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Setting Your Speakers, Attendees & Sponsors up for Virtual Event Success


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We'll show you how to prepare your speakers, attendees, and sponsors to engage in your virtual event and create an impactful experience.

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Setting Your Speakers, Attendees & Sponsors up for Virtual Event Success

  1. 1. This is a whole new world • We’re learning this as we go • Strong leadership • A LOT of work
  2. 2. Key Principles • Give plenty of time to learn something new • Keep it stupid simple - KISS • Overinform and have options to get that information on-demand • Keep your goals and objectives in mind
  3. 3. Timeline ASAP Speaker & Sponsor Deliverables 0-4-8Week T-3 Days Launch platform to attendees T-5 Days Launch platform to Speakers & Sponsors T-5 Weeks Hold Speaker & Sponsor Training Sessions T-2 Weeks Send Speaker & Sponsor Know Before You Go T-1 Week Send Attendee Know Before You Go
  4. 4. Speakers
  5. 5. Say NO! • Code of Conduct • In-Person ≠ Virtual • Hairbrained Ideas • Procrastinators
  6. 6. Setting Expectations • Consistent communication • Provide valuable resources • Speaker support • Metrics • Time commitment
  7. 7. Speaker Readiness • For seasoned speakers • Self-serve speaker portal • For the newbies • Videos • Checklist • Nothing is too obvious • Meetings with experts
  8. 8. Speaker Training • Recording training • Early access to speaker portal • Office Hours • Record & post to their personalized dashboard • Presentation training • One on one sessions with speaker trainers • Peer to peer review sessions
  9. 9. Know Before You Go Virtual • Event overview • Content specifics • Post event resources • Office Hours
  10. 10. Day of Support Ensure speakers understand: • Live tech support • Who their direct point of contact will be • Be there 15 minutes early Virtual speaker workroom • Create a speaker specific chat or channel in your internal communication tool
  11. 11. Sponsors
  12. 12. Setting Expectations • You get what you give • Sweeten the deal • Reimagine sponsor benefits • Consider the value of your database • Clearly outline avenues available for them to reach their sponsorship goals 30 strategies to drive sponsor value
  13. 13. Sponsor Readiness • Home in on what your sponsors want • Accessible and intuitive sponsor portal • Workback schedule • Review virtual booth set up • Final deliverables review • Host training session
  14. 14. Know Before You Go Virtual • Event overview • Sponsor specifics • Post event resources • Office Hours
  15. 15. Attendees
  16. 16. Setting Expectations • What is the value? • Market your experts, executives and speakers • Design with intention • Have a clear plan on how data will flow between systems • Plan for flexibility
  17. 17. Messaging and Marketing • Surprise & delight • Does your event theme still make sense? • Resend emails to those that don't open • Communicate how the event is performing • Offer planning resources in multiple formats • Make it easy to find announcements and FAQs • Give your attendees the option to watch on the go! • Make sure you have a marketing plan for on-demand content
  18. 18. Give them visual cues • Hype video week before launch • Include a short intro before plenary or keynote sessions to build excitement • “Know Before You Virtual” webinar the day you open the platform • Record and post on your login page, dashboard or one of the first sessions
  19. 19. Launch Early • Launch three business days prior to your event to allow attendees to explore • Assume you will have an influx of registration within a week, a day and a hour of the first program. Make sure you have this workflow mapped out.
  20. 20. Day of Support • How do they escalate? • Organize all your customer service teams who are on the front line in the same “room” • Assign staff to be in charge to moderate each session
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