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Webinar: Using Chatbots to Enhance the Event Experience


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If you haven’t yet experimented with chatbot technology at your events, or if you have and want to learn more about the different ways chatbots can make your job as an event planner easier, this webinar is for you.

Hosted by Robert Caldwell, a founding partner at Sciensio, Hubb’s July webinar will cover the real-world application of chatbots in the event industry by reviewing key industry trends and individual case studies.

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Webinar: Using Chatbots to Enhance the Event Experience

  1. 1. AI CHATBOTS THE POWER OF How Artificial Intelligence Drives Richer Experiences Opportunities and Challenges
  2. 2. ex·pe·ri·ence ˌikˈspirēəns/ noun: experience • practical contact with and observation of facts or events. • an event or occurrence that leaves an impression on someone. verb: experience • encounter or undergo (an event or occurrence). • feel (an emotion). “Experience is really about providing the opportunity for attendees to consume content in an environment that generates a positive impression or emotion.”
  3. 3. • Abraham Maslow led a movement in 1960’s to focus on the “good” in people (vs. a “bag of symptoms”) • Developed a system of fulfilling human needs in priority – called it his hierarchy of needs. Mazlow’s Hierarchy:
  4. 4. Basic Needs Psychologic al Needs Self- Fulfillment Needs Breathing, food, water, warmth, sex, sleep, excretion… Security of body, health, family, employment, resources… Friendship, family, sexual intimacy… Confidence, self-esteem, achievement, respect by & for others… Morality, creativity, spontaneity, problem-solving, lack of prejudice, acceptance of facts, achieving one’s full potential… Mazlow’s Hierarchy:
  5. 5. Shelter, food, water… Physical and intellectual safety… A welcoming environment… The opportunity to connect with peers on subjects of common interest… “Aha”, the ability to open your attendees to complete experiences… Mazlow’s Event Hierarchy: Basic Needs Psychologica l Needs Self- Fulfillment Needs
  6. 6. Inform / Engage / Experience Basic Needs Psychological Needs Self- Fulfillment Needs Only once these needs have been met… Can you unlock experience
  7. 7. • Clayton Christensen – Harvard Business School Professor • Focused on Innovation & Disruption • Posited that consumers make decisions based upon “Job to Be Done” Christensen’s JTBD:
  8. 8. What job do you hire a milkshake for? • To deliver sweet goodness? • To provide a beverage with a meal? • To drown your sorrow in calories? • It turns out, none of these……. Christensen’s JTBD:
  9. 9. Alexification….. • We have an entire society that has been trained to get instant answers • Weather, news, music, directions, etc • Why is your show any different?
  10. 10. Christensen’s JTBD:
  11. 11. The Event Organizer's Dilemma: Staffing to the valley and communicating to the peaks…..
  12. 12. Print Website Event Apps Human SupportEmail There are many different options to communicate… But all have drawbacks and are hard to change quickly Can’t Notify Limited Information Long wait times Requires download Expensive
  13. 13. Introducing Artificial Intelligence Natural Language Processing Chatbots
  14. 14. If you... then you can use an EventBot! Have a phone... Can text... Try an EventBot now by Texting ‘Hi’ to +1 801 948 2200
  15. 15. More importantly… And they already know how to use it! Your attendees have the technology in their hand... Try an EventBot now by Texting ‘Hi’ to +1 801 948 2200
  16. 16. EventBots Support the User In The Channel THEY Want TwitterWebChat MessengerFaceBookSMS Try an EventBot now by Texting ‘Hi’ to 801-948-2200
  17. 17. • Text messages have 98% open rate • Texts are read in under 5 seconds Why text?
  18. 18. Your Messages Actually Get Read Scheduled Notifications Adhoc Notifications
  19. 19. Template Library EventBots have two key components: These are all the questions you can ask the bot. These are all the answers AND who is allowed to see them. Try an EventBot now by Texting ‘Hi’ to +1 801 948 2200
  20. 20. VIP Answers can be personalized based on Identity: Attendee
  21. 21. Try an EventBot now by texting ‘Hi’ to 801-948-2200 Theoretically, Chatbots can answer any question, Scope How much do you want the chatbot to do? Scale For how many? For how long? On how many channels? Practically, you choose:
  22. 22. Focus on the Questions Actually Asked (and all the ways they are asked) Where is the Ladies Room? Help Me Find The Restroom? Nearest Men’s Washroom?
  23. 23. Ask a question… Get an answer… Ask a question… Ask a question… Ask a question… Get an answer… Get an answer… The power of “I Don’t Know…
  24. 24. The power of “I Don’t Know… If your chatbot is not trained on a question….. Not only do you get a written record of what your users asked….. Oh dear... I haven't been trained on that topic. For assistance before the event, the events team is available M-F 9am-5pm ET via phone at 649.111.1800 or at And at the event, our onsite staff will be happy to assist. Attendees are referred to another customer support option (Just like any other channel)
  25. 25. Scheduled or Adhoc Notifications
  26. 26. BizBash “Betty” is Hired • Betty joined the BizBash team for BizBash Live Florida, Los Angeles and NYC • She was hired to answer key attendee questions • She can answer questions on 100+ topics asked over 3.2 million different ways Try an EventBot now by texting ‘Hi’ to 801-948-2200 Meet “Betty”
  27. 27. Betty “In Action” 70% of attendees engaged with Betty 93% Correct Response Rate Average response time < 3 seconds Try an EventBot now by texting ‘Hi’ to 801-948-2200 8,000+ messages Only 112 issues required staff support
  28. 28. • Betty learned how to answer new questions • Betty improved performance Volume: 50%+ increase Accuracy: 10.4% improvement Depth: 8.2% increase • Betty continues to reduce and improve human capital utilization EventBot Case Study: “Betty” Improves
  29. 29. EventBots are the Perfect Technology • They say what you want the way you want it said (every time) • They don’t take breaks, show up hungover, or ask to leave early... • They are constantly learning and can handle hundreds of concurrent interactions • They capture a clear written record of what attendees really ask for
  30. 30. EventBot Process: Quick & Easy Base EventBot Templates • 1 day / 1 schedule / 1 channel Less than 500 attendees • You fill out a simple form, provide links and “fill in the blank” answers • No meetings needed – it usually takes less than 20 minutes • Your EventBot is live in about 2 hours!
  31. 31. • Our team harvests data from your website, schedule, and systems. • Kickoff meeting is about an hour – typically 3-4 meetings total needed • Your Beta bot is ready within 1-2 weeks of kickoff. • Entire process take 6-8 weeks (most of which is us waiting for you) EventBot Process: Quick & Easy Semi-Custom / Custom Bots
  32. 32. ChatBot Process: Challenges & Opportunities (Lead to Solutions) • Organizational Buy In • Content Access • Data Access • Discovery Process • Planning
  33. 33. Conclusions: Only when your attendees free themselves from worry and open themselves to experience - - can you deliver the “Experience” that sets you apart. • Experience is a process • Satisfy basic attendee needs first • Use technology wisely • AI chatbots are here to stay
  34. 34. Questions? Bob Caldwell Founding Partner +1-801-971-4952