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  1. 1. (A special presentation for local districts)
  2. 2. Today’s Agenda Introduction What is STEM vs. STEMSS? Why is important? Leaning Activities Q&A / Discussion Career Information Assessment
  3. 3. What is STEM Education? It stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It is designed to create curriculum through integrating inter-disciplines or meta-discipline through problem- solving, discovery, experiential, exploratory learning, and require students to actively engage a situation in order to find its solution.
  4. 4. What is STEMSS Education? The main purpose of STEM education is to enhance human conditions. All the disciplines cannot stand along outside of human societies (AAAS 1990, p. 8). The integration of STEM and the Social Science disciplines is pivotal to ensure the long lasting improvements for human societies. A broader and interconnected global perspective tie STEM and the Social Sciences together to bring forth high quality of work force. So, STEMSS represents for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, and Social Science.
  5. 5. 2010 International Math and Science Test scores
  6. 6. Why is STEMSS important?
  7. 7. To see might NOT be to believe. Critical Thinking Is Your Best Powerful Friend !!! Let us prove it. (Stereo) (fire) (changing size)
  8. 8. What do you see in the following pictures?
  9. 9. What can we do to decrease illusions and misjudgment?
  10. 10. Take a look at another group of pictures !!
  11. 11. Activity#1-Brainstorming Use simple technology to increase our communications and collaboration What are the issues and potential solutions to what you saw? Try Bubbl to collect thoughts. (3 as a group)
  12. 12. What causes Poverty and what are the potential solutions? Poverty- Micro-eyes: Macro-eyes: Look at individuals A domestic Look at Society 1. Family conditions and global 1.Educational accessibility 2. Personality 2.Job availability 3. Health conditions problem 3. Population 4. Diversity issues 4. Political system a. Race/Ethnicity, 5. Economic development b. gender, 6. Technology/ Engineering c. class, Science 7. Cultural Pattern d. sexual orientation, 8. Race/Gender and e. disability Technology other diverse types 5. Born into/ inheritance Engineering of equality genetics Mathematics 9. History – slavery, wars, and many other factors…. invasion, conquered Social Science and may other factors…
  13. 13. Propose potential Solutions Via STEMSS Approach What are the main reasons that What are the potential solutions to cause Poverty/Social Inequality? decrease the severity of the problems? Poverty/ Social Inequality is a social problem found in every human society (Domestic and Global) What are the roles of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and social science (such as sociology, psychology, political science, diversity, demography…etc.) to help solve the problems?
  14. 14. Activities #2 Open the Critical Thinking Mind-Eyes
  15. 15. Critical Thinking! How to do it? thinking that does not blindly accept arguments and conclusions 1. examines assumptions 2. discerns hidden values 3. evaluates evidence 4. assesses conclusions
  16. 16. 1. Functional mind-eyes: A system of interrelated parts that is relatively stable because each part has a particular function in society as a whole. Manifest functional mind-eye; Latent functional mind-eye; Dysfunctional mind-eye.
  17. 17. 2. Conflict Mind-Eyes Open many smaller miraculous mind- eyes to see social problems based on Social inequality (power/money, resources, opportunities, privileges…etc.). Such as opening the miracle eye to see Race/ethnicity issues (Genetics, history, and biology etc. will involve) Such as Such as opening the miracle eye to see Social Class issues (Economics, population, urbanization, population etc. will involve) Such as opening the miracle eye to see gender, sexual orientations and disability issues Again, biology, Neuro-genetics, political science, ecology etc. issues will involve.
  18. 18. How does sociology make your mind-eyes sharp and see things differently? Individualism, Capitalism. Representative Democracy. Religiosity, social class, Diverse population Social Structures Revolutionary war, waves of immigration, Ascribed wars against Native (race,/ethnicity gender, Americans, sexual orientation, industrialization, social class, Slavery, Civil War, disability…etc) vs. Suffrage movement, Achieved status; WWI, Union Genetics vs. movement, Great Depression, WWII, Civil right movement, Individual Environment. Family upbringing, Korean war, Vietnam education, occupation, war, oil crunch, gulf peers, media…etc. wars, war on Iraq… History Biography
  19. 19. Symbolic-interaction Analysis Structural–functional Analysis 1. Dramaturgical A. Look at the whole social A social structure, or the overall Analysis- functions of social World as a stage; event/issue operations. Ask, “How it Roles and status to be analyzed works?” involve; B. Or divide into 3 •Sports sub-paradigms in front of stage; •Internet behind the stage. a. Manifest function •Divorce b. Dysfunction 2. Social •War on Iraq/ c. Latent function Afghanistan Exchange •Cloning Social-conflict Analysis Theory- (organs, A. 3 Levels of analysis: Rational animals, human a.Individual b. Societal c. Global calculation of Race, gender, social class, benefit and cost beings?) •Pro-life./ sexuality, disabilities…etc 3. Social Pro-choice B. Social institutional Constructionism •Gun Perspectives •Death Penalty Economic perspective Symbols •Shall I live Political Perspective attaching meaning with my girl Family/Educational Perspective friend now. Religious Perspective Environment/Population
  20. 20. Education Politics Religion Organization Socialization Sport- Media Family Football Technology/ Economy Medicine Cultural, structural Competition/ and situational cooperation, factors affecting conflict, social sport and sport stratification and experiences social change
  21. 21. Symbolic-interaction Analysis Structural–functional Analysis(Macro-level) (Micro-level) Dramaturgical Analysis- Social What sportacan do to society as whole? World as a stage; Roles and status involve; in front of stage; event 3 sub-paradigms: behind the stage. Sport is a complex face to face Sports a. Manifest function- interaction. Prejudice, jealousies, recreation, physical condition, and ambition are brought to the harmless way of let off steam field. E.g., In 1947, Jackie Robison b. Dysfunction-not for understood that million fans and academic ability, drugs, death white players resented his presence in the MLB. c. Latent function- foster The players, spectaculars, the social relationship to creating jobs, coaches, owners of the teams,, encourage competition media/sport news reporters, magazines, commercialism, Social-conflict Analysis (Macro-level) prayers, national anthem, and the Analysis based on social inequality: involvement of political leaders. Conflict based on Gender and Race and Social Exchange Theory- other categories of inequality analyzed from Rational calculation of Individual, Societal and Global perspectives benefit and cost of each social interaction and transaction. Social institutional analysis Why people risk the injury, even Socio-economic status (SES)- tennis, golf, skiing are death to be a pro ball player? expensive, basketball, baseball are accessible to all Money, fame, or power….etc. income level, which reflect social standing. Political aspect – the majority of manages, Constructionism- head coaches, and team owners are still white. Singing the national Anthem; Family/Educational aspect – more support to male Mascots, body deco, headgears; children students in sports End zone dancing, hand Race/Religious Perspective-racial discrimination still gestures…and so on to construct taints pro sports in the U.S. meaning. Gender aspect- male dominates sports. More budgets go to support male sport
  22. 22. Activity #3 Review via a Video A Video Phdjj0Uo (house)
  23. 23. Questions and Discussion
  24. 24. Career Information
  25. 25. Average Earning and Employment in General STEM
  26. 26. Average Earning with Bachelor’s Degree in STEM
  27. 27. Employment Growth and Job Openings in STEM projected 2004-14
  28. 28. A General View of Employment in 2010 Occupational employment and wages report for May 2010
  29. 29. Gandhi's Seven Deadly Sins Mohandas Karamachand Gandhi, one of the most influential figures in modern social and political activism, considered these traits to be the most spiritually perilous to humanity/societies: 1. Wealth without Work 2. Pleasure without Conscience 3. Science without Humanity 4. Knowledge without Character 5. Politics without Principle 6. Commerce without Morality 7. Worship without Sacrifice
  30. 30. Have a Wonderful Summer! Social Science Faculty- Crystal Li-chin Huang Email: Phone: 715-833-6283