Clay and David Period 3 Police Officer


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Clay and David Period 3 Police Officer

  1. 1. POLICE By Clay Stamey and David UlmerPicture from Microsoft clip art
  2. 2. 1.Bachelors degree School 3. 2. 2 years ofChattahoochee tech school tech, Lanier tech, Georgia and 4 years Highlands of college
  3. 3. TRAINNING 408 hours of basic trainingBasic lawenforcementtrainingcourse Picture from Microsoft clip art
  4. 4. TRAINING ACADIEMIES Cobb CountyNorth Central Police DeKalbGeorgia Law Department County Policeenforcement Training Academy Academy Academy
  5. 5. INTERESTS Driving cop cars, arresting people, helping people, Car chases, and Making money.Picture from Microsoft clip art
  6. 6. WE DON’T LIKEMight get Paper hurt workMay get Not much killed respect It can get boring
  7. 7. We know how to Have an open mind of what drive, we like to help you are going in to, be people, and we stick respectful to the people you work with and theto our tasks and don’t people you help, be inmess around when we shape, know how to handle are in a serious a bad situation, and do not situation. take things to seriously. Be respectful to people, it is because what make a situation be ok to make it become a bad situation.
  8. 8. MOVING UP THE LADDER To gain more skill in this career you can go to different training and after the 2 year technical school you can go to a 4 year college.Picture from Microsoft clip art
  9. 9. PAY Yearly Wage 30,000 40,000 50,000 70,000 100,000 Monthly Wage $2,500 $3,333 $4,166 $5,833 $8,333 Weekly Wage $625 $833 $1041.5 $1,458 $2,083 Hour $15.62 $20.8 $26.03 $36.5 $52.1For a regular officer it is$30,000-50,000 and for More training/ More experience = MOREsenior officers it is $50,000 to MONEY$100,000
  10. 10. WORKINGThere will be a lotof travel but just inthe area you are inand not far from 40 hourshome. or more a week Picture from Microsoft clip art
  11. 11. CAREERThis careeris growingby 8.9% a Other careers like this one are Federalyear Agent, Detective, and Scene Investigator
  12. 12. SUMMARY The career I chose was Police officer and though before Iknew the basic of what it took to become a police officer. I did notknow what the training was and the age you have to be to become apolice officer. The first major thing I learned was that you have tocomplete a course called Basic law enforcement Training and thatcourse is 408 hours long. The average pay of an officer is around$50,000 dollars and it go up to around a $100,000 Dollars. You alsohave to be at least 21 years of age to join the force. The reason I chose the career it is because I always wanted tobe a police officer since I was a kid. I also like helping the communityand keeping it safe. Another reason why I chose it is because every dayis not the same. The one thing I will not like is the paper work and thepeople that are rude to cops. I still think I want to be a police officerafter reading the requirements and what you have to do. What Iexpected of this Career is that I am helping people and keeping badguys off the street.
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  14. 14. THE END