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Aka outspring introduction linkedin


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Aka outspring introduction linkedin

  1. 1. Talents for Western and Chinese Companies.
  2. 2. Our Exclusive and Unique Tools.“The Operational Training Center”
  3. 3. We train on Western Method & Mindset, - the key for employees development inside Western Companies. - the key for Western customers satisfaction. Hands on training method : ► dedicated for Chinese team members, ► optimized for competency transmission.To provide OPERATIONAL TRAINING,Operational and Optimized Return on Investment
  4. 4. GO BEYOND THE RESUME, KNOW WHO YOU’RE HIRING. Observe your Interact with yourcandidates in Action. candidates. 68% time saving Vs normal process To operate RECRUITMENT SESSION, COST efficiency and TIME saving.
  5. 5. IDENTIFY CANDIDATES, BEFORE HIRING.Send your candidates for Technical competency asassessment and receive a well as attitude full report. demonstrated on the field. Free of time for you as recruiter.To operate CANDIDATES ASSESSMENT, Reinforce sorting / Reduce risk.
  6. 6. INTERVIEW A CANDIDATE ALREADY ASSESSED ON ATTITUDES AND TRAINED ON BASIC JOB TASK. Save your time as recruiterTo provide PROFILE PLACEMENT.Recruit candidates already assessed and trained.
  7. 7. Operation Domain.
  8. 8. Position Concerned.