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Julianne H and Joseline G Forensic Scientist Period 7


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Julianne H and Joseline G Forensic Scientist Period 7

  1. 1. Forensic Scientist 7th, Julianne Hartman Joseline Gomez What is the name of your career?Image found at Microsoft clip gallery
  2. 2. College Degrees• Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s degree (preferred) Years of College• At least 4 in order to earn a Bachelor’s degree. Colleges/University• Albany State University ( )• Darton College ( )• Southern Crescent Tech. College ( )
  3. 3. Training No hours of police on-the-job-training academy are neededImage found at Microsoft clip gallery
  4. 4. Local Police Academies and costs Forensic Scientists only need college, no police academyImage found at Microsoftclip gallery
  5. 5. 5 Interesting Activities Use Analyzing complex evidence obtained machinery from victims and and suspects computers. Document Testifying in studies and court research on cases Looking for signs of forged documentsImages found atMicrosoft clip gallery
  6. 6. 5 unappealing factors Pressure of finding evidence Being Having a Working long back logwith blood inside of unsolved all day cases Working long hours
  7. 7. Skills and traits Math and science skills, Likes math, detail oriented, Math and problem solver, computer skills, be science skills, it interested in this willing to work long will help you to line of work hours, work well under enjoy your line pressure of work Traits that make Most important Skills needed us right for this skill careerImages found at Microsoftclip gallery
  8. 8. Moving up the ladderBachelor’s Degree is required, butMaster’s Degree can help you get abetter job. Images found at Microsoft clip gallery
  9. 9. Pay scale Annual pay- $41,770 Hourly Pay- $20.08Ways to move up theladder- get more on the job experience or move to a state that pays more.
  10. 10. Hours and travel?Hours will be normal work hours (with anexception for over time).There is very little to no travel involved inthis career. Images found at Microsoft clip gallery
  11. 11. Growth in GA and Similar careersGrowing in GA?• This career is growing, but not by much.Similar Careers?• Engineering, public safety and technology.
  12. 12. After this project I still plan to pursue this career. I am really interested inthis field and I think I have some of the skills necessary for this line of work.I was a little surprised at the pay and pleasantly surprised that it was mostlynormal work hours. All in all this project really helped me learn a lot aboutthe career path I would like to take.Even though all of the training and education is long and hard, I would stilllike to continue with this career because I love science and finding newthings. I was surprised sat the wages and education. I still plan to pursuethis career, but I might move somewhere where they pay more. $$$ Images found at Microsoft clip gallery
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