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Lcd Process & Backlight Training


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Lcd Process & Backlight Training

  1. 1. LCD Proces s & Backlight Eric Huang
  2. 2. 2,200 Gen 7.5 1950X2250mm Gen 8 2200X2500mm
  3. 3. LCD Panel structure
  4. 4. LCD Module cross-section
  5. 5. TFT LCD structure
  6. 6. Light Efficiency
  7. 7. TN type LCD (Normally black)
  8. 8. TN type LCD (Normally White)
  9. 9. MVA structure
  10. 10. Fujitsu MVA
  11. 11. In Plane Switching
  12. 12. TFT Process Flow Glass GATE Electrode Insulator & a-Si DATA Electrode Passivation Pixel Electrode Deposition & Patterning Process in Detail Deposition Cleaning PR Coating Exposure Develop Etch PR Strip Inspection PECVD RF Wet Etch H H H Si H H N H H H H H Si N Si N Si N SPUTTER Dry Etch Ar+ Gas RF Al Al Al DC Al Al Al PLASMA FO Si Si Ar+ SiF4 TARGET SUBSTRATE
  13. 13. Thin Film Transistor Structure
  14. 14. Five Mask Process Fabrication Structure
  15. 15. Step & Repeat Exposure
  16. 16. Cell Process Flow CF / Seal Printing Cleaning Alignment-Layer Printing Rubbing Spacer Dispensing TT F 3 Assembly Scribing & Breaking LC Injection Auto probe Inspection
  17. 17. Spacer Spraying
  18. 18. End Seal
  19. 19. Short Dispense
  20. 20. ODF Change Cell Process
  21. 21. Module Process Flow
  22. 22. Module Process Flow Cl el Cenn laig PlrzrAtcmn oaie tahet TBAtcmn A tahet Atcae uolv PBAtcmn C tahet BLAsml / seby Iseto npcin Aig gn Iseto npcin Pcaig akgn
  23. 23. Module Bonding Process
  24. 24. Anisotropic Conductive Film
  25. 25. COG & TAB
  26. 26. Structure of Driving Circuit Unit
  27. 27. Edge Type BLM Structure Source: Display Search
  28. 28. Direct Type BLM Structure For LCD TV Source: Display Search
  29. 29. BLM BLM
  30. 30. BLM Types By LGP Shape Flat Type -- LGP = Light Guide Plate Lamp Reflector prism Sheet (BEF) diffuser LGP Reflector Light source patterns; elements Wedge Type Lamp Reflector prism lens) LGP diffuser reflector patterns; elements Light source Source: Display Search
  31. 31. Backlight Structure: Different Application
  32. 32. LGP Manufacturing Method V-cut Laser Fly-cut R-cut
  33. 33. Light Guide Technologies Production Technologies: 1. Print less multi-cavities injection 2. Embossed patterned LGP LGP with Printed Dots 1st step: Micro-pattern for LGP by Injection small size Molding (Mobile/NB) Enhance 20% 2nd step: Brightness Molding LGP with V-Grooves Scale up for larger Enhance 20% size (Monitor/TV) Brightness
  34. 34. LGP Process: Injecting
  35. 35. LGP Process: Extrusion
  36. 36. Diffuser Structure
  37. 37. 3M Patent: Brightness Enhancement Film
  38. 38. 3M Patent: DBEF DBEF DBEF
  39. 39. Mitsubishi Rayon Patent
  40. 40. BLM Architecture using LED LED BLU with Conventi onal LGP LED BLU with High Brightness LGP LED LGP LGP a. V-cut b. Fly-cut Etch pattern > 20 % Brightness enhancement
  41. 41. Arrangement of LED in Backlight
  42. 42. The Issues of LED Backlight Thermal Solution Module Brightness Efficiency LED Package Improvement LED Cost LED Backlight Structure LED Back light TFT LCD Panel Heat Sink LED Structure Improvement Optical Thermal Fan (RGB or White) Design RGB Sensor LED Color Display Driving Processing Signal LED Control IC Color Stability management
  43. 43. Barriers/Obstacles for w ide adoption of LED BLU LED Cost LED Array + Driving circuit CCFL + Inverter LED BLU Ultra light and thin product Ultra light and thin product ü Required 0.3t glass, new mounting method, etc. Uniformity ü Hot spot happens between neighboring LEDs. Hot Spot Increase panel Y-dim. Set design change
  44. 44. Barriers/Obstacles for w ide adoption of LED BLU LED Lifetime ü No field data in contrast with CCFL. ü No lifetime data from LED suppliers. ( Just 1,000hrs guarantee) - By temperature and operating current Tolerance LED CCFL Color Coordin ate Larger than CCFL s +/- 0.02 (SPEC) Luminance Rank1, 2, 3 +/- 10% Intensity (10% difference) WLED for NB BL, the color shift after 5,000 hr is 0.02. x, y within 0.005 per bin; and 50 % life deca y time exceeds 15,00 0 hr.