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[Webinar] Draw crowds with effective event email marketing campaigns


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Want your email marketing to stand out in cluttered inboxes?

In Hubb’s November webinar, Saad Ahmed, founder and managing director of Digital Aura, will share actionable tips to create effective, automated email marketing campaigns that will get butts in seats at your next conference or event. In this webinar, learn how to:

Drive event registrations by leveraging the power of email marketing and marketing automation.
Increase rate of new & return participants by building effective customer journeys driven by awareness, acquisition and retention marketing strategies.
Enable data-driven marketing programs to more intelligently promote events and boost ROI.
Build end-to-end automated digital marketing that delivers high-value brand awareness.

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[Webinar] Draw crowds with effective event email marketing campaigns

  1. 1. Saad Ahmed Founder, Digital Aura Draw crowds with effective event Email Marketing campaigns
  2. 2. What we’re going to talk about • Utilize Email Marketing and Marketing Automation to drive event registrations by building effective personalized Customer Journeys driven by Awareness, Acquisition, & Retention strategies • Promote events and boost ROI with data-driven marketing programs • Build end-to-end automated Email Marketing and Digital Marketing programs to deliver intelligent high-value event marketing communications
  3. 3. For Marketers • Difficult to increase attendance rates YOY • Unsure if marketing tools are being used effectively For customers • Significant marketing noise for customers • Unclear what action they should take LANDSCAPE Challenges
  4. 4. • 74% of marketers say that email is their most commonly used tool for event promotion. (Source: Marketing Charts). • 50% of event marketers say that getting attendees to respond to their event invites is their largest challenge. (Source: Hubspot) • Only 47% of event planners analyze their email or email invitation data. (EventMB Report, 2018). Graph available EMAIL MARKETING Did you know?
  5. 5. • Personalized high engaging 1:1 communication method • The only type of message that is directly delivered to the inbox fully personalized • High impact method to maintain or generate interest • Most effectively powered by data driven marketing EMAIL MARKETING Introduction to Email
  6. 6. • Segmentation is used as a personalization tactic to deliver more relevant email marketing to subscribers based on their geographic location, interests, purchase history, Sector, Job title, age and more • Segmentation is the highest priority and technique used in email marketing campaigns in 2017. DATA DRIVEN MARKETING Understand Segmentation GEOGRAPHIC DEMOGRAPHIC BEHAVIORAL PSYCHOGRAPHIC
  7. 7. • 40:1 ROI • It’s personal • Raises awareness • Builds trust EMAIL MARKETING Why Email matters
  8. 8. Examples of great invites EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT OPPORTUNITY URGENCY
  9. 9. • Personalization of content. Adding to a nurture list that contains content for the specific leads in process. • Lead Scoring can move specific leads to lists to further nurture them with targeted content. • Segmentation to Nurture lists drops leads into a different process. Depending on the criteria set by you. LEAD NURTURING Intro to Lead Nurturing
  10. 10. Example of Nurture Journey
  11. 11. • Define persona(s) or data segment • Create an activity list • Identify customer goals • Identify all channels • Map out touchpoints SALES FUNNEL Intro to Customer Journey Maps
  12. 12. Journey Map Example
  13. 13. Engagement during event phases
  14. 14. • Streamlines activities automating high-touch repetitive processes • Built on a foundation of Email Marketing • Executes across multiple channels • Can be used for B2B, B2B2C, B2C, or B2G MARKETING AUTOMATION Intro to Automaton
  15. 15. • Automation brings the engagement process to your finger tips. • From simple logics engage on a basic level such as a Webinar invite to more complex logics that drills deeper into your nurturing process • Nurturing cold leads in your current database to re engaging leads from the past event or events that are of interest to a certain segment of you database. • Workflows depend on ability to assign marketing assets to various locations to push the leads where you like them to go. E.g. Landing page, website, Blog or a sign up form. MARKETING AUTOMATION Automation workflows EMAIL: Invite 1 (Early bird) WAIT: 2 days DECISION: Did they open, click, or register? SEND EMAIL: Registration Confirmation CALL: Sales follow-up EMAIL: Invite 2 (takeaways) EMAIL: Invite 3 (Special offer) DECISION: Did they open, click, or register? EMAIL: Invite 4 (Last call) Yes No Yes No Opened only Clicked only WAIT: 2 days CALL: Sales follow-up No action taken
  16. 16. • Put thought into it • Personalized subject line • Keep it simple: 35-50 chars • Tone it down: no caps or special characters • Split A/B testing • Branding in your From Display and From Domain EMAIL MARKETING Subject lines get invites opened!
  17. 17. • Call to action – "Early bird discount” • Provide thought-provoking industry- specific content • Demonstrate subject matter expertise • Highlight your speakers • Videos • Event agenda • Showcase success stories • Skimmable • Personalized and relevant EMAIL MARKETING Getting people to take action!
  18. 18. Email Marketing Best Practices • Significant attention to subject lines • Personalization (address by name) • Relevancy (meaningful content) • Explain how you know them • Skimmable within a few seconds • Strong branding • Add to Address Book • Text vs. Images • Responsive design • Unsubscribe link • Physical mailing address • Opt-in permission • Rendering checks • Spam filter checks • Editing & QA • Split A/B testing CONTENT & LAYOUT TESTING & ANTI-SPAM COMPLIANCE REPORTING • Spammy keywords ie. “Free registration” • Attachments • Capitalization • Punctuation ie. Register now!!! • Sending too many emails THINGS TO AVOID • Email Deliverability • Engagement (opens, clicks) • Web analytics tie-in • Lead scoring / Lead Grading
  19. 19. Your free Gift… • Build awareness & trust • Increase your reach • Beware of junk mail filters • Maximize excitement • Engage industry influencers 5 Keys to Successful Email Marketing for Events PDF This will be distributed after the webinar to all participants.
  20. 20. Questions? Saad Ahmed Founder, Digital Aura
  21. 21. Thank You