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Micah page period 5 fbi


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Published in: Education
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Micah page period 5 fbi

  1. 1. FBI by : Micah Page 5th 8-16-12 FBI CareerPicture from clip art.
  2. 2. education High school diploma or GED Threw high school Quantico, VirginiaInfo from FBI .Gov
  3. 3. Training Push ups, sit ups, sprints, distance Ten hours a week running,Info from FBI.Gov
  4. 4. Getting in To get out To get in complete have GED yellow or high brick road Quantico, challenge. Virginia is school the degree. academyInfo from FBI.Gov
  5. 5. Interest Shooting Finding a missing traveling person. Listing to Catching a middle terrorist. eastern chatter.Info from FBI. Gov
  6. 6. Dislikes Paper work. Having to shoot some A bomb run. one. Traveling to Natural hungry disaster. countries.Info form FBI.Gov
  7. 7. Skills Accounting, Computer Science/Information Technology, Language Law Diversified Language because if our going to be traveling you need to now how to talk there. Good aim, alright at math, and can work with computers.Info from FBI.Gov
  8. 8. promotions Special agent Chatter examiner Desk clerkInfo from FBI.Gov
  9. 9. Earnings Hourly pay. • $41 per hour How to get • Do your job the corrects we ever. promotions.Info from FBI. gov
  10. 10. Hours • 30 hours a Hours week. • No you don’t Travel travel.Info from FBI.Gov
  11. 11. Similar careers. Yes this job is grow on Americans every day. Philadelphia Field Intelligence Group, CIA, and Louis St. GermaineInfo from
  12. 12. CreditsAll info from FBI.Govand picture from clipart.
  13. 13. Summary I don`t believe this career is right forme. It seems like a very fun and exitingcareer, but to dangers for me. I want tohave a good safe life and get shoot. It wasvery interesting learning how to enter thiscareer and learning the law about the FBI.I also learned hat not all agents travel. Ienjoyed this project, but this career is notfor me.