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Tony social

  1. 1. The Ancient china “Qin dynasty” By: Tony H
  2. 2. Map of Qin dynasty  The map is Qin dynasty.  The time is from 221 BC to 206 BC.  The countrys territory was from liaodong, west to YuMenGuan and west gansu, north to the Great Wall, south to north of Vietnam. The area was more than 500 million square kilometers.
  3. 3. Background Terracotta Army, Terra-cotta Figures, soldier and horse figures were funeral objects for emperors. The ancient practice human martyrs, slaves were slave-owners living appendage for after the death of former slave owners.
  4. 4. Social structure  The Qin dynasty was built in 259 BC to 210 BC. It ended separate regime situation within five hundred years since spring autumn.It became the first united, multi-ethnic, centralized country in the China history. China formed a unity of han nationality as the main body in the country.  The whole county had separated into thirty-six parts, the Emperor completely control the whole country. Centralized system was established since then.
  5. 5. Housing  Building technology had great progress, brick stone material start promoting use.  Emperor Qin used hundreds of thousands of people, and built ChiDao, Great Wall, AFangGong, emperor qin shihuangs mausoleum.
  6. 6. food  Staple food was grain and vegetables.  The poor people ate shu and hemp. Only rich people ate rice.
  7. 7. Family live  The man need to do the farm work. When the men were free they need to have Military service .  The women took charge of their children and sewing.  The men charged the family
  8. 8. Marriage  First marriage was to reach marry age.  The man’s height was about six feet five inches and the woman’s height was about six feet two inches. This was Married condition.  when they wanted to Marriage or divorce, they should registration at the feudal official.
  9. 9. Childhood The children of Qin dynasty liked flying the kite, catching birds and playing slingshot. The children could learn knowledge from the old-style private school, but only boys could go to school instead of girls. Parents always preferred boys to girls.
  10. 10. Education The rich family’s children could go to the school instead of the poor families. At that time there was no schools, and the teacher went to children’s home to teach them. Only the boys could study instead of the girls. There was Unified words. The words were Xiao Zhuan.
  11. 11. Religion The first important thing was Religious sacrificial for the king of Qin dynasty. The religion continued from Warring state. The king of Qin dynasty controlled the people’s minds through the religion.
  12. 12. Clothing The Qin dynasty’s clothing has the Wide sleeve and big gowns. The materials of Clothes was silk. Textile technology was further improvement. The women’s clothing were colourful. If the men’s clothing were black, it meaned their Status high.
  13. 13. Art and music  The Wind instruments and stringed instrument were very popular in Qin dynasty. The Flute and zheng were important instrument of Qin dynasty.  The chime was the most famous instrument. It was often used for palace party. The sound of chime was deep sonorous.  The art of Clay sculpture was very famous. Terra-Cotta Warriors were the representative clay sculpture. It showed the Qin potter’s superb wisdom.
  14. 14. The festivals of Qin dynasty The Tomb-sweeping Day was one of the important festivals in the ancient China, and it was from the late Qin dynasty. This festival is a sad occasion, for on this day, the dead were remembered by the living, the living would ready many foods which were a sheep, a pig, a duck and a fish Etc. The fete was very grand.
  15. 15. Conclusion  The Qin dynasty in ancient China history was a very important dynasty. It built the first united country, and It centralized feudal state.  The Terra-Cotta Warriors and the great wall were the miracles in the world. It showed the people of Qin’s superb wisdom.  The economy of Qin dynasty became more and more stronger through Shang Yang‘s innovation. The farm work rapidly developed.
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