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What We Learned From Putting on a Design-a-thon Webinar Slides

We learned a LOT from the Untethered Design-a-thon, and we want to share it all with YOU! We'll dive into the data and give you an honest, behind-the-scenes view of the Design-a-thon. We'll also discuss the design thinking behind the planning and structure of the event, specifically the circle workshops. Finally, our panelists will share some of the ideas from the event that they believe will shape events going forward.

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What We Learned From Putting on a Design-a-thon Webinar Slides

  1. 1. Welcome Allie Magyar Ann Plana Naomi Clare Crellin
  2. 2. Some Housekeeping Items • The Untethered Design-a-thon will stay live for the next 3 months • Most sessions are available on- demand • Today’s webinar recording and slides will be sent to you tomorrow
  3. 3. Our biggest takeaways
  4. 4. Virtual Event Expert Planned at Least One large Virtual Event Planned some virtual events Attended virtual events but not planned them No experience with virtual events People know what they’re doing Untethered 2020 Untethered 2021 Virtual Event Expert Planned at Least One large Virtual Event Planned some virtual events Attended virtual events but not planned them No experience
  5. 5. Pre-show survey Small Group Discussion Interactive Workshop Other Experience and Practice Other Most engaging? How do you learn? Most rewarding? Presenter-Led Presentations (15-20 min) Participatory Discussions (25-40 min) Hands-on Workshops (45-60 min)
  6. 6. Popular Session Types How people engaged
  7. 7. What People Thought About the Circles “I've attended a myriad of events for event producers and this one was definitely top notch--it stood out with the deeply collaborative aspect of the circles” – Julie Honse “I loved the circles” – Jenn Artura “You have restored my faith in the possibility of networking at virtual events. I loved twine and the circles - awesome experiences!” – Hannah Pattison “Circles were awesome even if I only had time to do one” – Stephanie Menashe
  8. 8. What People Thought About the Circles It was the most engaging part of Design-a-thon! Circles Keynotes Brain Bites Social Sessions Other
  9. 9. Circle Participation Total Attendance Circle Sign-ups Circle Attendance
  10. 10. Mind blown moments
  11. 11. The Ideas Book Starting May 2021
  12. 12. Mind Blown Moments We stop feeling fatigued when it is something that is authentic and meaningful. People that watch ESPN or twitch don’t get fatigued because they’re all-in on the content they are consuming. And that makes all the difference. – Melissa Blackshear, Maritz Global Events Hybrid Technology
  13. 13. Mind Blown Moments My mind blown moment was the idea of having the sponsors lead targeted cohorts of attendees. That is genius to have them build that relationship and guide attendees through the event. The value sponsors would get out of that would be huge. – Marlys Arnold, Tradeshow Consultant and Author Future of Marketing
  14. 14. Mind Blown Moments Looking ahead we must remember that while we are not brain surgeons we have people’s lives in our hands – Nancy Shaffer, Live Events Coalition Health, Safety & Wellness
  15. 15. Mind Blown Moments The best engagement strategy is starting out with the why. – Marcus White, MCW Events Measure & Monetize
  16. 16. Mind Blown Moments Events have been blown up, and we don’t have to stick to these rigid ways of doing everything. People are willing to experiment and try new things. – Justin Martinez, Technology Association of Oregon Digitally Integrated Production
  17. 17. Mind Blown Moments Now more than ever with digital being the driver of event branding and messaging, event teams and planners are stewards for inclusion and accessibility. You can't ignore it. – Jamie Timperley, Dynamic Events Content Journeys
  18. 18. Mind Blown Moments Rather than trying to make a virtual and live event that happen at the exact same time and connect everyone, focus on the unique opportunities each format provides . – Curtis Haley, Beyond Consulting Audience Design
  19. 19. Mind Blown Moments If you think about events in the context of pre-event during-event, and post-event, and starting to blur into communities, you aren’t talking about virtual and in-person experiences. We all start as virtual attendees pre-event and are virtual post-event. During the event, some will dip their toes into an in-person experience, but there is a virtual line that runs throughout the experience. Thinking in this framework changes how you can bring your event to your attendees. – Lawrence Coburn, twine Community Connection & Engagement
  20. 20. What’s on our minds?
  21. 21. Fall Hybrid 2021
  22. 22. Q&A
  23. 23. Thank you! Allie Magyar Ann Plana Naomi Clare Crellin