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Hector C. Period 3 Crime Scene Investigator


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Hector C. Period 3 Crime Scene Investigator

  1. 1. Hector Calvo 8/17/12Law and JusticeCrime Scene Investigator
  2. 2. EducationAssociate Degree• 2 yearsBachelors Degree• 4 years San Diego UniversityCalifornia State University, SacramentoUniversity of Phoenix–San Diego Campus
  3. 3. Training• One has to become a police officer before becoming a part of the CSI team• Requires 41 weeks of Police Academy.
  4. 4. Local Academies Cobb County Government – Law Enforcement Academy Less Training Academy Atlanta Police- School Detectives Requirments21 years of ageHigh School graduate or GEDValid Georgia or South Carolina Driver’s LicenseExcellent Driving RecordNo Felony ConvictionsU.S. CitizenGood Physical and Mental HealthAssociate Degree preferred
  5. 5. Positives The Searching forInterrogations evidence PhotographyAnalyzing the Or evidence Sketching DNA Forensic testing
  6. 6. NegativesBreaking news Dealing with to family members the bodies Writing Testifying in Reports court Sometimes 24 hour periods
  7. 7. Critical Skills Patient Observant I am patient when it comes down to looking at dataProblem-solving Careful & Skills Detail-Oriented I have great communication Communication skills Skills I am good when it comes • Observant is the down to working with most important because you others need to look at the small details in order to get a lead.
  8. 8. Degrees for SuccessHigh School Associate Bachelors
  9. 9. Wages New Recruit $18.56 Hourly $38,600 a year Median $21.99 Hourly $45,740 a year Experienced $29.46 Hourly $61,280 a yearYou gain more money as you get experience and case solving
  10. 10. Work PlacesPolice StationsCrime Scenes•Varies up to 24 hours
  11. 11. Career Rate and Other Jobs Police Officer Forensic Scientist Detective
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  13. 13. SummaryUpon of what I have researched, my plans of becoming a CSIagent have not changed. The career has always fascinated me.The clue findings and DNA testing all interests me in many ways.Was the clue helpful? From this clue, who or what do I look fornext?The things I have read are what I expected out of a CSI agent.The clues, the sketches, and photographs are what I can expectout of this. However the thing I disliked was that I can’t alwaysfind leads and that bothers me. With all the research I havedone, I still have plans to becoming a CSI agent.