Devon Holobach Period 3 Private Investigator


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Devon Holobach Period 3 Private Investigator

  1. 1. Private Investigator By: Devon HolobachLaw and Justice Intro. Period 3rd 8/20/12
  2. 2. CorporateInvestigators Level of Educationgenerally require Higha bachelors 4 yearsdegree in Schoolbusiness or arelated subject. College Technical training 2 years College 4 years Colleges No certain Middle Georgia Technical College degrees are Dalton State College required. Ogeechee Technical CollegeUsed from word are
  3. 3. No certain amount of hours required.
  4. 4. is your source for the 70 hour class that is required by the Georgia Board of Private Detective and Security Agencies before obtaining your private investigator license.No academies listed, suggested going to an academy made by a private investigator.
  5. 5. Interviewing people to gatherinformation.Doing different searches on using acomputer or non- computerized.Collecting Evidence that will bepresented in court.Helping in criminal cases, and missingperson cases.Verifying employment, income, and factson a persons background.
  6. 6. Conducting Surveillance Investigating insurance claims Investigating identity theft Investigating fraud Investigating illegal downloads
  7. 7. Critical Skills1. Integrity2. Research and writing skills3. Discreet4. Good with people5. Patient and diplomatic Being good withMy Skills: people, because1. Good with people they will cooperate2. Problem solving better if you are3. Discretion friendly
  8. 8. To “move up the ladder” in private investigating, their isnt a specific way, but the more cases you work the higher up you move. The more cases you work the better you get and the more you can charge, and that moves you up the ladder.
  9. 9. Average: $ 42,870 per year Hourly: $20.61 per hour To move up the scale you have to gain experience. Entry: $11.97 hourly Medium: $16.84 hourly Experienced: $19.54 hourly
  10. 10. .Private investigators often work irregular hoursbecause they need to conduct surveillance and tocontact people outside of normal work hours. Usuallythey only go outside of the office to do surveillance orto meet with people, other than that not muchtraveling is involved.
  11. 11. Growing 21% (faster than average) Other jobs: 1. Federal Agents 2. Conservation Officer 3. Security Guard
  12. 12. Work CitedBureau of Labor Statistics. "Summary." U.S. Bureau of LaborStatistics. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 29 Mar. 2012. Web. 20Aug. 2012. <>.Unknown. "At a Glance." GenericError. Career Cruising, 1999-2012. Web. 21 Aug. 2012.<>.
  13. 13. Private investigating involved a lot more than Ithought it did. I had no clue they dealt with identity theft,illegal downloads, or frauds. I want to go into technology,and have never thought of this as a career for me. Thiscould be my fall back or second choice for a career. I havesome skills that would be useful in that career such aswriting, researching, and helping people. If I did go into this career I expect it to give me evenbetter people skills, and more thorough researching skills.This career has characteristics I wouldn’t enjoy doing suchas surveillance, fraud cases, and illegal downloadsearches. On the other hand being able to reunite peoplewith their missing loved ones would be its own reward.The only reason I would try this career is because ofwatching a TV show called Psych. In the show they makeprivate investigating seem fun and interesting.