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Your Event Technology Questions Answered


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Veteran event prof and Hubb founder Allie Magyar answers questions related to event technology in this wide-ranging webinar.

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Your Event Technology Questions Answered

  1. 1. “Do you have creative ideas for when you have one empty breakout space while other workshops are happening in all the rest of them?” - Dan Miller
  2. 2. “How do you account for the growth in popularity of Airbnb when determining your city-wide group rooms blocks? What trends do you predict will develop with these alternative accommodations becoming so popular? - Anonymous
  3. 3. “Are there any groups or events specifically for the content side of event organization? I want to know how other people do their CFPs, breakout sessions, speaker management, etc.” - Arrie Brown
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  7. 7. “Who really are the target personas that are planning corporate events? And what are they looking for in a partner that will strategize and execute?” - Sally McComic
  8. 8. “I know Allie is an avid speaker and has been in the events industry a long time. One question I have been asking myself for the last couple of years. Why don’t we get more females putting themselves forward for speaking opportunities at our events? Its a shame, our industry is full of amazing women with great insight and I find it hard to tap in to this as an event organizer.” - Adam Parry @punchtownparry
  9. 9. “What is the balance of mass events being successful if we're attempting to make everything personalized?” - Jim Cascino
  10. 10. “What are the best sources that meeting planners use to find and vet new event technology applications?” - Corbin Ball / @CorbinBall
  11. 11. Websites Event Manager Blog Corbin Ball Event Industry News BizBash Company Blogs Glisser Bizzabo Hubb
  12. 12. “With all of the buzz surrounding virtual and augmented reality, what do you see as it's true potential in the hospitality industry. Have you seen any incredibly clever uses of it at meetings or events yet?” - Jim Spellos, Meeting U / @jspellos
  13. 13. “What do you think is the biggest trend planners should be looking out for in 2018?” - Liz Caruso (née King) / @LizKingEvents
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  15. 15. “The event tech ecosystem is constantly evolving, but what in your opinion are the fads we should ignore, and the critical innovations we have to have?” - Marie-Claire Andrews @marie_clair
  16. 16. • Critical innovations improve the attendee experience • Fads tend to interfere with the core experience How to tell lasting tech from fads
  17. 17. “Of all the tech available, which comes first in the execution timeline? Is there a right order?” - Leonora Valvo / @leonorajvalvo
  18. 18. “What's the number one metric you think event planners should be monitoring?” - Brent Pearson
  19. 19. “What is your advice to someone about to start their career in the events industry?” - Marie-Claire Andrews @marie_clair
  20. 20. “I’ve been led down the proverbial primrose path by two prospective clients this year resulting in lost time, income, and probably "idea theft". Where can I find a great questionnaire to show my interest, get answers to meaningful questions from the prospective client and yet not sacrifice the biz time, energy and resources unnecessarily.” - Clementine Johnson
  21. 21. “Are badges here to stay at events?” - Greg Lazarro / @greglazzaro
  22. 22. “What is the event industry doing to encourage diversification of event managers in it's ranks, i.e. minorities?” Does the event industry experience the same gender pay gap between men and women as seen in other professions?” - Matthew Forrest
  23. 23. Source: 2016 PCMA Convene Salary Survey
  24. 24. Allie Magyar CEO, Hubb @hubbdotme @alliemagyar Q&A