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Yissum short


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Published in: Technology, Economy & Finance
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Yissum short

  1. 1. 1Yissum’s MissionTo promote the transfer of Hebrew University technologyfor the benefit of society, while maximizing returns tosupport research, education and scientific excellenceYissum = Hebrew for ‘application’
  2. 2. 2A Heritage of Excellence1921 Nobel Prize in Physics to Albert EinsteinZurich University, Founder and Supporter of HU1976 Turing Award in Computer Science to Michael RabinHebrew University & Harvard University2002 Nobel Prize in Economics to Daniel KahnemanPrinceton, Alumnus and Fellow at the Center for the Study of Rationality2005 Nobel Prize in Economics to Robert J. AumannHebrew University, Center for the Study of Rationality2006 Nobel Prize in Chemistry to Roger KornbergStanford, Researcher at the Life Science Faculty, HU2010 Stockholm Prize in Criminology to David WeisburdHebrew University, Institute of Criminology, Faculty of LawAlfred Nobel
  3. 3. 3Areas of ExpertisePharmacology andMedicineBrain ResearchNanoscience andAdvanced MaterialsAgricultureCleantechEngineering andComputer Science
  4. 4. 445 Years of Transferring TechnologiesProducts based on Hebrew University technologies &commercialized by Yissum generate $1.3 Billion in annual sales6,100 patents1,750 inventions450 licenses65 spin-offs
  5. 5. 5A Record of Achievement$59 million in revenues 2008 ($51 millionin 2007)$47 million royalties and licensing$12 million sponsored research & servicesHU net research budget $110 millionRanked in top 15 worldwide (AUTM)Leading US TTO revenues FY2008MIT $89 million(Research budget: $1.2 billion)Stanford $50 million(Research budget: $1 billion)
  6. 6. 6Israel Tech Transfer OrganizationYissum -a leadingmember ofthe ITTNYissum5%40%The purpose of theITTN is to permitIsraeli generatedintellectual propertyto translate moreeasily into marketableproductsYedaTechnionRamotTel AvivMedicalCenterMor HadasitCarmelBen GurionBar Ilan21%13%8% 1%2%1%4%5%
  7. 7. 7Selected Yissum Spin-Off Companies
  8. 8. 8Global Reach
  9. 9. 9Success Stories - TomatoesThe world’s most popular cocktail hybrids forgreenhouse productionProf. Nachum KedarProf. Haim RabinowichDepartment of Field Crops, Vegetables and Genetics:Faculty of Agriculture, Food and EnvironmentalSciencesThe Hebrew University Rehovot CampusLong Shelf Life Tomatoes
  10. 10. 10Success Stories - PeppersBreeding of Blocky type pepper hybrids for growing undermild winter conditions. Market leader in Spain, Israel &Mexico In collaboration with Zeraim Gedera (Fully ownedby Syngenta)Dr. Yonatan ElkindDepartment of Field Crops, Vegetables and Genetics:Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environmental SciencesThe Hebrew University Rehovot CampusHybrid Peppers
  11. 11. 11Success Stories - DoxilAlza’s Lead Product for OncologyProf. Yechezkel BarenholzDepartment of Biochemistry, Faculty of MedicineThe Hebrew University of JerusalemProf. Alberto GabizonHadassah University Hospital Jerusalem2008 sales $430 millionDOXIL®- Doxorubicin HCI liposome injection
  12. 12. 12Success Stories - ExelonFor Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease and DementiaProf. Marta Weinstock-RosinDepartment of Pharmacology, Faculty of MedicineThe Hebrew University of Jerusalem2008 sales $815 millionExelon®
  13. 13. 13Success Stories - MobileyeAdvanced vision based driver assistance system foraccident preventionProf. Amnon ShashuaComputer Science & Engineering, Faculty of ScienceThe Hebrew University of Jerusalem2007 Valuation of $600 million(a Goldman Sachs investment)Mobileye