Jacob and Zach SWAT Team Period 3


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Jacob and Zach SWAT Team Period 3

  1. 1. Swat TeamBy: Zach Jones and Jacob Rich
  2. 2. Education and training requirementsSwat team requires at least a high school graduation and most swat members have acollege degree. They must take a written exam covering policies and procedures. Theyalso need a fitness test with expected endurance benchmarks. The are required tohave a firearm test using a variety of weaponry.
  3. 3. Job salariesSwat team members make a salaries of 64,000per year. Their salaries vary from size of agencyand location.
  4. 4. Activities of interestSwat members do tactical missions using specialfirearms. They deal with hostages, snipers andbreaching buildings.
  5. 5. Required skills• Swat teams are comprised of volunteers from the police force who have advanced rescue, firearms and medical response skills.
  6. 6. 5 dislikes about Swat Something that I would not like about being a swat team member is being in critical danger. Also I would not like having a salary of $61,000. I also would not want to be a regular police officer for three years before I become a swat member. They also have a very high amount of time consuming training.http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=swat+pics&FORM=HDRSC2&adlt=strict
  7. 7. 5 critical skillsOne important skill required for this job is to beable to shoot a weapon. Also it is important tobe able to work with other people to complete amission. A good knowledge in criminal justice isalso very important. You also must have physicalstrength and stamina. Another important qualityis to have very good judgment.
  8. 8. Most important skill for swat• I think the most important skill is to have good judgment. Making good choices is critical in life or death situations. Poor judgment can cost not only their life but other peoples lives.
  9. 9. How to become promotedTo even become a swat team member one mustfirst have three years of experience in theirrespective department. It is becomingincreasingly important to have a two to fouryear degree in criminal justice.
  10. 10. Why am I good for this job?• I am good at dealing with other people. Also I can make the right choice under high pressure situations. I also would enjoy tactical training and missions.
  11. 11. Average pay• Swat team members usually make an average of $71,000-$107,000 annually. This is $32-$48 per hour. The longer that you are a member the more your pay is.
  12. 12. Work hours• Swat members usually work 40 hour weeks and often work overtime. Members usually do not travel if they work locally.
  13. 13. • The swat team has grown ten fold since the early 1980s. Careers that go hand in hand with the swat team include, police officers, DEA, and special response team (SRT).
  14. 14. Job summary• I think that Swat team is a job that I would like to pursue. I think that the swat team is able to do things that most people don’t have the opportunity to do. It seems like a interesting job and being a swat member would be a great honor.