Shelley B. Period 3Counselor of Child Crisis


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Shelley B. Period 3Counselor of Child Crisis

  1. 1. Counselor of Child Crisis Shelley Bridger Jaw and justice 1 8/16/12Image for Microsoft clip art gallery
  2. 2. CollegeYou need to be in college for twodegrees your BSW and your MSW For you BSW(bachelors ) you need to go to school for four years and for your MSW(masters) you need you go to school for two yearsThere are a lot of schools you can go to but I picked theUniversity of Georgia , Valdosta StateUniversity, and Kennesaw StateUniversity
  3. 3. Training • To start in this job, want you to have School gone to college for the amount of training years required and be able to prove you know what your doing. • Your training would start as Hours/ you shadowing over someoneweeks of and after a couple times you training will start to work on your own.
  4. 4. For my job youdon’t have to goto an academy,you just have tofinish college
  5. 5. Saving Kids Lives. Notice a difference in some ones life.Benefits See kids being loved. Going to a house knowing that youre about to help a child. Making kids smile. Images from Microsoft Clip Gallery
  6. 6. Dislikes • Having to question yourself to see if youre doing the right thing. • Might get hurt. • Seeing abused children. • People pushing you around to get what they want. • You will never know what you will be walking into. Image from Microsoft Clipart Gallery
  7. 7. *10 11 13 Ears Strength I think that the eyes are the most important because anyone can lieUnderstanding Communication and say that they the child is perfectly fine and healthy but you can look Eyes over at them and see that they are scared and weak. I am I love And I am interested helping understa- in this area. helpless people. nding.
  8. 8. “Moving up the ladder”For this job to get apromotion or “move up theladder” you just have to begood and make the rightcalls out on the field.Image from Microsoft Clip Art Gallery
  9. 9. EarningsThe most amount of money people arecurrently making in this job right now is$70,000 a year. But to qualify for thisamount of money you have to have amasters degree and you would have hadto work in this job for a long time.Image from Microsoft Clip Art Gallery
  10. 10. Hours The time of work that you will most likely have to work is a maximum time of 25-30 hours of work and the only traveling you would have to do is around your county.Image from Microsoft Clip Art Gallery
  11. 11. 1. Social Services 2. A police officer 3. EmergencyImages from Microsoft Gallery Operator
  12. 12. Cites used"Abuse / Crisis Counselor."Https:// N.p., n.d.Web. 20 Aug. 2012.<>.
  13. 13. SummeryIn my conclusion I think that I would really like this job until Isaw a n “injured” child. I think that I would like it because Ireally like helping helpless people. The only thing that reallybugs me about this job is that any thing could happen andanyone could hurt you and. If I do go for this career and have kids one day I don’twant them to think that my job is to take kids away fromthere parents. However, I think that this job would bring meto love my kids even more and appreciate them that muchmore.