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Sam M Period 3 Federal Air M

  1. 1. Federal Air Marshall By: Sam Mullinix 8/21/12 Q1 Mr. Hubbard Intro Law and Justice 3rd Period
  2. 2. The college degree that ismost acceptable in this field is a degree in law and justice. However, it is not To earn a degree required. in criminal law and justice you3 good colleges to go to for must complete at law and justice include- least 2 years of Ogeechee Tech college. Savannah Technical and, Dekalb Tech Picture from Microsoft Media Gallery
  3. 3. As an Air Marshall you mustattend a basic 15 week Police Training Program, as well asa Aircraft Defensive Measures and Tactics class. As an Air Marshall you are on call 24/7. On average you work 15 days out of the month, and approximately 900 hours a yearPicture from Microsoft Media Gallery on an aircraft. Picture from Microsoft Media Gallery
  4. 4. There are only 2 academies the U.S that train Air Marshalls. 1 in Artesia Mexico, and the second at William Technical Center in New Jersey.The requirements for entryare you must be less then37 years old, pass medical exams, and havepreviously completed Law and Justice Academy. Picture from Microsoft Media Gallery
  5. 5. You have the opportunity to fly a lot. The chance to Secretly meet a lot of protectingnew people and people sounds pos. like a lot of fun Interesting Things The amount of Traveling respect that Internationally comes with the for free is a big job. plus.
  6. 6. It can be an extremely stressful job,You would have Red eye flightsto be away from will make youyour family a lot. very sleepy Five Things I would not like. The training for being a The pay is not marksman and a good. law enforceris hard.
  7. 7. Good Traits I have Like Flying Marksman Mentally FitBeing Mentally fit important because most ofthe job is thinking Critical Skills about the right thing to do. Have an Good eye for Marksman criminals Mentally Physically Like Flying fit fit
  8. 8. College Degree for Promotion A degree that is important to have is a Criminal Justice Degree. This it the degree that most cops have. Although it is not required, people with the degree may get twice as much because of promotions and experience.Picture from Microsoft Media Gallery
  9. 9. Average Pay/ Experience Level 40,000$, 55,000$ 90,000 About 44$ About 60$ AboutJust 5- an an 10+yrs 100$ anHired 10years hour/900 hour/900 hour/900 hr a yr. hr a yr. hr a yearTo move up the pay scale, a Criminal Justice Degree is the best choice. Picture from Microsoft Media Gallery
  10. 10. This is because you areAs a air Marshall you on call and only work about 20hrs a actually fly for approx. week. 175 days of the year. This is the law enforcement job with the most travel.
  11. 11. Due to the abstract hours,and high terrorism, this job is much wanted in theU.S,it saw an 11% growth Police Officer last year. Security Jobs Military Police
  12. 12. Works Cited"Federal Air Marshals." TSA. Office of Law Enforcement/Federal Air Marshall Service.Web. 20 Aug. 2012. <>.Gadek, Radek. "Air Marshal Career, Salary, and Training Info." Air Marshal Career,Salary, and Training Info. Web. 20 Aug. 2012. <>.
  13. 13. Summary Overall a job as an Air Marshall Would be rewarding and with experience would come good pay, the training might be hard, but it would be worth it overall. I would stillconsider it one career I would pursue but notlikely due to the abstract hours. I expect it to be a challenging but rewarding career but I probably would not pursue it.