Miranti and Kathleen Period 5 FBI Field Agent


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Miranti and Kathleen Period 5 FBI Field Agent

  1. 1. FBI Field Agent Miranti McGraw & Kathleen Winslette ILJ 5th period 8-22-12 Microsoft clip art
  2. 2. To achieve this goal you must have a 4year degree in Criminal Justice, and anoptional Law Degree, AccountingDegree, and an Engineering DegreeYou need 4 years of collegeto earn this degreeThree local colleges are the University ofGeorgia, North Georgia College and StateUniversity, and Georgia southernUniversity
  3. 3. • To begin this career you must have been in the FBI Academy• You must have 20 weeks of 850 hours of instruction in training
  4. 4. You only have to attendone academy to be in the FBI, and like we alreadysaid in the previous slide before, its includes 20 weeks of 850 hours of trainingThe membership cost inthe FBI academy is 60$,any other extra training is additional cost
  5. 5. Some of the activities that you do on a regularbasis that we finds interesting are going outand solving cases, being in undercover, beingable to help people, being behind thecomputer and getting the backgroundinformation, and traveling
  6. 6. Different critical skills that you need to be successful areAccounting, Computer Science/Information Technology,Language, Law, and DiversifiedThe skill we find most important is Law because youhave to be able to know all the different laws in order tobe good at your jobTraits that would make us good for this career is that weare always curious, always up for a challenge, and weare very outgoing
  7. 7. The average annual pay for thiscareer is about $66,000 but if youtranslate that to hourly pay is about$27 an hourYou can move up the pay scale inthis career by succeeding in yourmissions/cases
  8. 8. You will have to work 8-10hours on a week day depending on the case. There is traveling involved if you are high in the practice
  9. 9. It hasn’t progressed or gone down, it has stayedthe same in the United StatesDifferent careers that go hand-in-hand with a FBIField Agent is CIA, The Police, and PrivateInvestigator
  10. 10. Summary After what we discovered about this career we wouldstill like to pursue it. This career still sounds challenging,and fun in many ways. There will be a lot of obstacles withthis career, but we are willing to work through it. Weanswered the following questions with positive answers. This career is something we have both wanted to dosince we were little, because we have always beeninterested in all the shows even though it’s probablynothing like the FBI. After doing this project makes uswant to be in the FBI even more because of all the coolthings you can do.
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