the best reviews you can.
  22. 22. Your Goal!Your Goal! ...and then get as many reviews as you can
  23. 23. ‣ Paying to be at the top is great, but it can be risky, time consuming, expensive and by itself, still doesn’t guarantee more leads and sales for you. ‣ Customers use online reviews in choosing a business. ‣ Businesses are rewarded by having the most positive reviews. Review FactsReview Facts
  24. 24. Reference Sources: ComScore, Nielson, Gartner, Google, and Other Reported Studies Don’t Take My Word For it...Don’t Take My Word For it... 70% of customers trust a business with a minimum of 6-10 reviews 72% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations
  25. 25. Reviews are Like Sales RepsReviews are Like Sales Reps When you have these reviews, it’s like having an army of virtual sales reps, working 24/7, recommending and promoting your business…… without asking for a penny in return.
  26. 26. Reviews Improve RankingReviews Improve Ranking The more reviews you have, the more likely you are to improve your overall search engine rankings... ...all while increasing the chances of making a sale.
  27. 27. ‣ Our unique service focuses mainly on generating powerful reviews for business owners just like you. … and as a result, boosting search engine rankings, and making your business the “obvious choice” for potential customers. ‣ So the question is, how do we do it? Increase Online Leads & SalesIncrease Online Leads & Sales
  28. 28. ‣ We already know that the more reviews a local business has, the greater the chance they have to rank and grab a customers attention, right? ‣ And we know that more reviews equals more trust and more sales for a local business too, yes? ‣ So your key goal is to get more reviews. Reputation RecapReputation Recap
  29. 29. Our Proprietary, Easy-to-Implement System helps you generate positive reviews for your business, leveraging your recent satisfied customers to see results fast! The Reputation Marketing System
  30. 30. Where Reviews Come FromWhere Reviews Come From They’re added by Your Customers! Reviews of Your Business are Posted on Search Sites like Google, Local Business Directories and other Review Websites... These sites take your average review rating and display it with your listing like a grading system to potential customers.
  31. 31. How It’s DoneHow It’s Done With one simple system, you’re now generating more positive reviews, which leads to more sales, increases your exposure online, and achieves better rankings. And there’s another benefit to all of this: with so many positive reviews you’ll drown out negative reviews and protect your reputation.
  32. 32. What About Those Negative Reviews?What About Those Negative Reviews? #OMG For every bad experience a customer has, they will tell TEN other people about it! But, for every good experience, they only tell one other person... We are making it easier to spread the positive reviews while minimizing adverse affects and helping mitigate the negative ones!
  33. 33. Take Control of Your Reputation You Control Your Online Image! The Success of Your Business is Anchored to Your Reputation Remember: You CAN Turn Your Reviews into Revenue!
  34. 34. I’m Sure You’d Agree Based on The Facts We’ve Just Discussed That Increasing the Number of Positive Ratings and Reviews Directly Relates To Your Business Growth and Annual Revenue. Grow Your Business
  35. 35. At Captivated Customers, we’ve combined the Most-Effective, long-term marketing strategy for local business with a proven system to Guarantee Quick Results. Reputation Marketing System
  36. 36. Together We’ll Ensure Your ReviewsTogether We’ll Ensure Your Reviews MakeMake YOURYOUR Business The Obvious ChoiceBusiness The Obvious Choice
  37. 37. (480) 694-6940 Get Started TodayGet Started Today Call us to ScheduleCall us to Schedule Your Free Demonstration of ourYour Free Demonstration of our Review Marketing SystemReview Marketing System