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Emmanuel Z Criminal Lawyer Period 5


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Emmanuel Z Criminal Lawyer Period 5

  1. 1. Image: Microsoft Criminal lawyer Emmanuel Zarate Mr.Hubbard’s 5th period Date: 8-21-12
  2. 2. College Degrees Juris Degree Law Degree Bachelor’s DegreeImage from Microsoft
  3. 3. Earning your Degrees A A Bachelor’s Time depends on Undergraduate’s Degree takes 4 type Law school Degree take 4 years. chosen. years.Image from Microsoft
  4. 4. Criminal Lawyer CollegesUniversity of Phoenix www.phoenix.eduPA State College www.flemingoffices.comWestwood College Image from Microsoft
  5. 5. What training do you need Other training opportunities at lawLaw school professors school, such as getting can guide you. involved in clinical programs. Image: microsoft
  6. 6. Minimum training timeTraining time depends on the LawSchool and the degree you need to graduate.
  7. 7. Image: Microsoft Time in College West Phoenix PA State wood State college university College Each takes 3 or more year depending on degree you need
  8. 8. 5 activities of I like about Criminal lawyer Flexible Spare Paid well schedule time Travel Organizing Frequently casesImage: microsoft
  9. 9. 5 dislikes of criminal lawyer Losing Upsetting Responding cases my clients incorrectly Spending Defending a whole day in severe criminal courtImage: microsoft
  10. 10. 5 critical skills needed Working well Working well Logical thinker with people under pressure Reading/writing Working hardImage: microsoft
  11. 11. Most important skill Working well under pressure, is important, so your client is happy.Image: Microsoft
  12. 12. “Moving up the ladder” (training) Senior Junior lawyer Law lawyer clerkImage: Microsoft
  13. 13. My 3 traits that fit this career Write Read Work well under pressure Image: Microsoft
  14. 14. Annual pay Average pay: 100,000 annually/ $30 dollars per hourImage: Microsoft
  15. 15. Moving up the pay scale To get paid more, work your self to become a Senior Lawyer.Image: Microsoft
  16. 16. Hours to work and travel The hours of Travel depends work depends on where you where you work. work.Image: Microsoft
  17. 17. Growth of Criminal Lawyer in U.S.Less than 10% of the U.S. are Criminal Lawyers. By 2014 there will be more Criminal Lawyers. Image: Microsoft
  18. 18. 3 related jobs Judge Paralegal Legal AssistanceImage: Microsoft
  19. 19. Pursuing this career Criminal Lawyer is a career I would pursue.I would like to study laws and make a difference.I would like to help people and make a change insociety. Making a change in someone’s life iswhat matters. By pursuing this job I would beable to learn new laws and help my clients outwhen they would struggle in court. I know thisjob may come with a lot of study but I will get acareer out of it if I pursue this.
  20. 20. Pursuing this career continued What matters most to me by earning thiscareer is the fact that if I pursue this career I willbecome someone in life. I would like to studylaws and travel a lot. I would like to organize thecases I would take and getting paid for it. Mostof all I would like to be a part of society. Bypursuing this career, I would become a part ofsociety by helping those peers out in need. Iwould pursue this career, because Criminallawyer is a job I admire and take interest in.
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