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Riley D Career Project Hubbard

  1. 1. Johns Creek K-9 Police OfficerLaw and JusticeCourse 1 Riley Densmore August 22,2012
  2. 2. Depending on the agency, it rangesfrom a high school diploma to a collegedegree. You also have to graduate from the agencies academy. Departments would like a 2-4 year college degree, but it is not required. My 3 colleges are: University of Georgia, Columbus State University, and Reinhardt University
  3. 3. 440 hours is REQUIREMENTS the minimum of training for Johns CreekSchooling for a K-9 officer requires attending and completing a Small departmentsK-9 officers course (approx. 4-6 weeks) and then maintain K-9 can go to a regional certifications in N.A.P.W.D (National Association of Police Working Dogs) or state academy and N.A.N.D.D (National Association of Narcotic Drug Detection Dogs) and Large departments daily training is required (narcotic detection, bite work, and normally have their searches) own academy For a police officer, you must pass the department’s academy. Depending on the department, you must pass a physical exam that consists of: vision, hearing, strength, agility, and written exams. Also, a drug and lie detector test is required. After you complete all those, you go through multiple interviews.
  4. 4. 1. North Central Georgia (12.50/hour) You need 10 weeks of training. After being hired, you will not pay out of pocket cost for going to an academy, but if you decide to go before being hired, you can always get Hope Scholarship to help you.Georgia Public Reinhardt PublicSafety Training Safety Training Center Center (money comes out of student payment or($3093.00/year) department)
  5. 5. 1. You never do the same thing on a daily basis 2. You interact with 3. If something different people seriously goes from your wrong, your there tocommunity everyday help out 4. Working in law 5. In any situation police enforcement teaches officers are always calm and you to be on your focus on the task at hand to toes and alert on help whoever is in need and off the job
  6. 6. 3. When youCons 1. All the begin, you can’t take holidays off of paperwork 4. The different shift hours the 2. The pay is not very high 5. Dealing with obnoxious and Job rude people
  7. 7. Most Important Skill I think good judgment is the A Good Fit most important skill. All of your decisions are based off of This career is a judgment. good fit for me SKILLS NEEDED Should you because I am a release the dog? good multi-tasker, aShould you chasethe driver or they leader on a day to passenger if the day basis, and I both flee the have good 1. Ability to multi-task car? Every judgment skills. decision you 2. Strength and agility These traits aremake is based on 3. Leadership skills judgment, and good for a K-9 you have to officer because you choose the best command the dog 4. Good judgment choice quickly. on what to do, 5. Able to see different which takes being a perspectives of the story leader and multi- tasking
  8. 8. MOVING UP THE LADDER For a K-9 officer, you have to have 3-5 years of (3-5 years in each rank being a police officer, preferably) excellent work Police officer performance, andMinimum Associates Degree Corporal understanding and(2 years- 4 preferred) Sergeant application of the lawA master’s degree Lieutenant(preferred) Captain MajorSupervisor training, Deputy Chiefmanagement training, Chiefleadership training,executive training, andspecialty training
  9. 9. Annual pay for a Your pay beginner is increases as youaround $40,000- move up the $50,000 a year ladder Besides moving up the pay scale by being promoted, you can work overtime shifts or extra police jobs PAY
  10. 10. •Maintaining growth asGROWTH related to the economy • Military police officers HAND- • K-9 officerIN-HAND • Federal agent K-9 (ATF, border patrol) JOBS • Search and rescue K-9 officer
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